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Dear ones,

We have another month filled with amazing stories of how our blessed Lord is advancing His Kingdom through disciples who were willing to say, “Yes!” when they heard Him say, “Follow Me!”  You’ll read stories that will make your heart soar, and some that will bring tears to your eyes.  So many of us have weathered heart breaking life circumstances, so many have come through great difficulties.  One of those heart breaking stories is on hold till I get the author’s permission to publish.  But that one, like each and every other one, met their One True Love and Lord and found him to be more than enough!

May I encourage us all to continue to be faithful to Him… to follow His earthly mother’s admonition to the servers at the Cana wedding – “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5)  Those “whatevers” will be different for each of us.  Some may be called to translate, print and distribute teachings; some may care for orphans; some may pray; some may serve; some may work; some may reach out in godly love with a hug, a word, the gift of time and/or presence.  Regardless of our assignments, our motive is the same – to embody Him and to see our Lord glorified and His Name exalted.  For then, as He has promised, He will draw all men unto Himself. (John 12:32)  What a privilege we have to praise and worship this Wonderful and Magnificent God!


A quick editorial note…

We launched the Family News page in September of 2012.  You may recall that we wanted it to serve as an FMM Family Forum – a means by which members of our ever-growing worldwide family of disciples could share their hearts, breakthroughs, hurts, healings and other experiences, with their Family. And because English is a second language for many among us, I committed not to edit what you write, but to allow you freedom to share whatever you wish, as you wish.  In that sense, I will continue to ‘publish’ what you send, rather than edit or proofread it.

The protection of your identity is foremost on my heart. Many of our FMM family members live in places that are unfriendly (and even overtly hostile) to the gospel of our Risen Lord and His people. So rather than risk anyone’s exposure and endangerment, I will continue to mention continents instead of countries and remove any name, date, place, occupation or any other information that could enable enemies of the gospel to track down any of our precious Family members.

Over the months our email volume has increased. And so, for the sake of those who are new, allow me to review the parameters and make you aware of a few adjustments I feel led to make:

  •  When I receive emails with portions written in your native language, those portions will be for the eyes of the Omaha Pilot Group only. For the reasons already stated, I won’t publish them with the rest of the message.
  • Before I publish an email containing detailed, painful personal experiences, I will continue to ask your permission to publish it and will gladly abide by your wishes and preferences.
  • Emails that specifically discuss someone’s former affiliation with, and departure from, other religions and belief systems will also be for Omaha Pilot Group eyes only. I will do that for this reason: we, as disciples, know that our Master and His True Biblical Gospel, requires us to forsake all alien gods and teachers and their teachings. But we are wise to do that without demeaning others or putting them down unnecessarily, especially when they have not yet had the opportunity to hear the awesome Good News of Salvation that we have to share with them and see the life-transforming results that follow when people hear, believe, repent and submit themselves to our Messiah and embrace His ways (See Proverbs 15:1 & Matthew 10:16)
  • Finally, since there is no; ‘J’ in the Hebrew language, I will change the spelling of Jesus’ Name from Jeshua, to Yeshua, since that is the correct English transliteration of the Hebrew Name that Father originally gave to His beloved Son.


Now, on to this month’s Family mail.  Enjoy… as I prepared this for publication, I sure have!  May the Fullness of Father’s Blessings be upon each one of you,

Your sister, Nancy

FROM AFRICA:  My Dad in faith… Hug for me please my dear brothers and sisters in the FMM pilot group when you see them tomorrow. We are pleased to know that Mum can walk and do some light work. I have come to realize that many Churches and ministries in _____ are using your teachings (books) to help them grow and be strong. Shalom! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad. The youths seminar went well. ___ youths attended the teachings and __ were saved. I had a good chance where I introduced about you with your vision and call life. There are young people here who are interested to join us for spreading the word of God in Africa and beyond. Please receive their deep love and greetings from the youths seminar in Yeshua’s name. I am so proud and thankful that for the last two years, you have inspired me. I’m moved to tears of joy when I read the testimonies on FMM Website of people around the world who are touched and their lives changed through your teachings. I and _____ we are happy to see you running for teaching the world about their Creator who loved them and His son died for us all. Dad…Keep the teaching race until He comes… Thank you. I recently received last teachings-: God continues to separate light from the darkness = No. 23, There is life in the blood = No.24, For the sake of my people = No 25,  Only after Death can resurrection appear = No. 26.

I was sorry to read at (Adat)news that my sister and friend Brenda Allen lost her sister Trudy. I wrote a note on the face book to encourage her. Yes, this is terrible!! Thanking you for taking your time and love just informing me. Say hey to Mum. I am happy that she is today sleeping like a baby without feeling much pains. Shalom, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Glory be to God! I’m so excited for all the Lord is doing. It pleases our Father to see lost souls comes back to their Savior who loved and died for them. God bless you for your always printing cost support that makes possible the teaching to reach such far continents of the world. Without it, _____’s life would have not saved. May the Lord keep _____ in the faith and grow more. Son

FROM EUROPE:  Dear Pastor John and Mum, It has been a painful life without hope. But I thank God for you, for Mary and for Follow me ministries in saving my soul through your teachings books. I pray to have time then visit places or print more copies then send to _____ where people knows me very well. I will be in touch with you.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad.. Thank you for some emails. I have been out at _____ since _____. I will send you a photocopy of the FMM registration certificate  through the email. I and Follow me ministries members in Africa will be more than happy to have been given the certificate from our Government. Please know that not all ministries seeking registration. Praise God for this miracle! I am so excited to receive No. 27 – God’s point of entry and base of operations. This is a great teaching with deep revelations. Just studying it then will love to print next week and distribute out to the people around the world. Our thanks goes to FMM Pilot group for their often prayers and support. Son

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear brother John and sister Mary, Yeshua the Messiah of the living God and our creator bless you! Peace!! I’m a believer working as a _____ from _____. This is to inform you that i am blessed to receive ___ Follow me ministries books from a _____ missionary _____ in _____ and was able to transport them on ____ to _____ and _____. Everyone was excited and thankful to receive this helpful teachings books. Thinking of you and your work for the kingdom. Thanks and God bless dear Brother.

FROM ASIA:  Dear Pastor John, On your picture, which is there at your booklet, you only look to be a kingdom business filled with H. Spirit preacher and teacher of the word. Thank you very much for your teachings both on the printed materials and on the Follow me ministries website. I am __ years old and real blessed by your books. It helps in our ministry and makes us stand firm in Jesus faith. We send some of your books to our churches in _____, _____, _____, _____ and _____, _____, _____ and _____ and other places who need them badly. I like this teachings because they help us to understand the right interpretation better. John, many blessings to your life and family!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear Brother John, Peace…I am more than happy to share once again my heart with you. John, you are very well known and loved here in _____ and its surroundings because of your teachings that we started receiving it from Follow me ministries website. You really aim to reach for both the Jews and Christians. We thank very much the brother in Africa who through your books that he printed we came to know you. God is doing exciting things among our congregation. You will forever remain in our lives brother. Peace.

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, it is my hope that Father is doing great things upon your life and family there! All the teaching materials _____ left for here at _____ has been shared within the city. The distribution of booklets, is the best way although expensive for reaching people. There are very few people who owns computers in Africa. I enjoyed to distribute this wonderful teaching – God’s point of entry and base of operations to _____, _____, _____ places and _____ in _____. Praying for the strength of our Lord in your health and family.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hello John and Mary, From the city of _____, we have a word of appreciating your books. YOU NEVER KNOW how much you have contributed to our knowledge in knowing God… I have today send other copies to my Nephew living in _____ and brother in _____. Welcome into our country please! Your loving sister,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I was sooo happy to hear from _____ that he was successful to register FMM with his government. I personally, i trust this ministry with its work for the kingdom. God bless you for your great love to the African people. Give love to Mum.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. You have not heard from me recently but always together through prayers. We are using everything on the website for our spiritual growth. Please may i appreciate your printing work in Africa which now reaches about over than _____ people in Africa per Month. For example, _____ people received on _____ God’s point of entry ___ copies through _____ where sister _____ our church member is employed. We congratulate you for your special support to register follow me ministry in Africa. We are happy and will always stand with _____ through our prayers.

FROM AFRICA:  John, I was connected by one of my friends in _____ about your teaching ministries. I knew you 6 Months ago and it was _____ that I was given __ large boxes of your materials from _____ to _____, _____ _____ and _____. Myself, the books are very direct to my life and looking forward to share its message to my relatives and my people in _____. Faithfully,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear man of God Pastor John, I thank God who connected me with Follow me ministries. I have been praying and believing for the great work this ministry will be able to accomplish in Africa and to the 4 corners of the world. I received a forwarded email from _____ that you worked for Follow me ministries certificate that will allow _____ to travel and preach without any fear anywhere. I know now that he will be allowed to visit you in the future. God keep you and bless you. Once again, Thanks! Your daughter,

FROM AFRICA: Peace from the Father. How is Mum’s health doing today? First, i want to thank you and appreciate you together with your Pilot staff including friends for Follow me ministries for working together to register Follow me minstries with African Governmet to be Licensed to preach the living word of God in the continent of Africa. Please know that we are so much glad and wishes you good health and rich blessings from God. Second, my glad son who is working at the _____ came home this morning with a copy of Gods point of entry and Base of operations. As I went inside, I was moved for more things God is speaking to my heart. I thank _____ for his efforts in translating into _____ for the sake of other people who are understanding _____ only. Pass our greetings from _____ to first Mum, your family, and your local congregation and Nancy with her pilot team.

FROM AFRICA: Dear our beloved Spiritual Dad, Greetings from _____. I write this letter to just tell you that when i went for _____ yesterday at our public_____ in our town, one of your booklet with a tittle printed in _____ was given to me as a gift after _____. I was so excited and inspired too. This is helpful for our bible study for i do not have my own lap top to go often to the site. Keep on… !! Your son in faith,

FROM AFRICA: Thank you dad for your commitment in writing God’s message and sending it out. It is really very powerful as it goes out to the world. I was lucky to receive a copy of God’s point of entry and base of operation with __ other teachings from _____. I need your special prayers. Amen.

FROM AFRICA: Dearest Dad John and Mum Mary, Really, it has taken me time to write to you, It was due to my _____ that is suffering from cancer. My family and the Church is doing fine in the Lord and together we send our greetings to you all in USA. I still remember your support during the other time ago i was in the hospital. Brother _____ told me through a phone that FOLLOW ME MINISTRY USA has helped him to register this ministry with _____ Government and has been given at hand a certificate. Praise the Lord. I sent my son to meet him today at his home for some urgent matters within my Church. Love you! keep me in your daily prayers! Give my family and Church greetings to all in Yeshua name! Daughter

FROM AFRICA: Hi, some people around me thinks that you are a missionary in Africa staying in _____! The fire of your teachings has grown.. We praise God for all people who are standing with you including _____. God’s point of entry and base of operation is another revelation we have received. Hallelujah!

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear brother John in the Lord, I am working as a _____ in an _____. Somebody from _____ told me last year about you and what you are doing for the LORD. I’m excited to have been given one of your booklet, God’s point of entry & base of operation. It is very powerful message.. My friend and I, we are looking forward to partner with you. Please if you have time, tell us more…Friends,

FROM EUROPE VIA AFRICA: Dear Prophet of God John, My name is _____, __ years old. I am from _____ working in _____. I was and still touched by the message through your teaching materials that are supplied weekly here. I always miss to send home some of this teachings which I trust will help. Please talk with your _____ when he comes here on _____ as he promised. Also, the _____ and _____ are waiting your teachings seriously. I desire to meet you and embrace you brother! Have a good blessed day!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad… How is the morning day? We had awesome Sabbath service yesterday. I shared with the congregation from the following scripture: And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness and all kings they glory and thou shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name. Isaiah 62:2. I will be in _____ this week to know from somebody if they will give me a visa this time to visit you. However, there was some _____ who are in need of this teachings but the booklets were not enough for them. These are the______ that have never received our teachings for their people. Praying God to open a way for them this time. Receive our love from Africa,

FROM AFRICA: Dear man of God dad, It seems that a great number of world _____ with their offices in _____ and my people in _____ are for God’s point of entry and base of operation….. Dad, this booklet has some new lessons that other previous teachings doesn’t have. I wish I have world riches, I would have put them on this precious teachings lifting ones heart for the glory of God.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Dear John, I shared something little about the birth of Follow me ministries with my congregation. yesterday. It was birthed in order to bring the _____ back to their Savior who is returning to meet all _____ at their loved Church, _____. You are our friend and if God opens for you a door, please visit us. Praise Yeshua! that the congregations in _____, _____, _____, _____, _____ and _____ are already using your teachings. They will never forget, Israel the thorn in the flesh of the world…booklet which has more market in the Middle East. Be blessed so much. Peace! Peace!

FROM AFRICA: Dear bro. John, May I send greetings from my fellow Pastors in the fellowship and my Church and family to you in Jesus name! I will write soon to inform you of the great testimony of how far your teachings has helped people in _____.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA: This is an email that was sent to Nate from a man that works in the _____ in _____: Dear Rabbi Nate Seitelbach, Peace, Peace! Your name looks like you are from Israel! I am a _____ man raised in a traditional _____ life from _____. I love Yeshua. Currently, I am working with the _____ in _____. There is a brother here named _____ who visited my office last week and left a big box of a magazines entitled ADAT HATIKVAT TZION (HOPE OF ZION CONGREGATION) Adat news updates. This magazine has a lot of love to the people of the Holy Land. It has your own picture with your name, postal address and email address. I found your email in this magazine. I am new to this brother or I was not intrested in the first to have his contacts until I went through the magazine. Now, I do not know how to meet him again. My cousin _____ who was with me went with some home. He us emailed me asking if there is a way that they can be Monthly receiving this Adat news? Looking to hear from you soon.

FROM AFRICA: This is from _____ after I told him that _____ wanted to get in touch with him:

Dear beloved Dad.. Good morning! How is Mum doing today? She is in our thoughts and prayers always! After I and my wife _____ received the Adat Hatikvat Tzion certificate that confirmed me as a full membership, It was something very special to us. I attached this information and sent some emails to my friends in Africa. I wanted them to realize the grace and favor God has given out to Africa. By doing this, It has created a strong impact. Another point, I just forward to _____ in _____ the FMM teachings and Adat news updates that I do receive from both Rav Nate and you. He told me this morning that he also print both for the Israelites Jews staying in _____. Really your message both is very very important. It updates about the soon coming Yeshua and warns everyone about the coming judgement for the unbelievers. I will write to _____ today and share with him more information.. God is doing a new thing every time. Amen!

FROM THE PACIFIC ISLANDS: Brother John, I live in _____ a man of __ children and one wife. I belong into _____ family . I was traveling two weeks ago to see a brother in_______. I met the evangelist from ____, and as we crossed a small river by boat, He gave me some booklets to read about Jesus. I was a student and _____! I was not interested in knowing about Jesus because as a _____ I knew that to learn about other religions was a sin. I decide today to contact Follow me ministries to continue help me spiritually with their teachings. But God has touched my heart and I realized that I am a sinner and I needed to be repent. I already had learned that _____ can not deliver me from the penalty of my sins.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, In Africa, FOLLOW ME MINISTRIES teaching booklets reaches more people than your site. This is because the great number of people here doesn’t have access to the internet. Next to my door, there is a friend who a _____. He likes your teachings but missed No. 27 when _____ distributed here in _____. We are all expecting him to visit this week. Thank you and God bless!

FROM NORTH AMERICA VIA AFRICA: Dear brother John, Thank you for your kind email. God is good who put us together. Since, you have been a blessing to my life and many others around the globe. It pleased the heart of God to use me for my first time in _____. The first time i knew brother _____ is when he visited in my _____. He had a big bag and a small Holy bible at his left hand. He introduced his names and started telling me about Follow me ministry and its teachings. Finally he gave out to me one booklet and I told him to go and check me after 3 hours. As he came back his face was so humble than i can tell. The Holy spirit spoke to me to listen and step in to help spread together this Good news of the word of God. This is how the booklets started to go out through the _____. I am proud today that _____ went on to be connected with different staff as the Lord leaded him. It was through me that your teachings was connected to the world. And praying for you and Rabbi Nate with Hope of Zion congregation – Adat Hatikvat Tzion to consider printing also Adat news updates magazine and send it out to the _____ and _____ who are scattered around the world. This Adat news magazine is also powerful and can hope for souls for the coming Lord and Judge of Judges. Brother John and Rabbi Nate, kindly consider printing Adat news magazine together with FMM booklets and let _____ bring all of them at our _____ to transport them by our self free of charge. Many blessings! Hope to hear your thoughts please!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA: Dear brother John, I rejoiced to read your words in the email. God has placed you and raised you there and Rabbi Nate with His great purpose. I want to promise you here today that I am so willing being at the good position for transporting your materials to _____. Therefore, I request you to bring at my _____ in _____ Follow me ministries teachings and Adat Hatikvat Tzion magazine. Then I will send them to all cities of _____. Peace, Peace!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA: Dear brother John, Thanks for the contacts of brother _____. He informed me fully about Follow me ministries. Sir, allow me to request one question. Please can it be possible to start printing Adat news magazine as you do with Follow me ministries booklets and the two be distributed through our _____? I am curious!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad… You are most welcome! I will be so glad to receive the teachings. I thank God who always connects new people who have never heard about Follow me ministries to receive our teachings. It is Not an easy work to prepare the teachings, God bless you for taking your time, prayer and love to write such teachings that has shaken the kingdom of darkness. Glory be unto God. I will also be thankful if i will receive it today and start translating then printing immediately for the people who are waiting at _____ and beyond. Give our deep thoughts and love to Mum. Son

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Peace, Peace! brother John, A friend of mine from _____ by a name _____ gave me your email address. He told me about you and your brother Rabbi Natan and what you are doing for God. We are all interested in you because you help defend _____. Now, we would like to receive your booklets and Adat newsletter in our nation weekly through _____ who is working in _____. We speak blessings to you all! May God give you Peace

FROM AFRICA: Dear sweet Dad, We have not forgotten you and we will not in our life. Many times i miss an internet access but I do receive through our local _____ your booklets from _____ in _____. Yes, it is a powerful message which is delivered through point of entry and base of operation. We are thankful and bless you for your hard working. love you friend. My family and the Church sends greetings! Your brother,

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE: Dear Dad John, There are so many people here who are hearing about your teachings and are asking for you to make a trip to _____. Some people began donating for the _____ and _____ translation. We look forward to translate up into the __ languages spoken by _____ people. Lastly, I received no.24. Let me know when no. 25 is ready? Friend,

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad, I am still regaining strength. I look forward for that day of the Lord coming when all who served God with their lives and possessions like you will receive their special eternal rewards. Brother, keep on the race, there are many places of the world where the word of God has not yet fully taught. I will be in _____ tomorrow. Can I have some materials on _____ from _____? In love,

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad, It is a blessing for us all in _____ to hear from you. Yes, we are praying to be a blessing to Follow me ministry Africa. Your son,

FROM AFRICA: Hi John, thank you for your inspired website. The teachings and Timothy’s word of encouragement are so good. I have been forwarding it to several people. Blessings to you and your wife Mary. Pastor,

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad… We must work the works of Him that sent us, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. John 9:4 Thank you once again for the funds. The work for printing and packing will be ready about __ hours from Now. Then, I will travel to _____ at _____ time. It has been great working with you all! Thank you very much for all your help and support! Son

FROM EUROPE VIA AFRICA: Dear Rav John, Good afternoon! I was happy to have a look on your website and glory be to God for all… I have heard that your _____ is on the way today coming to _____. I am new to him and we have not yet meet face to face. My friends from _____, _____, _____, _____ and _____ also I wanted some of the booklets. As he comes, I know the booklets will not be enough for the people here. Please if you have a way to talk with him, let him keep some for us.  And Remember, the time you will visit _____ or _____, call me!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad John, Hope all is well with you there. I do not have an access to the computer. It is about __ miles away from me. I request an email address for _____ in _____ who is doing printing work. I would like to thank him and if possible send some books through my _____. God richly bless!

FROM AFRICA (response to inquiry without internet access): Dear _____, Greetings from Follow me ministries Africa. We are so much excited to know you. Thank you and welcome for showing much interest in our ministry. This is a teaching ministry that helps to lift the name of God around the world, encourages and comforts. This teachings comes direct from the founder and president of this ministry John Marquez USA and its printed in _____ and distributed free of charge to whoever needs, like you. Therefore, I need you to send me your  address so that we can get them to you tomorrow. Hope to hear from you again. Brother,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA: Dear brother John and Mary, I wanted to thank you all for _____ copies we received from Brother _____ for _____. This copies were the persistent purpose, point of entry and base of operation, In our image and likeness and Adat news letter. I heard that the materials arrived safely and each copy was distributed there. Blessings! Peace!

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION: Dear Pastor John Marquez, Hallelujah, Praise God! How can we meet? I am truly moved by these two books which are – In our image and likeness and the point of entry and operation. My story and testimony is long but I wanted you to know what kind of help I and my wife received from this books. It touched my wife and changed her ways! She has said that she will email you soon with full testimony. Thank you and you! God’s blessings be upon your life and call! Amen brother! Come a trip please! Blessings,

FROM EASTERN ASIA: Dear Rev John, It was a blessing to receive one of your books (The persistent purpose) This booklet has much inspired my life. May the Glory of God be manifested generation to generation. Thank you for all your efforts until this wonderful teachings reached us in _____ . Please i printed other copies and sent it to _____ and _____ where my daughters are married to. God bless you!

FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad and Pastor John, Thank you for your thoughtfulness in translating and printing your teachings. You are really doing a wonderful teaching ministry currently reaching billions of souls around the world. This is the first teaching ministry i have heard and seen spreading very fast. Your methods are so different and much directed by the Holy spirit of God. The _____ and their staffs everywhere are willing to transport your booklets without any charging. Thank God that there is a testimony of families being helped… healing all over, both physical and spiritual blessings etc. I was given _____ and _____ of booklets by _____ on _____ and it is great that I blessed people on my way through the following _____, _____, _____, _____, _____ and _____. May the Lord bless you and brother _____. This Good news of Jesus Christ must be preached then the end comes! Dad, keep writing and sending out what God has given you to help! Your daughter,

FROM AFRICA: Thank you Dad. How are you doing there Man of God. Please this is an argent need for __ children orphans who are in the hospital for __ weeks now. Please we need to pay for the hospital bill which is now $___ please dad pray for them and help them. Thank you we will be more than happy for your help for this __ children. Thanks Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear Rev John, I moved to join my son with his wife who are staying and working in _____. _____ my son came home with some booklets entitled the persistent purpose and point of entry and base of operation. He gave them to me and when i finished reading, God’s Spirit leaded me to humble myself before the throne of mercy. I am so blessed and encouraged too and I will print more copies to share them with other fellow Pastors. Please accept me to prepare a trip for you. Thank you