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Dear Ones,

We have another month’s mail to share, again filled with testimonies of what our awesome God is doing in the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world.  And I find my heart and mind are filled with these song lyrics… “You are beautiful beyond description, too marvelous for words, too wonderful for comprehension, like nothing ever seen or heard.  Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom?  Who can fathom the depths of Your love?  You are beautiful beyond description, Majesty enthroned above!  And I stand, I stand, in awe of You!  I stand, I stand in awe of You!  Holy God to whom all praise is due, I stand in awe of You!”

I had learned that song, many many years ago.  I wish I could credit its author but I have no idea who or where it came from.  But even to this day its timeless words continue to wash over my soul and lift my heart in continual worship for our great and mighty God.

At the same time that we can rejoice with so many of us who are finding His faithfulness to be more than enough, we also read stories of heartbreak and difficulty, even in those through whom His covenant faithfulness shines.  Our God continues to reveal Himself no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in and I am so very grateful for that continued revelation.

Thank you all for standing with Dad John and Mum Mary during these trying times with health issues.  They are truly being carried by Father’s abounding grace and are so thankful for each of us who are upholding them. Mum’s physical healing process is indeed underway and we are so grateful for that!

I invite you to join us here in Omaha as we lift up on of our brothers whose life was recently invaded by the “c” word (cancer… small “c’)… Let us exalt over it the Capital “C” that rules and overrules all of Creation… Christ Himself!  Let’s continue to stand together also for grace and favor for all those of us who are faithfully and fearlessly continuing to share the riches of the Word with the lost and dying ones around them.  May they speak the Word with boldness, both in season and out… all for the glory of our Risen King!

With love and thanksgiving for each of you and all whom you hold dear,

Your sister Nancy


FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear my brother John, How are you doing Pastor? Yes, I agree with you that Jeshua, is soon coming? We need to take our mission also to the Israelite s who are waiting his return whom they have not yet believed Him. Your message is wonderful and your booklets are changing lives of people around the world. Hallelujah! We are in need of your teachings. The 162 booklets are not enough the demand is high. But yesterday we printed 3,034 copies and distributed them all.

 FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  Dear Pastor John, I am doing fine in the Lord! Receive warm christian greetings from _____! It is wonderful that once again we received 341 your booklets about Judgement falls on the Pharaoh. We have never missed to get blessings from your website daily. Press on.. your reward is great!

 FROM AUSTRALIA:  Brother John…Thank you for being committed in writing God’s message through booklets. Your work continues to inspire me as I have been reading it continually for the past few months. Simple truths that are explained beautifully and in a light hearted manner, with Spirit filled wisdom that leaves a lasting impact. There is continual revelation laced with gentle, but brutal conviction that unroots the smallest of lies that are buried deep down. So good for freedom and I believe a must read for every child of God, not only once, but as the years go on and the walks deepen. Shalom.

 FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dear brother John and Nancy, Glory be to God! I am completely lost without this booklets- Judgement falls on the Pharaoh and 10 other copies. It is so anointed and full of Gods word. I woke up with this booklets and go to bed with this booklets. God bless you brother. Keep up… I need more copies to give to my brothers and sisters.

 FROM ASIA:  Loving and sweet greetings from ____ in the precious name of soon coming Jesus Christ. I am pastor _____. I am doing Gods work in _____.First of all I would like to introduce my self to you. It is my testimony how I came to Jesus Christ and doing his work. I was born in a Hindu family. We are __ children to our parents. My parents and we worshiped the idols from our child hood. From our entire family our lord savior Jesus Christ picked me up and saved me when I am __ years old. From then on wards I have been walking with Jesus Christ. Day by day God has been blessing me with his heavenly riches. After one year of my salvation God has blessed me with a job as a _____. When I am __ years old. While I am doing my job every day I use to read the bible and share the word of God to my colleagues in my leisure time. I use to go to each and every house and proclaimed the word of God and gathered people and I have started a church. Day by day our church has been increased to _____ congregation. I faced so many problems, a shames while proclaiming the word of God to unreached people of our area. But I renewed my faith in him and prayed .Saving and preparing the perishing souls for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Mean while God has called me to resign my job. In _____ God has called me for the full time ministry. I obeyed his word and came to the full time ministry. now I am __ years old. I had__3 churches and I have been sharing the word of God in unreached villages. Please pray for us and for our church. We are desiring to start new churches in the unreached villages because in those areas people they don’t know the love and sacrifice of Jesus. Please pray for us that the God will open a door to start the new churches in these unreached areas. In our great nation of _____ thousands of people are dying every day with various causes. But among them most’ of the percent are dying with out hearing about the name of Jesus Christ even for one time in their life’s.”How can they hear with out some one to preach them”? Because here in our country harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few in some villages. Mygoal is to spread the gospel to all the people and to lead them towards the true God. I, my wife and my children we were doing God’s work with great burden and proclaiming the gospel to unreached. we invite you to _____ with love.please visit _____ with your heart touching messages. God is coming soon. We are in the last days. According to your convenience please come and proclaim the Gods word to save the perishing souls for Christ and to turn the people living in sin and darkness towards the true God. I my family and all our church believers we were all praying for you and about your ministry daily. I am requesting you please visit _____ and preach the gospel let us work together for Christ in these last days. pray for the salvation of every perishing soul of our country and also pray for us to start new churches in the villages. This is my e mail id _____. when you receive this mail please don’t keep it aside and send us your reply. We are praying for you and about your ministry and waiting for your reply. Thanking you,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John..After hearing the message from your book,Israel the thorn in the flesh, I prayed this book to be read by all and everyone receive its blessings. It was a powerful booklet. Thank you.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi brother John and Mary Marquez, We are doing fine in the LORD! It was my first time to read your book called Only one and only true source. This book spoke direct to my life. They were other friends who who shared its message with their families. We hereby thank you Brother John and dear your wife Mary for your obedience to the Lord, the research and study that led to the establishment of The FOLLOW ME MINISTRY and his promotion THROUGH the teachings that is helping our generation to know God.

 FROM AFRICA:  I had attended the Sunday morning devotion and our elder was teaching from brother John’s book entitled Judgement falls on the Pharaoh. This message touched me so deeply that even though I was a woman, I was the first born of my family and I had lost my direction of life. Actually, I was in a great need of somebody to encourage (talk)with me and pray for me. The H.Spirit leaded him as he noticed something like tears running through.. I felt the power of God passing into me as the elder was blessing me. Later I shared this experience with others telling them of how God has met my innermost life. This day not only I was prayed but how much more God’s love was for me. It didn’t matter that I was a woman, nor that I was 1st born. He has blessings for each of his children, we just have to ask for them. Thank you, Dad John for allowing God to speak thru you, teaching His children of His love and all He has in store for us.

 FROM AFRICA:  John my brother, Let me write something that happened to my life new recently. I went to visit my uncle from _____ who moved to stay to _____ in _____. On his table in the sitting room there was a small book there the Israel the thorn in the flesh. As I went it through while waiting to take a cup of coffee, I read something which brought a huge impact…not only in my personal life, but in the lives of my wife and children. John, you created an environment where I could speak a testimony to everyone in my life..Thank you for planting the word of God in my heart. I am praying to be a part of your Follow me ministry here in _____. Please keep pouring truth into my life and the lives of others, Blessings!

 FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Dear Pastor John, Greetings from _____. I love to read your Follow me ministries website because it only focuses on His only beloved son. Two days ago, a brother who is working in a company was given 230 pamphlets of judgement falls on the pharaoh . We enjoy reading them and looking forward to work with you in the future. Give your family greetings from all Jeshua congregations under my leadership in _____. I remain yours

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  Dear Dad… Sabbath Shalom!! Hope our dear Mum is doing better. Still my problem arises sometimes and under drugs. Let me know when _____ has a visa and ready to buy for the ticket. How is sister Nancy and other friends in FMM family?

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Elder/ Rabbi John and Mary Marquez… We are proud for serving our king of kings together. My company located at _____ once again has received 1011 free booklets from our international agents. Know that you are ever rich saving souls and by building the kingdom of God on earth. Peace and blessings from God! Your brother _____

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Good morning and how is Mum today? The main purpose for my coming is to stay with you and enjoy sharing my heart both you and Mum. I’m not pleased when Mum is back again in the hospital? I rebuke that devil of sickness to leave her right now in Jeshua mighty name! Her daughter _____ and others from FMM Africa, have collected some special Jewels silver and other gifts to be brought to Mum. I’m praying to come when things are OK with Mum..Son

FROM AFRICA:  Likewise, today I am greatly encouraged by this email. Glory to God who has given our dear doctors there ways to bring complete healing upon the life of Mum. We will be happy to see Mum back to good improvement. Thank you Dad for taking your time and love for Mum and your Dad. God bless you. Your son _____

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Shalom brother John! Somebody from Africa told me that sister Mary was been ill. Has she recovered from Abscess pains? She is my dear sister and we are all pleased with the work together you are serving the God of Israel. Thank you for the progress of your Follow me ministries website. The work is excellent. Love and praying for you and you!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad in the gospel of Jesus Christ, We want to appreciate the work your website is doing to lift up the precious name of our beloved Jesus the messiah. Your books are also important. You are the friend of many here. keeping you in prayers!

 FROM EUROPE:  Brother John… Your booklet on Israel the thorn in the world has spread all over 2%  of _____. Its message is true and I was happy to know that you also traveled to the Holy land in 2004. I can’t wait to tell you of how your Follow me website is blessings lives of people. Please we want you to come and visit _____. Hope to hear from you.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dearest Brother John, It is a blessing to have your booklets in our Church library. I belong to the _____ faith Church here in _____. I like the style of approaching. It is clear and sound doctrines. I enjoy getting the book for use with my friends at work since it covers everything. My soul rejoices for your sacrifice to make this teachings and booklets to reach us here. May the Lord keep you and protect you!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John and Mary Marquez, It is a great pleasure to appreciate your website and some booklets i read recently. You are surely laboring for the LORDS Kingdom. Our lives is not the same again. Is there Follow me ministry in our country _____? We choose to join you! Your sister _____

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I’m from _____. I was brought up in a Muslim family until December/2012 God met my life in a different way through the leading of one of your Pamphlet. My ways and thoughts are changed completely. I know now the difference. Jesus is the only way, truth and life. This has been the plan of God from the beginning to save human race through Him but not any man. You are right my brother. Pray for me as i have chosen today to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

FROM AFRICA:  We in _____ we are very thankful in the Lord for blessing Mum with His love and faith that is keeping her through in the midst of sickness. We are more than happy that she is recovering. Let her receive our innermost love from _____. Once again, we are thankful for translating your teachings into _____ language which is the common spoken language in my country _____. We enjoy and blessed. Keep up dad John!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear Pastor John, I just wanted you to know that I and my community Church in _____ love you and your website. However, thanks for the distribution of your booklets that are much here helpful too.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi, John…What a wonderful accomplishment for the Kingdom of God. “God said, then He saw.” Let the Redeemed of the Lord keep ‘saying’ and we will see the glory of the Lord in the earth. We pray that many, many souls will come to a mind to know Him through your Follow me ministries website. Continual blessings upon you and your house.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I will always love you. Your Pamphlets are teaching and helping me in away i have never helped. i love you and appreciate you. Keep running for Jesus and knowing that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Continue to be blessed man of God. Thank you for all you do.

 FROM AFRICA:  My dear Dad…How is Mum? This is a great morning hoping all is well with you. I attended a funeral service this morning held near _____ border where more than 10,000 people attended from all angles of life. I was asked to preach, then, the H. Spirit directed me to speak about the kind of judgement that fallen on Pharaoh and why and how we can also escape the wrath of God coming to the world. God in His Spirit moved and souls came to be prayed for salvation. I’m so thankful for your heart serving. Praise the Lord!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I was happy for your reply. The message therein is great. This email is being shared by my cousins who also needs Jeshua but not Mohammed. It is good to be the followers of Jeshua than Mohammed who’s teachings have no where to take people.. Wonderful message brother.

FROM EAST ASIA:  Dear servant of God John, I,m writing this email with tears of joy running.. It is so hard here in _____ to have freedom from listning the word of word and it’s a blessing God to remember us to sent some hundreds of Pamphlets and books from Follow- me – ministries. They are doing a great job and moving from a family to another. The message in there was as if it was written to help us. John and Mary,be blessed by the heaven’s blessings. In Christ, _____

FROM AFRICA:  Brother John, The LORD Leaded me today to your website through search engine. I was so much blessed first by letters from home, family news and teachings. I have nowhere to go except to stay and work under the leadership of Follow me ministries. My ministry is not yet connected to any church/denomination or group and is based in _____. I have printed the testimonies from people around the world, Timothy letters and teachings to help me evangelize _____. I will write more soon. Blessings!

FROM INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY:  Hi brother John and Mary, Broken people in a broken world, the head-less world system and the God of impossible are the three booklets that i will never forget in my life. I lived a life without hope and i did not knew all about this truth until one of my cousin gave me this booklets. It challenged me from following the world and turned my life to be a child of God. Before that, i was doing a business for selling in a bar restaurant with my wife. .I ask you to pray for her because she don’t understand the important of salvation. I think if not this books, where will i be?? Thank you brother. Keep up the race.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dearest servant of God John, I am __ years old and in prison. I am the first born child to my parents who already have died. I left home and went to enjoy life with other guys in the cities of _____ and _____. One of the pastor who visited us last Friday gave us each a copy of the Serpent’s lie and fall, the beautiful oasis, the portal in the wilderness that have encouraged me and given me a good future. Since then i have not yet put them down. Brother John, i have no exact words that i can use to express my joy in Christ.  My friends in here like _____, _____,_____ and _____ sends greetings to you and please never forget to pray for us.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad…. First, I send my greetings to Mum and being thankful in the Lord that Mum is recovering although there is still slight problems. I believe she is on the process for healing. I wanted you to know that I traveled today to _____ so that I may attend the visa interview. Please pray for me! I will write or text you then you know how It went with me immediately after interview. My friends promised to send money through you once I am accepted to come to Omaha. I am coming to tell people what Follow me ministries has done in Africa and how your committed life has been a blessing to souls in Africa. Number 21 work for interpretation into _____ and _____ printing was finished and I went with it here in _____ for distribution. It is a wonderful teachings that everyone will love to read and be blessed. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Pastor John, I was given 52 copies of the Pamphlets -( God deals with the reality of sin and its consequences). From my heart, i will update you after finishing reading. Moreover, i will share other copies to my neighbors. Thank you brother.

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  Dearest Dad, How is the condition for Mum? I was told three weeks ago that my stomach is developing cancer. For this time, I am looking forward to support the trip of brother _____ from _____. Please let me know when he is prepared to visit you? Pray for me as i am praying for you and Mum. Yours,

FROM NORTH AMERICA WORKING OVERSEAS:  Dear my brother John, How is sister Mary doing? _____ was in my office this morning being unconscious after the visa application rejected. Applicants are refused under _____. This is normal. May be the consular officer wanted _____ to demonstrate to the satisfaction that he will return back to _____ after temporal stay in USA. Remember that this refusal is not permanent. He has many chances to come to USA. If he receives another invitation letter from you, he can reapply immediately. He left today in my office some boxes of booklets from Follow me ministry for distribution. Peace and blessings!

FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dear Pastor John, Lord is good who has helped me from my life falling apart by leading me to Follow me ministries website. Lord, thank you for i have received strength out of much stress of numberless things in my family that i were been not able to handle them. I trust God and appreciate you. There is much peace and healing in my family by the help of your website. God protect and bless you.

FROM SOUTH AMERICA: Dear brother John, It is a great pleasure to write once again. Somebody here in _____ this morning she has given me the Pamphlet God deals with the reality of sin and its consequences. To say, i am more than blessed than the first pamphlet. God is doing something new to my life. It is wonderful that your ministry is mentoring my life. John, i pray to see you one day!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA WORKING OVERSEAS:  Brother John, Let me take this chance to thank you for your heart. God is good who brought _____ to my way. He has been a real friend and a committed servant. Please it is so hard for _____ people to be granted a visa to US. There are hundreds of applicants who are attending the interview daily but very few do receive the visa. Brother, I understand well what happened. Your letters had all required information except one missed hand signed signature. However, it also depends what type of visa one is filling and the purpose for the visit. As you know there is many types of visas. Another point, they asked _____ to show Bank account  statement which he missed it. This is important. We have asked him to Apply once again! Thank you for the new teachings GOD DEALS WITH THE REALITY OF SIN AND ITS CONSEQUENCES. Already, i sent my booklets to _____ for distribution. Extend my greetings to your family, Follow me ministries Pilot group and Adat family.