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Dear Ones,

Here we are, once again rejoicing at the abundant and amazing faithfulness of our God!  I presume you’ve been able to read John’s latest two lessons, Israel, the Thorn in the Flesh of the World, Parts 1 and 2.  Did they impact you as deeply as they did me?  I saw so much more clearly our Lord’s deep and abiding devotion for His Bride and why in His infinite wisdom, He had to veil her eyes in order to allow the pagan gentile world to come to salvation.  If that hadn’t happened, they would have just have shrugged it all off as some Jewish thing and would have never known the gift of eternal life.

I’m reminded of Habakkuk 2:3 as I’m writing:  “For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.  Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”

There is an excitement in my soul as I look at the world around me through that newly opened understanding.  And I believe the veils will soon be removed – Jewish people will see and embrace their promised Messiah, and the pagan gentile world will see and embrace Israel as their root.  We non-Jewish believers will finally see that it’s not, nor has it ever been, us vs. them or us replacing them.  In God’s sight it’s always been them and in His heart, there has always been room to graft us in and include us all.

I feel like we have been invited to be a part of the great work of preparing the way for the coming of the Lord (see Isaiah 40) and that as we are faithful to live and model and share His Truth, He will add the increase to the seeds our yielded lives have allowed the Spirit to plant in us and reveal through us.  And in the fullness of time, those seeds will blossom in the hearts of many more truly Blood-purchased disciples who will bow their knees to the King of Kings.

Several emails this month were again deeply personal and spoke of great pain and God, reaching through that pain, to touch these wounded souls.  I was brought to tears reading them, feeling not only grief and compassion for their pain, but also an overwhelming thankfulness to God because it again proves that nothing is impossible for Him and that no pain is too deep, and no damage is beyond His healing hand.  Like the others before them, I’ve written back to ask permission to share these stories and will incorporate them if permission is granted.  But because we can pray both with the spirit and with the understanding, even if the details of their struggles are never shared, I am asking the rest of the FMM family to stand with these dear people in an attitude of prayer until their healing, freedom and restoration is fully obtained.

As you read this month’s mail, be prepared to be amazed again at how marvelous and faithful our God is!  And may His richest blessings be yours in the New Year.

In His Perfect Love,

Your sister, Nancy

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear brother John, First, I wanted to encourage you and let you know that God has used you and your teaching and books in a great way in my life to correct me. I am using your teaching and books to bless the church-plant that He has called me to Pastor as well. So thank you brother for your faithfulness to Him.

FROM AUSTRALIA: Dear brother John, Your email has touched my heart. God has given me a new vision to pray for your ministry! You are not alone! God is going to increase you and bring finances to run the work. The way has been opened, expect to receive God’s blessings, blessings.

FROM EUROPE: Dr. John, I have greatly appreciated your work and can say that you among a few others were used of the Lord to lead me into Discipleship training in order to reach the lost world. I will be praying and supporting financially your Follow me ministry. So, thank you again brother! May the Lord bless your work!

FROM ASIA: Dear man of God Rev John, I wasted my richness on the world pleasures on my life without knowing God of Yashuwa! As God is going to bless me again, I will start to donate to your ministry. It is through this ministry that has given me light out of the full darkness… Shalom brother!

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Hi, brother John and sister Mary… I want you to know that God is speaking with my heart to pray for FMM. If this is the case, Please expect to receive from Him. Blessings!

FROM AFRICA: Thank you so much Dad. God is good and moving _____ to love Him. I am soon sending you pictures from the revival meetings where I was invited to preach by a friend Pastor out there in the community. This is the last days where everyone is looking for a good way to get fit and stay in shape with people rather than God. These days needs a prayer committed life servant and self disciplined disciple to stand on the gap. I am happy with your life and your heart to reach the world with the gospel of Jeshua through FMM. God bless you! Love you all. Greet for me Mum.

FROM AFRICA (a sister who has been battling cancer): Dear Dad… Hope Mum is doing well today! My health is good and back to my normal works. God is good and always working to bless our lives. No more pains on my breast. Thank you for your prayers. Daughter

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE: Dearest brother John, You are always in our prayers! Everyone hear who has listened to your teachings appreciates very much your good work. It was wonderful when we received on Tuesday in _____ a box with booklets – 14. FAMILY BECOMES A NATION from _____. I think brother _____ is doing a good work of distributing your teachings globally. Amen.

Brother, our work for printing and interpreting your teachings into _____ and _____ is doing well. I am honored to teach the word of God through pulpits in my state. God is using you to bring light on the dark world. Thank you and God bless!

FROM AFRICA: Dad.. Your daughter _____ from _____ sends greetings to you being on my way to _____. I understand that there are about _____ miles away from this country to reach your home in Omaha, Nebraska? Anyway, I will see you soon! There are only 1692 copies that remained and I will share them all. Greet mum and Nancy. Your daughter who loves the most,

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dr. J&M, You are welcome! Pray for me today God to do a miracle to my wife who is scheduled to be cut the right leg too night. She is suffering!!

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE: This is brother _____ from _____. I am more than happy for your website. You have helped me personally to grow in faith through your teachings. Family news and letters from home are such a blessing to me and I think to everyone who has a desire to study the word of God. Thank you.


Dear brother _____, How are you doing in the Lord there _____? The Lord has you in my thoughts and I write to request you for your prayers. Last night, the Holy Spirit troubled me to make a trip and meet my sweet Pastor John and Mum Mary with other so many friends in Omaha. The fly cost from _____ to Omaha, Nebraska for round trip is $_____ or $_____. Currently, I do not have money for this trip but I trust God who connected us and desire to meet him face to face. I plan to visit them on _____ or _____ next year 2013. I will love to hear from you!

Dear brother _____, Your dream is true!! The nations of the world has John’s testimony through your hard work. You need to meet face to face with him and more others who knows or heard about your work in _____. I love to look some money for your trip to Omaha,USA. We will talk soon.

Dear brother _____, Thank you for your kind words. I am more than happy to know that you will be praying for me and my desire to greet my loving Dad and Mum in their home at Omaha. Please any donation assisting for my trip, send it through Him. He will get them to me. God bless you.

[Note:  This so blesses my heart to see how Father continues to knit our disciple family ever closer together!  I truly sense His pleasure as we faithfully fulfill His beloved Son’s John 17 prayer.  Oh, dear ones, what a magnificent calling we’ve been given! Nancy]

FROM AFRICA: Hi, This is the most anointed Pastor that i ever encountered in my life. I am so proud to call John my Pastor, and I love so much. I never knew what it was like to really know God until I came across the books from Follow me ministry. His living by example, has shown me that possibilities are limitless when I live right, pay my tithes and offerings, and praise God. I am so proud of My Pastor, and all the great doors opening in his life, he inspires me. I think the entire world needs to experience the message of Pastor John once for themselves and they’ll experience a move of God that they’ve never experienced before!!!

FROM AFRICA: Dearest Dad John… It was good to hear from you. It is my hope that one time in His time, we will meet face to face. I know _____ will be the first to visit you in your home earlier next year 2013. Maybe I will a company him, who knows? We will love to see you dear servant of God. Your work has been known widely and people wants to meet you from all over the world. I was happy to met with a brother and his wife who said that he knows you. The man is from Nebraska. He is working in _____. I can send you his email if you want to write to him. He respects you so much. Blessings


FROM EUROPE: Hi brother John, As we shared your teachings today, It was wonderful that every soul was blessed!! Keep on my brother! God bless.

FROM AFRICA: Dear Sweet Dad, I wanted to give you an email of my brother in _____ but I have been so busy! However, I received some thousands of your booklets yesterday in _____ and went with them for distribution. I am happy that they were distributed all in _____. God bless you and your family! Amen

FROM THE ARCTIC CIRCLE: I write from _____ to recommend your work for writing booklets. You are doing a great work. Your message has transfered me from Mormon doctrines to the teachings of God and His son Christ. God bless you brother and everyone who reads this booklets.

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE: Brother John and Mary you have a genuine burden for all people. Your heart for training Disciples to serve God now with their lives and develop a burden for the lost world-wide is very evident. Your Pamphlets and booklets are doing a tremendous job communicating God’s Word to all people in _____. God is using you to impact a church as well as a community for Christ. Your sensitivity burden for the lost will result in fruit for your labor. I recommend this Follow me ministry to assist any person or church in need to grow spiritually and in the furtherance of their ministry.

FROM AFRICA: Dearest Dad, First of all, Thank you Lord for the call and life of my dear brother and now Spiritual Dad. People in _____ knows that you are staying in _____ sometimes says that you are in _____ because of your teaching books that are found everywhere in the cities. My ministry is based in _____ and I write to recommend your Follow me ministry for it has brought us near to God.

FROM AFRICA: God bless you Pastor John and Mary. What I have received from your website is so great. If there is somebody seeking to know God in truth and Spirit, turn to Follow Me Ministries for teaching help. I recommend your work for Christ. Thank you.

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear Dr. John… Thank you for being there to help bring the word of God through your website and writing books. The Holy Spirit is touching hearts and bringing great changes in my region since we started receiving your booklets. Keep up in the Lord!!! God bless

FROM THE CARIBBEAN: Dear Brother John, Greetings from _____! Please I wanted to thank you for some of your teachings that our overseers with their board used to teach our youth camp that held this week. Thank you for your booklets and Pamphlets that were distributed in our camp. Really your message and talent is highly needed in this corrupted and sick world. God bless you brother!

FROM NORTH AMERICA (synopsis only, no permission yet for details to be shared): Brother John’s booklet spoke LIFE into my spirit.. It is then that my walk with God became so much more deeper. I decided to take the leap of faith and completely dedicate my ENTIRE life to Him… JESUS. Thank you brother John. God will reward you!!

FROM AFRICA: Blessings and Peace Pastor John!! _____, his family and Follow me congregation is doing well in _____. I was told that somebody outside my town received some of your booklets. They are very helpful as I have been using them with my congregation for one year old now. Thanks.

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Hey Brother John! My heart loves you. You are of such great blessings into the kingdom of our Father. Always the message in your booklets speaks to my life. I really enjoy reading them. It brings healing to the sick and strength to the believer. It calls the lost world to be saved by Jesus Christ. Shalom!!

FROM AFRICA: Praise the Lord! Brother, The grace and glory of God directed your Pamphlets unto my way. Currently, i am serving as a distribute center here in _____ for your booklets and Pamphlets. May the LORD bless you with good health and His Spirit to accomplish His work in your life. Amen!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad, I have missed words to express I and my wife _____ the joy for you receiving the few copies of the booklets that are translated _____ into both _____ and _____ for free distribution. The LORD has blessed the work here through your often support that has made this printing and distribution work to reach souls in the world. I wanted here to send my appreciations to every friend and wishing them God’s best blessings! Thanks a lot. Son

FROM AFRICA(synopsis only, no permission yet to share details): Dear Pastor John, I met there on the table one of your booklets, the Serpent’s lie and the fall of man no.10 that finally leaded me to surrender my life to Jesus with great love…. I remain in tears and I need your prayers. God bless you Pastor John.

FROM AFRICA: Dearly beloved and precious Dad John, Greetings in Jesus mighty name. Looking back at the fast moving 2012, it is clear God used you to help us here in Africa through Follow me ministries for the assignments He gave us and we are very grateful. His call for one to be a blessing to others is given only to few, thank you for heeding God’s call to lift up our souls as we serve His Kingdom. Our prayers to God for you is that you will never go down, you will enjoy more of God’s favor and He will ever find you a useful vessel. He will never abandon you or replace you with others. Please have a very fulfilling Christmas with your family and a prosperous new year 2013. Yours in His Royal Service, Son

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad and mum, We send Christmas greetings from _____ in Jesus mighty name! Be blessed all!!

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE on Christmas Eve: Dear Dad, Thank you for the lessons no 16-17. It is wonderful that many Jewish in my country have become more interested with this lessons than before! These teachings are reaching many people a round Europe. I am too, planning to visit you in USA! Love you! Have a blessed Christmas day and new year!

FROM AFRICA on Christmas Eve: Dear Dad, I found many people in _____ waiting our booklets. I am happy indeed doing the Father’s business. More than 51,000 copies were distributed today out to the parts of the world. God bless you! Son

FROM AFRICA: Dear beloved Dad.. As I took the teaching materials few days ago for printing and are ready waiting me to pick them.. It has been my prayer to get funds and pay for the booklets printing charges: Israel- the thorn in the flesh world no.16 and our one and only true source no.17. I thank God who has done a miracle and provided through you. I am so excited for going to pay the printing cost tomorrow and get them for distribution through _____ in the same day. Yes, if there will be a balance left, It will be used to feed or clothe the orphans under my care. May the LORD and His Kingdom reward you in eternity! Your dearly son,

FROM AFRICA: Dear rev. John, Friends and other Great families of God, I wish you a happy and merry Christmas as you celebrate your Jesus in You. Our Celebration is not just for a Day but for a change in our lives. Christ is born to make us see the true Light of God through him and through us who are His people the world may know Him. I love you all people and other families around the world. Great things and great news are in store for us if we allow Jesus work and direct us in all. Have a wonderful season and a joy day 25th/12/2012. Wish you best and merry Christmas and a happy New year 2013 full of anointing and Revelations of the Lord. Yours in Christ’s Service,

FROM AFRICA: John and Mary, know how much I enjoyed reading your Israel the thorn in the flesh of the world, God’s word invades the Serpent booklets. I could not put them down once I started. Also, I would like to tell you how much they helped me and I wish I had this book over 10 years ago. When I started reading your book I was going through a very difficult time. Your book ministered to me even in that area of my life. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and I wish you much success with your booklets and Follow me ministries.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Hi brother John Marquez, Praise the Lord! Thank you for all the hard work that you put into the booklets.  Our one and only true source and Israel the thorn in the flesh of the world. It was a revelation and a joy to read. Words cannot express the fact that this booklets are of great magnitude. This booklets brought me to a great realization on what God intends for us. I loved the adventure of traveling through the Holy Land 3 years ago and walked where Jesus walked. You brought richness to the experience for the reader. I recommend this booklets to all who want clarity on Israel and God the only source.. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. I wanted you to know that I absolutely love it. Your brother,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Dear brother John, I have received two booklets one is – Israel the thorn in the flesh of the world and our one and only true source. I have really enjoyed them. I teach liturgy at the _____ College so I know how important it is to teach and write about this topics. John and Mary, thank you for your love to the land of Israel, the love of prayer, and the love of Judaism and Christianity. Your booklets are full of text-study and all love. It is an inspiring booklets. Both Jews and Christians could learn a great deal from this booklets. Please I recommend your efforts. Be blessed!!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Thank you my dear Achi John and Mary, I’m thankful in Yashuwa to know you. You will remain to be our mentor for all your breath!! We can not delay to join you and the work you are doing. The Holy Spirit is moving all over the pages of your booklets. I will spread this good news into our regions! I was told that 13 larger bags of your booklets were seen at _____ airport. I believe where they went people are being blessed there. Please, I want to ask if you can make a trip to our country? We bless this man of God _____ from _____. We love the work he is doing. Actually, we came to know you through this booklets! Shalom.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Dear John and Mary, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to write this amazing booklets one about Israel the thorn in the flesh of the world. They mean blessings to me and my people here at _____. We are happy for you and your revelations. We are blessed by this booklets. Keep on the good job! Shalom!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Hello Pastor John, Shalom! I’m from _____ in _____. I have thoroughly enjoyed your booklets, Israel-the thorn in the flesh of the world, The family becomes a nation and God prepares Moses to face the Impossible. It was the most interesting, exciting, and insightful teaching that I have ever read… May God use your book to draw His people, Jews & Gentiles, closer to Him and to each other. My life has been forever enriched by the gift of God that you share with such humble hearts. Shalom uv’rachah, Peace & blessing!!

FROM SOUTH AMERICA: Hello brother John, Christian greetings from _____. It again happened to receive 12 copies of your booklets yesterday. I am happy that the word of God is spreading through this booklets. Blessings!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad, I am always busy and so excited to work for the Lord. I am in _____ just sharing your teachings (booklets) that I received from _____ in _____ this week. So to write much next time. Your daughter,

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE: Hello Dad… Hope this email finds you well. I ‘m planning my trip to Omaha your home at the end of _____,2013. Please pray for me. My family sends greetings and prayers to you! Son,

FROM AFRICA: Dearest Dad, I forget to inform you that i will be there next year either _____ or _____ 2013. Let me confirm the dates and i will let you know soon as possible.