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Dear Ones,

As you know from the Family News Bulletin Board, one of our dear brothers was involved in an accident this month that required a hospital stay and surgery.  And (of course!) our God proved Himself faithful once again in meeting his needs and those of his family and ministry.

While you read this month’s mail you’ll get a glimpse of how the FMM family came together to stand with and provide for this brother.  It so reminded me of Acts 5:32 when “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.”  This actually happened… those who had much, gave much and those who had little, gave little.  And in the end, our brother’s needs were met by and through our risen and indwelling Lord.

Many times through the years, I’ve prayed Habakkuk 3:2, “Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord.  Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.”  Are we not seeing a renewing of His sovereign provision and works among us?  And we also have the privilege to be part of the fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 1:26-31: “Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him. It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. Therefore, as it is written: ‘Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.’”

That portion of Scripture says it all, doesn’t it?  It’s not about us – ever!  It’s always and only about Him and His infinite and perfect provision for our every need.  Be blessed and encouraged as you read, my dearest brothers and sisters… and keep on keeping on, no matter what may lie ahead.  Our God is able!

With love,

Your sister, Nancy


FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you so much for the teaching No.30.It is really wonderful. I’m thankful that God is using the teachings in order to save the world. God bless you in everything you do for Yeshua. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad…Your support is great for brother _____ and his orphans. He has received all the funds today. The __ orphans were been in the hospital for almost __ Months. Thank you for your love…!! Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Once again, thank you Dad. His situation together with the orphans was so worse than one can explain. God is good who leaded you to help! _____ and the orphans are very thankful as I talked with them through phone conversation today. Amen! Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Greetings Dad, thanks Dad for your love and prayers for the ministry _____. Yes have received your help you sent to help us to pay for the hospital bill for the children. I will email you more thanks, Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…I and _____ we are glad that you are giving the world what it is needed. We ‘ll always think of you with glad heart. Thank you for being the way you are, kind, thoughtful and spirit filled life… spending your own life seeking for the billions of souls around the world who are perishing without knowing the truth about God through his word. We give you all our love! Your teachings makes one to feel special before God. Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear man of God Rev John and Mary, You are a blessing to me and my family. I like your message in the booklet The essence of mans’ very much because it has united my family and leaded our relationship with God to grow. My church thanks and prays for you. We look forward talking with you. God bless you.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear Rabbi John, Thank you for the work of God which is manifested through in our Image and likeness teaching Pamphlet. We are here temporary and Jesus soon is coming to take us Heaven. Praying God who began this ministry in you to bring it into accomplish. Good teaching ministry for all who are seeking God.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Shabbat Shalom!! First, how is Mum doing today? I and _____, we honestly say that we learn new things every time from your teachings. You are doing exactly what God requested you and answering your call and fulfilling it so that God’s children will know the truth and be set free from the bondage of sins. I just want to say that those who have not read the message from you are missing out on heaven’s best. I’m forever changed by your teachings and thank God who has send you to nations.

 May our Father continue to reveal more of his truth to you. There is much false teachings being taught today and many have been leaded a stray. We need more leaders teaching out the truth in love as you are. Please always carry the wonderful good news and God bless you! Serving together a mighty God, Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Beloved Dad, It is good to be a part of what you are doing. Follow me ministries is going forward. First, I did not knew you or _____. Father is the one who brought me and others to encourage your call and help spread this wonderful news at far Oversees countries. Yes, it is marvelous to each other eyes! Please as you are aware there is nothing that can be allowed to be carried without being paid. But for you things turned to be different. Somebody from heaven is paying all charges for you. The teachings can be accepted to enter every country in the world because it only talks about the inward heart changes without talking about political changes. Welcome Dad…! Please I have been connected by many friends on the line and all are requesting the booklets. I will be at ______ too night and depart tomorrow. I wanted to get some booklets from ______ and go with share them with _____ friends who are waiting on my way. There is another reason why _____ and other people likes your books, this is because it has a deeper relationship with our Creator and the points language used in are so easier for one to understand. Remind your friend _____ not to miss coming tomorrow at ______ with the books i asked him yesterday. God bless you. Your daughter,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA:  Dear Rabbi John, You are so much talented Bible teacher that the world needs today. Both you and Rabbi Nate, you are very special to the world. May the Lord bless your sacrifice in Him. Is there a way that we can receive your books this week for our people _____? I will remain wait…

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad…For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time. 1 Timothy 2:5-6. God bless you Dad. I and _____ loves this word above- `the testimony given in its proper time’ The Follow me ministries was given in its proper time. The world right now has a testimony through your teachings. Thank you once again for your obedience. I am at the _____ right now and prepared to travel Tomorrow to _____. Son

FROM AFRICA:  how are you doing there? Thank you so much for your love and prayers for the ministry _____. Thank you and God bless Man of God, please the church and orphans _____ we love you and we are praying for you there and your ministry, thanks Dad, In Love Son,

 FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC:  Dear brother John and sister Mary, I am from _____. I live in a very immoral place and the people here are against God. Thank you for being our way out of it through The honey moon in the wilderness and the call to death and resurrection.

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA:  Dear bro. J&M, This is great!! We received _____ copies from your _____. These booklets were: The call to death and resurrection, In our image and likeness, The honey moon in the wilderness, Essence of man’s relationship to God, and God’s point of entry and base of operation. I distributed half of the number to my people and country _____ and other copies went to _____, _____, _____, _____. The word touches my life and encourages God’s people. Thank you.

 FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA:  Dear Pst. John, I wanted to let you know that your book `the call to death and resurrection’ is awesome! The message is great and I think it is spinning in my thoughts. Thanks again! Awesome Follow me ministries- Awesome Teacher! I am extremely happy for this message!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear dad… Writing from _____. I enjoyed reading this booklet the honey moon in the wilderness and distributed the teaching materials that i collected from _____ for various centers around the world. _____ left for me _____ copies and shared them with other friends who are also for distribution. God is using you to bless the hurt world. Hallelujah, God bless you and _____ my brother!  Your daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad. We are very much concerned about the health of our beloved Mum. How is she doing today? How is Katie and Frank doing? and how is your Dad? Please extend our greetings and love to them all. You are in our thoughts and prayers always! We thank God who put us in a place where we could eventually learn the truth about God. We wish you and your family the best. Glad to be in Christ’s service,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, I was more than happy to hear a testimony from a lady with a family of how one of your books helped to restore their relationship to each other and to God. I`m still missing a laptop and i can not write very often. I wanted to write this short note so that you may know how much we pray and love you! If there is away, please send more copies to us. Also we need Holy Bibles. Once again thank you. Praise God, Hallelujah!!

FROM AFRICA:  Greetings Dad. This is your daughter _____ wife to _____ from _____ Africa. I am not available often to the computer but never missed to read your the message in your books. Somebody in _____ directs them to us in _____. We enjoyed together with my congregation some of your recent teachings like the moon… Essence… Israel the thorn… We are blessed indeed! We have nothing to give you in return but we speak blessings to you and your family and the ministry in Jesus Name.  Blessings

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear founder John, This is _____ in _____. It has been our pleasure to serve _____ Follow me ministries teachings over the Two years. We want you to know that we truly value your teaching ministry and trust you. We appreciate your prompt _____. We truly enjoy working with you and feel honored to be your chosen _____. This is a wonderful relationship and we will do our best to continue to meet all of your needs. We look forward to many more years of working with you, and wish Follow me ministries the success in reaching many and many souls around the world.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad… Thinking of Mum! Although the Gospel has been preached to millions in Africa, still,, hundreds of people groups are considered largely unreached. Diverse languages and cultures, illiteracy and nomadic lifestyles are barriers to presenting the gospel and establishing churches. Thank you for your sacrifice and God’s call to reach Africa through your teachings materials for those who have never heard the Gospel of Yeshua. I will be in _____ tomorrow. Beloved

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Thank you so much. Your teachings has helped also the souls of those who are doing _____. They have a testimony of what the Lord has done in their lives. God bless!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I send my innermost thoughts to you, Mum and everyone there especially those working with you. Hallelujah Praise be to messiah (Yeshua) ! Please thank you for your nice words that encourages me and my congregation very much. My health is good and I started preaching about two weeks ago. I always receive the teachings from _____ to use in my congregation. Good work, Amen! Your daughter,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear John, I`m pleased for the wonderful work God is using you to do not only in Africa but the world, God bless you. I am from _____ living by reading your booklet Israel the thorn— and the honey moon in the wilderness. I know my life has a new turn for i receive the blessings and the miracles that was manifested…. God bless you John.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I received your Bible study book and I wish had this book when I started my spiritual journey. This book answered a lot of questions That I kept trying to get out of the churches and other books I read. This book helped me to grow closer to God and send my spiritual journey full speed. I thank you. Also I sent one to a friend of mine. She now goes to church faithfully, she converted from _____ to _____. I am so thankful this your book was produced and made available to everyone.

FROM EUROPE:  Hi John, My heart goes to you and each one of you who are in Follow me ministry. Your work in writing the message of God through books leads us daily close to God. I was more than happy for this Honey moon in the wilderness and point of entry and base of operation books and enjoyed reading them. I send other books to our Churches in _____, _____, _____ and _____ and _____. keep the race brother! Thanks a lot…

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Sir John and my Pastor, Over One Hundred and Eighty Seven thousands of your booklets were printed and went out from _____ through ______. Thank you so much. It is so great! Once again we have received No.33 today which is “God give us our daily bread”’. Myself, I have BEEN helped by studying God’s word through you. Also praying for the Follow-me-ministries. Be blessed sir! Love from _____

 FROM AFRICA:  Sir, I never knew you or brother _____ until he introduced himself and Follow me ministries to us when he was seeking a _____. Since then you have at least converted us all. I am happy that God has spoken with my life and I am not the same again. Brother _____ paid ____ cost but in the real the work done was more than that. But we allow him to go with this materials knowing and praying God to bring more and more, more, more people to support this good message of Jesus Christ. Thanks Sir.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How is Mum? I, my family, orphans and my congregation, all are doing fine in the L-rd! We often tell people about Follow me ministries and what our vision is. People from _____ are excited for the registration of Follow me ministries. Soon before the year ends, I will look once more for the visa. I know this time, It might work. Dad, This is my target this week distributing the booklets all over in _____, _____ and ______ in _____. I visited a _____ in _____ today and I saw God moving. I can not forget to thank you for the _____ that you bought for the _____. It is doing a good work. FMM is growing very fast in Africa But strongly praying God to bring in people of His own heart who can help me together accomplish His work. Truly, you and your people are very special to us all!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear our mentor John, Please thank you so much for willing to use your time, resources, prayer and love to volunteer to teach the word of God. We are totally confused that He is God who has raised you on this last days to warn the world about the soon coming judgement. We are a group of ___ different Churches gathering together every _____ for Bible study. We started from the book of Genesis and we are about to finish it then join you with Exodus. _____ was yesterday with us here in _____ and we enjoyed his message. We are blessed by what exactly you are doing. We are praying to partner with you. pray for us as we are reaching our people in Africa at large. Your friends in _____

 FROM AFRICA:  We are sorry to heard that you met an accident on your way taking the word of God into _____. We are wondering of your situation right now? We are interested to know what happened please. Are you OK, with the _____ hospital that you are in? I think it is so expensive and you need to plan moving to a _____? We sent to you _____ to help buy some medicines for you. Hope to see you soon!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Sir John, Thank you for your teachings that leaded us to know _____. It was _____ that we supplied him with No.33 and went to distribute out at his distribution point He is a man who always minds God’s business only. We are also sorry for this unexpected accident. However, himself as a _____, he can know the right medicines to take but needs extra money to buy from outside in _____. We have sent him $___. He has been carrying heavy booklets and travel along way to _____, but what happened to him is also strange to us. God heal my brother quickly as the world needs to hear the Gospel that is being spread through the booklets. Thank you!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John Marquez, We are very knew to you and _____. We were standing there waiting to cross over the other side of the road when the accident happened to _____. None expected that this man of God will be a live again after the accident. It is good that his life was saved and also with the books. We took him to _____ and the _____ with the booklets were left with the traffic police. We found one of this booklets -( the call to death and resurrection) in the road side water ditch and went with it in our home. It is wonderful that this time after hearing the gospel preached, the booklet leaded us to accept Jesus Christ with our lives for our first time. There was no way to get the message expect through _____’s accident. We pray God to heal him. Amen. Faithfully,

 FROM AFRICA:  It is your son _____. I`m safe in the hospital. I praise God that He left me a live when Satan wanted to kill me by accident yesterday while prepared to preach the power of the cross of Yeshua. I will forever be grateful for every prayer because I know God spared my life and I am told that the _____ was not damaged excerpt mirrors and I ques brakes.. The doctors here generally are taking care of me including my wife but I need someone somewhere to help buy some strong medicines that are not found inside here but outside there in pharmacy shops. I received $___ USD from our friends in ______. Yes, I was added 4 points of blood before surgery last night due to much bleeding. It is my believe that this pains which are all over my body as I`m writing, will quickly be off through the prayers of you and Rav Nate with beloved brothers and sisters in Adat Hatikvat Tzion congregation. You are my forever friends and I am so happy that God connected me with you in order to serve His precious kingdom. My heart is burning to go and reach the hurt and lost world. May be the Lord will turn my pains to save someone’s life and enter heaven.  Once again, thanks a lot…

 FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad. It is true!! the love of God is great and everything works according His purpose. _____ is one of the great servants in Africa that God raised him recently to proclaim the Good news of Jesus Christ. I will help $____ for his medicines. We need him back to the field quickly.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear founder Pastor John, We have thought it wise to write something little about how _____ came to met an accident. Anyway, I am _____ __ years and an elder of the _____ Church in _____ near _____. We came to know brother _____ through FMM teaching books that he do distributes all over _____. My first time to met him was in _____. Since then he became my friend and when I introduced him to my Church Board, we invited him to come and speak to large conference held in our place. On his way about __ miles away to reach the Church, an accident occurred. We cannot explain it but we are happy that he is alive in the hospital. My Church donated 4 points of blood that was urgently needed last night. We are so sorry for this and ask God to heal him since we all of us depend on. Amen. yours on behalf of the church,

 FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad for informing me of sudden accident of our dear brother _____. I received your email when I was in _____. I had already scheduled with him to meet tomorrow at _____. I am soooo sorry but thankful for God saved his life. I must see him in the hospital too night.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  John, your book called the honey moon in the wilderness has brought much glory to our God of Jesus Christ in _____ Middle East. My ministries is located in _____ and have branches in _____ and _____. Also we are in _____. This is the good news that has not yet preached here. Many Preachers run and fear to preach Jesus publically. Your book is doing evangelism as I have printed it into more copies. Please do your best as you can to help _____ spiritually by many books from you. We appreciate them very much and thinking if there is a way that we can receive them. Christian have no freedom of worship and therefore such books can help them when they are away from the church. Hope to hear from you soon.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved friends Dad and Rav Nate…I`m doing better every day in the hospital. I couldn’t have bought this strong nice medicines without you. Thank you for being there and for your heart so good and kind. You are really true friends that I could never find. You have made a difference in my life. It’s so nice to know you. Thanks for everything you have done to help me. I will remember you in my life. Once again, thank you for your time and attention!! Much thanks!

 FROM AFRICA:  Greetings Dad! It is a great honor to let us know of the accident that met _____. We are happy that he is alive and will continue spreading the word of God. I will support my friend with prayers! I sent him my email. However, my Church here is doing well.

 FROM EUROPE:  John, It’s a blessings to know you. I’m from _____ but a citizen in _____ in ______. I am writing to congratulate your work in writing books. We have been receiving some of your books here and are very powerful. Keep doing what you are doing! God bless!

 FROM AFRICA:  It is also my prayers Nancy and Dad!! I wish to come to Omaha together with _____ on that day coming. I went to see him in _____ where he is in the hospital. He had injuries all over his body but the worst one was on his right leg where the surgery was done to reattach. It is good to have him back to life once more. He is recovering and praying to be out and fellowship this Sabbath with others. I advised him to transfer from this private hospital because the charges are high and finally will be defeated to pay for the hospital bill. He is a wonderful man of God in the FMM and Adat Hatikvat Tzion congregation. I will continue to love his faith in Christ. You have shown great love and help unto his life.

 FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  My Dad Pastor John, Thank you for the news. I am great sorry to know that my friend in ____ Escaped death through road accident. There are so many people from _____ who hears about his work. I will try to write to him today? Glory be unto God who always is with his people. I am also sick but feeling well today. Love you!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I do not know how to start this email but thank God that he was with _____ on his way to preach. We seek to send $____ to buy even a bottle of water as he is in the hospital. Our prayers goes to him and FMM at large in the world. In Christ,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John in Christ, I wanted to say much thanks for the wonderful testimonies on your website. It has helped to save my wife’s soul. She has been a church goer for 15 good years now but not received salvation. May the lord bless Nancy and Timothy and others testimonies.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John and Mary, There is nothing that can block God for not working. His Love is so great that saved the life of _____ when that accident happened. We praise Father for this. I myself need the service of _____ and the world too. I as I can remember he scheduled with me to bring some books in _____ today. Again, I have been told that more people are seeking the FMM books in _____ right now. Sorry for that. We pray for you all. Yours in Jesus,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, Much greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, much trusting that you are doing well in the Lord. We have taken long since you wrote to us but we are fine in the Lord, for your information we have followed closely about follow me ministry and we have said that God is great because he has enabled you to minister from your computer and from your own home which is good through your friends. you want to assure you that you not doing that by yourself but it’s a command from God, whereby we can tell you that is a big ministry which you are having since it has spread around the world whereby we have received the word of God for your information we are a associated because of your teachings.

 We want to tell you or encourage you that you are going to come out from that house through the Lord, and reach _____s and other people around the world. Brother John our needs are many but through your prayer which will stand with us is the Bibles and meeting the needs of the orphans that we trust the Lord that He will provide His own time because the Lord who has made us together He has a purpose for that case take heart. I want to assure you that the reason as to why I have not replied back for all this days my son as been hospitalized for three weeks down the road but i have seen my Lord being faithful to me because he has shown recovery although the bill has gone higher up to date because two weeks from now he might be discharged from the hospital as per now the bill has gone up to _____ up to date whereby have meant some good friends who have assisted me to raise _____ i am requesting that you may stand with me in prayer so that the lord may do something for the remaining bill that the lord may do something so that i may go through to clear this for two weeks from know. Thanks may the lord be with you hopping to ready from you soon Your in Christ

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I and wife _____ sends much greetings and appreciations to you and everyone in the L-rd. I am so excited that I woke this day being feeling better with enough strength. This thing encourages me that I will be back to my home one or two days from now as my Father our creator will provide for me the bill… I am thankful for all connections and help you have provided me. Many have visited me in the hospital and others has sent their prayers through emails. At hand, I have received $_____ USD from them all. God is good all the time for He has choice about anything. He is the One who knows all and has ordered every man’s steps. I am more than happy that my life is there and looking forward to continue the call of God in my life… God bless you all ! With much love

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear founder John and Mary, What the Lord has put in your heart has helped me. You ALWAYS have the exact words that I NEED TO HEAR for each day. It still amazes me how God works in all of us. Everything is in HIS timing. I know that God will keep blessing you and your family.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear sir John, I was blessed to read the scripture you quoted for me Psalms 46. This is God who is in control and honor and glory be in His holy name! This is the work of the Holy spirit and there is nothing that can stop it. Therefore the work of distributing FMM teachings must continue. _____ being in the hospital, sent a word to us yesterday to print No. 12,19,20,25,27,29,30,32,33. We today morning gave his wife _____ One hundred thousand and seventh copies. She took them to _____ today on behalf of brother _____ for distribution. Thanks sir! Yours sincerely,

FROM AFRICA:  Good morning Dad! How are you doing? Praise God! I’m doing more better today and desiring to return back home…. I was encouraged to read your kind words yesterday night. you will never know how much you are helping me. thank you for the awesome work you are doing for the lord it is an inspiration with positive impact on the lives of others. I’m more than happy that we are fulfilling the purpose he has for us while we spend our time here on earth. Because of the great need for our teaching materials,I requested the print to give my wife _____ the booklets and she is in _____ right now. She was received by _____ from _____. He knows how to distribute them to others. Praying for my bill…!! Say hey to mum and everyone there! Love you all. Son

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA:  Dear bro. John… This is great to see the wife of _____ with a tax full of FMM teaching booklets. People are still coming in my office for them according their orders. It is really God’s business.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I think you cannot know this = Currently, there are __ pilots who are helping to transport your teaching materials around the world. __ of them are from _____. __ from _____ and _____ __ from _____ are our main office here in _____ for booklets distribution. We thank God for this wonderful connections. Yes, I received from _____ yesterday some booklets and i am happy that the work of God is going forward. May the Lord bless _____ and his wife _____. We pray to have more people like _____. Surely, his accident has turned to be a testimony of others coming to the Lord for their salvation. One is the _____

 FROM EUROPE:  John and Mary, I enjoy to read what comes from your heart with other followers here at _____. I don’t think it was an accident that I found your books as well as your site, I believe God lead me to you, & I thank God he did. Keep sending out what God gives you. God bless you in all you do.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Spiritual mentor John, Thank you for taking your time and love to send your teachings here in Africa. The printed books are all over in many areas of _____ and outside to the other cities in the country. Brother _____ is doing a wonderful work in the kingdom of God. We hope to see him back to normal. We thank her wife who has been proved herself as a true partner to him. It remains a challenge to us men when _____ left his husband in the hospital and traveled all about ___ miles just to do exactly what his husband is doing. God bless this family. They have become a good example to the world. In Christ,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad…First,we appreciate your great concern and your support while here in the hospital more than you can know. Yes, God is doing great upon my life. I am feeling OK today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in many ways that I can not even express. I will never never forget this. Therefore, I am free to go home from the hospital at any time from now, But I wanted you to know that I missed health insurance in order to cover other expenses. Therefore they need me to pay the whole bill for – drugs, room and medical care. The doctors signed for me today to go home but still missing little money. Once again I wanted to say thank you and everyone. You really mean a lot to me. Love you! With love, Son _____, in return has appreciated you…!!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear founder John, I only want to leave a short not here by letting you know that I have been blessed by your site. Things there are good and It is if were written because of me. Keep up my Pastor. I will be using It for my spiritual growth including my Church.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…The body of FMM believers in Africa is strongly growing in unity and love as compared from its beginning. I came to know this through the accident that happened to me. Many and many from all over Africa wrote to me, others from _____ visited me in the hospital and there are few who left for me a gift which later was used to pay for the printing cost of over One hundred thousands of booklets that _____ took to _____. In my email this morning to you I forgot to inform you that FMM believers from _____ through _____ and _____ donated for my surgery bill which was impossible also to be paid. I trust God’s will as He is the source of everything. Thank you very much. I am excited for the far the Lord has brought us together! Love you Dad! Your friend, Son

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA:  Good morning brother John! We are unseen believers and friends working with you. We appreciate you very much. Again we let you know that I and those who loves your teachings paid the surgery fee at the hospital for _____ which was $____.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…How are you? Greet for me the Adat Hatikvat Tzion congregation. Thank everyone for their prayers and support. I had awesome Sabbath services with the other patients in the hospital where I shared about my testimony and introduced FMM to them all. Praise God that 18 people were saved. They need prayer…

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, You are doing great in the kingdom of our mighty God and His son Jesus Christ. Please allow us to use the name of Follow me ministries in our fellowship. We trust what you are teaching. It is true word of God. Hope to hear from you. Your fellow servant,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  John, I have taken time to go over this booklet `Israel the thorn flesh…’ and came to know that you are true ordained by God. Please, tell me how to meet with you! Would you make a trip? Keep on brother. You are a blessing to many in _____. Know that we are enjoying sharing your site! Friend,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John, Did you received my email I wrote some Months ago? I`m from _____. My Aunt from _____ who is also a believer in FOLLOW ME MINISTRIES told me that she saw you on American TV/ VIDEO teaching. If so, can you open a new African station to us? Surely, we are blessed by some of the Pamphlets that we have been receiving like- Give us this day our daily bread and the honey moon in the wilderness. Encouraging teachings really! Once again thanks!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Brother John, We love you even we have not yet seen each other. Some from our staff, visited brother _____ in the hospital today Sunday and he shared with us how God has been faithful to him and your great kindness to him. The balance since yesterday was been $______ but some people have paid little. The hospital right now needs him to pay a balance of $_____ bill before he leaves the room. Know that every night the bill increases if not paid. This is going to be hard time for _____ if again his friends are not going to step in and help. As you know he has orphans at home who depends from him. As we talked through phone with ______ yesterday, she said that ______ has told him to return the ___ orphans away into streets if he will miss to be home this week. I was invited one time to speak at _____ home church. most of the members there are widows who lost their resources during _____ violence. They also depends from the Church. Please pray for his quick recovery, bill and the poor situation of orphans. Partner in the Gospel,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad John, About__ hours, I am in _____. It is from _____ trip. I am so so so sorry that I am not going to receive any booklet materials from _____ as we used to do. Another point, is that _____ shared with me and some friends about his vision to start a Bible training where people from Africa will come and be trained.. He is praying to open a bible college in _____. This will be FMM Discipleship training and all your teachings from the beginning including Adat Hatikvat Tzion will be taught. There are people here who have recommended his vision. This is what Satan saw and wanted to kill him last week. FMM together with Hope of Zion, it is something BIG in the near near near future. The base is going to be in _____. _____ is __ years now. He spent his years in school and worked for two years before God joined him with you. Since, he has become your dear son and not only you but to many he is a friend. I can not forget to thank you for your often support. He has no resources to support himself. Moreover, he is staying together in his family with some orphans. Life to him is not easier. He is a man who minds for kingdom business. God bless you and _____. Daughter