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Dear Ones,

This month is like the others before it – a symphony of praises to our great and glorious God!  The first letter posted came in December and was one that I asked permission to publish.  Permission was granted and I am so blessed to be able to share it with you.  I told him in my email asking permission that he reminded me of the man Yeshua healed that got off his mat leaping for joy and praising God.  May your hearts soar along with mine as you read and rejoice with our new FMM brother!

Life here on the home team has been filled with lots of challenging raw material.  We’ve had sicknesses, surgeries, family and financial situations, etc. that keep us on our knees.  Yet, through it all, we see the amazing grace of our Beloved being exactly enough for whatever we need, whenever we need it.

The current issues in my own family these days (mother-in-law’s failing health, hospitalization, rehab) has allowed us to be in unfamiliar surroundings, dealing with unknown processes, procedures, rules and regulations.  It has also allowed us to meet and bless many people who would not normally be in our sphere of influence.  What a delight it is to know – really know – that our ever faithful God has orchestrated and provided for each and every moment of our days!

In the rehab center residents, I’ve experienced new depths of Father’s love for each and every person He created, regardless of what or how much they can contribute according to the world’s eyes.  And I’m seeing too how vitally important it is that His disciples accurately reflect His perfect lovingkindess into each one of the opportunities He opens to us, whether those opportunities are expected or not.

So may we all continue to stay the course, regardless of what comes our way.  He is worthy of all glory and praise and it’s our privilege to gladly offer it up to Him.

Please also continue to pray for Dad and Mum… the healing process is progressing but still can be draining.

In His everlasting Love,

Your sister, Nancy

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear sister Nancy, It is OK!! Go on publishing my testimony.. It is my prayer to bless somebody. Thank you so much.

Brother John My dear friend that got me out of the prostitution game noticed that I was READING John’s booklet that eventually I was so drawn to his teachings… they spoke LIFE into my spirit.. I started reading the Bible and his books and really getting filled with the truth… and the middle of it I heard John say, “God loves you” and my heart completely melted! WHAT? You mean, God loves ME????!!! After ALL THAT I HAVE DONE??? This was incredible! I never really understood that before, until I heard someone else tell me! Those very words struck a chord in me and stayed with me day and night. Then I did something back then I would have considered crazy, I ACTUALLY HAD THE NERVE TO BELIEVE IT! It is then that my walk with God became so much more deeper. I decided to take the leap of faith and completely dedicate my ENTIRE life to Him… JESUS. I gave it up, finally… all pain, all the disappointment, all the shame… ALL THE GUILT!!! Because trying to get better on my own WAS NOT WORKING. Guess what? I never turned back because… I finally found the TRUTH, and it was not in some man, materialism, drug or fantasy. It is in a man that will never leave you nor forsake you. He is faithful, merciful, graceful, kind, but most of all he loves me for ME and NOT who I used to be. Thank you brother John. God will reward you!!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad, We are truly thankful to have you as our mentor! We asked _____ to request you to come for a visit. We agreed to support his trip. And we will be happy if he will meet you.

FROM AFRICA: Dear man of God John, Please thank you. May I take this time to appreciate for the work your booklets are doing in _____. Personally they have saved my marriage and helped our Bible study group to grow. We need more copies? Please can we try to download the teachings from your website for our Church use? We will be happy to do so. We recommend these booklets from Follow me ministry to any one who has a need to know God in deeper!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Pastor and Dad… This is your daughter _____. I am always so excited for God putting us together to serve His kingdom. You are our dear Dad and Mum for eternity!! We love you and your family with our hearts. It is true that God prepared our lives so to carry Follow me ministries forward. This is why _____ my husband is taking his life to establish in solid this work after we have all gone, we leave behind the teachings reaching generations. I and my husband, we are praying to have a true team of 5 to Eight people who will be close to us in everything.

FROM AFRICA: When my Mum was injured there, my heart was really troubled!! We all felt to see her! I was unable because of the far distance. You always talk with _____ through emails and phone call. It has been our prayer to meet each other one day face to face. Now we are having in our home friendly fund raising for the round trip ticket $_____ USD on _____ and trust that his trip will be on the first week of _____ 2013. He is planning to visit you for only 2 – 3 days then back. Dad, this trip can not be compared with _____, We asked some people to pray with us and i know he is coming to Omaha to meet you, our Spiritual Dad whom we love very much. His heart and vision is to meet you. Extend my innermost love to Mum? I will give _____ a beautiful gift to bring to Mum! With respect,

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad.. Hope _____ will write to you the detail when he is back. He sent a wishing new year email to you when he a woke in the morning. He took the teachings materials today _____ to _____ for some who requested them. So he will be at home in the midnight. Thank you!

FROM AN AMERICAN WORKING OVERSEAS: Dear brother John, How are you doing? How is sister Mary? Hope she is recovering out of much pains! Give my love to sister Nancy! The lady is doing a precious work. Blessings! I have received some hundreds of your booklets through _____ today here in _____. He has left my office 10 minutes ago. It was amazing to know from him that he is now ___ years old by tomorrow 2013. This is great. The man has many days God willing to serve Him. Thank God for this man _____! I love him and I will donate something little for his trip to meet you in USA. I will also love to meet you!

FROM AN AMERICAN WORKING OVERSEAS: Dear brother John, Thank you. Please, you are well known around the many parts of the world through your booklets. In this case, there are people who wants to meet you in person especially your dear Son _____. Yes, I will let you know the little I will donate to his trip. Brother, I’m happy for the congregation also that is going to welcome this young Pastor!

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear John.. You are a good Bible teacher and author of different subjects of your books that I have never seen. I and our congregation will love to receive and use your teachings. Be blessed!

FROM AFRICA: Good morning Dad! Thank you so much. I was yesterday in _____ and I am thankful for my brothers and sisters there who are committed to carry free the teachings to the different continents of the world. Again, I will be back there on _____ with more booklets! There is a great need in the world for them.

FROM AFRICA: I am Excited to come and It is wonderful that many friends in Follow me ministries _____ wants me also to visit you! I will tell you the exact time when money enough for this trip is received. It will be great if brother _____ from _____ and sister _____ are visiting you this _____2013. Your daughter _____ and our children are so excited for my coming to meet you and Mum. Your friend and son,

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad… The story for the birth of Follow me ministries, It is really awesome! The Holy Spirit of God is upon it, for it has grown in the world for a short period. I am amazed to read testimonies from all over the world of how your teachings have blessed them. All this is not the work of a man but the Holy Spirit!! Please Dad, I will be at Omaha in the_____ or _____ week of _____ 2013 God willing. So I will be busy here on this Months of _____ and ______ with the ministry. I am standing and believing with you in prayers! Thanks a lot. Blessings, Son

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad, Sorry for delay to ask about Mum, I was happy that she is doing better. God bless and give her strength. I am writing you from _____! 1,050 copies of your booklets have been distributed all over here in _____. Other copies I tried to distribute them at our stopping point on the way to _____. Thank you and I will let you know the exact date i am coming.

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear man of God brother John and Mary Marquez, I recently came from Nebraska _____ college where I went to greet my Aunt. I am excited to have a book with the Author from Omaha, Nebraska. The subjects-: Our one and only one true source, The war between light and darkness, God’s word invades the servant. Excellent work! God bless!

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Brother John, I am a retired preacher 89 years old from _____. It is a blessing to know you through receiving today two of your booklets – The war between light and darkness, Our one and only true source’ I write to encourage your fruitful work. These booklets are very powerful. I will share them to my family and friends in _____. Thanks.

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE: Dear Pastor John, I am doing fine in the Lord! Receive warm christian greetings from _____! It is wonderful that once again we received 341 your booklets about Judgement falls on the Pharaoh. We have never missed to get blessings from your website daily. Press on.. your reward is great!

FROM AFRICA:  Hi brother John, I received an email from _____ that our dear sister Mary is sick suffering from Abdominal Abscess. The God whom we serve is Big than the abscess on the abdominal. It is our prayer this morning that may the Holy Spirit touch her body. I speak healing to be released right now in Jesus mighty name! AMEN!

FROM AFRICA:  Dearest Dad John.. _____ asked us to have prayers for Mum. He has faith that she will feel well soon! How is she doing? May the Lord bless her again with good health. Amen! Your son in _____

FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA:  Dear Pastor John, Your work on your booklets is very wonderful! The booklets arrived us through _____. There is a great need for them here. You have thought us a topic that no man has gone before! We love you servant of God John!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Pastor John, You are more than my Pastor. I am blessed to have your booklets in my house and learn every day new things to build my faith in God. I have distributed all 2,045 booklets that were left at my _____. Please do not leave me behind when you visit Africa. Amen! In Christ and His love,

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE: Dear Dad. GOD IS GOOD! Give Mum BIG Hug as you will be back to see her again. I am so thankful and glad too. Looking forward to see each other face to face soon. Praying and wishing you and your pilot team success on the conversations of Saturday. Blessings! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear sweet Dad, I am praying for Mum always. Thank you for your kind thoughts. First, I want to ask you forgiveness for being late to seek your advice! As the Lord connected us with you, we were been thinking and praying to visit each other. I wanted to come to your family for three days only and share my heart with you. Many of our friends both in _____ and _____ were been asking me if we have met personally and now are prepared to support financially this trip. Therefore, I only needed prayers from you. Beloved Dad, kindly, I appreciate any mistakes done by being a head with this plan very quickly. Henceforth, I will not forget to repeat such mistakes in future. It is good that nothing has gone far. I can hear all your words in your email. Dad, let us press on with our relationship and the work God has called our lives for. As you meet with the servant of God Rav Nate tomorrow Monday, greet him for us and know that I have never talked to him about my trip. I talked to sister Nancy and Doris. Beloved friend, let us plan this trip with you later.

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  It is a great blessing once again to receive 10,000 copies of Judgement falls on the Pharaoh. _____ a missionary lady from _____ distributed them to us yesterday but one. My brother John, be blessed! press on.. Jesus is soon coming. The labors are few but the harvest is great. Praying for you and you!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I wanted to let you know that we are daily blessed by teachings on your website! Thank you all with your team. You are doing wonderful works in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad and Mum, Is Mum doing fine after surgery? I apologize for not hearing from me… When i was about to land at _____, something happened to me. Since then, I was taken to the hospital where I stayed for two nights then back to my house. I am praying to visit you as soon as possible please. Let me write much next email. How is sister Nancy and Follow me family?

FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dear brother John and Nancy, Glory be to God! I am completely lost without this booklets- Judgement falls on the Pharaoh and 10 other copies. It is so anointed and full of Gods word. I woke up with this booklets and go to bed with this booklets. God bless you brother. Keep up… I need more copies to give to my brothers and sisters.

FROM EUROPE:  Hello, brother John, How are you doing today? I received an email from Africa that Mary our Spiritual mom has been sick, how is she doing? The Lord has blessed us again with 872 booklets. We appreciate your work for reaching an hurt world. Receive our family greetings! With much regards,

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION: Dear brother John, We are very thankful to receive some copies of your booklets through miss _____ and her husband who are missionaries in our _____. May the LORD keep you up and His work you are doing. Your brother,

FROM AFRICA: I was very much happy to read about the wondreful work of God you are doing across the nations God will bless you for that. I am contacting you from _____. And i was touched and filled with pleasure to tell you that your teachings really touched us and we will like to know more about yeshua we were really lost but God is showing us the way. Can i please work with you so that we can help the lost here in _____ waiting to hear from you. And know more about the torah. We will like to know more about the gospel as we dont know the way. May God bless you so much.

FROM AFRICA: praise God  Hope you are fine in the Lord. Am pastor _____ from ____ and i was very much happy to receave your contact from brother John. It was my prayers that God was going to provide us with a true ministry of God which we and the group will work with hope we shall work together in His vineyard and save many souls in _____ and the rest of Africa. This is my phone number _____ can i have yours so that the communication will be a bit easy. We need your help us we need to grow spiritually. Hope to hear from you.

FROM AFRICA: Praise God my brother  Hope you are fine in the Lord. Thank you for the reply to my letter and it made me feel happy we are happy with the other church members to join you so that we can know the truth. I have made contact with _____ you told me to contact and am waiting for the reply. Hope to hear from you my brother.

FROM AFRICA: Praise God my brother Am happy with your reply it is also my happiness if we work together to save many lost souls in my area. Am sorry because of your wifes sickness and yours am praying and am going to tell the other congrigation to pray for you today when we meet on the evening lesson and i know God is going to answer our prayers have faith as the bible says everything will be done. God bless you all. Hope to hear from you.

FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA: Dear brother John, I am thankful for your wonderful work you are doing in the kingdom. We were so much excited for receiving 421, the Judgement falls on the Pharaoh and the real Issue of the exodus booklets in _____! Thank you! Blessings to your family! Yours in Christ,

FROM AFRICA: My dear Dad, Time and years always fly, but, the blessings, peace, Love and joy from God Never ends! May this year 2013 be our turning point for winning unreached Souls from darkness to righteousness through your teachings (FMM). Glory be to God! Hallelujah!! God bless you! Son in Christ,

FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION: _____ introduced me to the Christ life sessions. He was dismissed from _____ and only was with us for phase one. It fell upon my wife and I to complete the other phases two and three. This completely changed my life and how I see things. However, lately, I have been discouraged even when reading the daily meditations and trying to gardem my mind to become like His. I am prompted to contact you for some reason unknown to me. Any guidence would be appreciated. Thanks,

FROM AFRICA: Glory to God!! I long to see my Mum… I have a gift from _____ to her. Pray for me as I’m praying for you! May the LORD bless and move the Saturday congregation as you are prepared to share with them regarding the birth of FMM and how God has blessed His work world wide. I know God will bless you. Confirm to them that I must come _____ 2013.

FROM AFRICA: Thank you for the news from Mum. I am happy that she is improving daily. Praise God! I’m praying for the Saturday meeting. God bless you and fill you words to speak. May the LORD give you His victory over that congregation. I will soon tell you when I will be there.

FROM EUROPE: Dear Dad… Good morning! I must come to visit you and Adat congregation in Omaha! For 17 years ago, I have been suffering from diabetes. I am now looking if I can travel. My delays to respond was due this problem. But in all God is in control of my life and my plans to visit you! I had been thinking to visit you on this Month _____ but hopefully next _____ 2013. I am also sorry to hear of the orphan who passed away in _____ orphanage in _____, Africa. _____ is doing great to care for them. God comfort them time like this. Finally, how is Mum? Greetings to all in Omaha! Your son,

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear my brother John, How are you doing Pastor? Yes, I agree with you that Jeshua, is soon coming? We need to take our mission also to the Israelite s who are waiting is return whom they have not yet believed Him. Your message is wonderful and your booklets are changing lives of people around the world. Hallelujah! We are in need of your teachings. The 162 booklets are not enough.. the demand is high. But, yesterday we printed 3,034 copies and distributed them all.

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Brother John…Thank you for being committed in writing God’s message through booklets. Your work continues to inspire me as I have been reading it continually for the past few months. Simple truths that are explained beautifully and in a light hearted manner, with Spirit filled wisdom that leaves a lasting impact. There is continual revelation laced with gentle, but brutal conviction that unroots the smallest of lies that are buried deep down. So good for freedom and I believe a must read for every child of God, not only once, but as the years go on and the walk deepen. Shalom.