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Dear Ones,

As you are aware, this last month has been filled with raw material here at home base and some of it has been quite difficult.  Yet through it all, we have found our God and His abundant grace to be more than sufficient.  We are learning new depths of trust in the rock solid faithfulness of our God.  He’s continuing to reveal His airtight covenant and how it unfolds in the exact way needed and in the exact time and place where we’d be undone if He wasn’t real.  But He is!!!  And we are rejoicing in that life changing Reality!

I’d like to share from the T. Austin Sparks devotional book, Daily Open Windows; this is a part of the April 2 meditation.  It opens with a quote from Hebrews 12:2, “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame.”  Sparks goes on to say, “The passion of the Cross is the way of our release, and if you consider your own spiritual experience, those of you who have any experience of a walk with God, you know quite well that it has been through times of deep and acute suffering that you have found fresh releases… is it not true?  Yes, we pass into a time of excruciating spiritual and soul suffering.  We do not know what the Lord is doing, what He means by this, what He is after, but we know the features of our experience and… we, of course, ask the Lord to stop it.”  Sparks unfolds a little more of how we struggle, or ‘kick against the goads’ as Yeshua said to Paul, before coming to the point that God must allow such things in order to deal with certain things in our hearts and lives.  Sparks continues, “We would never have believed how deeply rooted and terribly strong that thing is until it was put to the fiery test… what the Lord was after was not the pulverizing of us… but to bring about enlargement, to bring about release, and release always lies along the line of the Cross, the passion.”

I’ve been pondering that premise, that the breaking down of self, pride, etc. absolutely must happen before the building up of Christ in me, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27), and it really helps me to see – really see – that every single speck of our life experiences, great and small, easy or hard, planned or not, wanted or not… is all woven into His perfect plan to mold and shape us into the image of His Beloved Son (Romans 8:29).  He wastes none of it.  No wonder we can trust Him with airtight confidence no matter what happens!  Oh, may we all have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit wants to impart to us, in us and then through us!

I’ll close my portion of this month’s News with an exhortation from our brother Joshua (1:9) – “Don’t be afraid or downhearted, because Adonai your God is with you wherever you go.”

And here’s an update from Dad on how things are going there.  Talk about the faithfulness of our God made manifest!

Dear ones…by the Lord’s great faithful lovingkindness…Mary continues to improve and make strides toward recovery. She is able to do more and more things by herself. The atmosphere in our home is now filled with relief, hope and anticipation for better days ahead. And again, I thank all of you for praying and caring for us.

Now, on to our worldwide family news.  With a grateful heart to be counted among such a wonderful group of disciples,

Your sister, Nancy


FROM AFRICA:  We in _____ we are very thankful in the Lord for blessing Mum with His love and faith that is keeping her through in the midst of sickness. We are more than happy that she is recovering. Let her receive our innermost love from _____.  Once again, we are thankful for translating your teachings into _____ language which is the common spoken language in my country _____. We enjoy and blessed. Keep up dad John!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear Pastor John, I just wanted you to know that I and my community Church in ______ love you and your website. However, thanks for the distribution of your booklets that are much here helpful too.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I was happy for your reply. The message therein is great. This email is being shared by my cousins who also needs Jeshua but not Mohammed. It is good to be the followers of Jeshua than Mohammed who’s teachings have no where to take people.. Wonderful message brother.

FROM EAST ASIA:  Dear servant of God John, I,m writing this email with tears of joy running.. It is so hard here in _____ to have freedom from listning the word of word and it’s a blessing God to remember us to sent some hundreds of Pamphlets and books from Follow- me – ministries. They are doing a great job and moving from a family to another. The message in there was as if it was written to help us. John and Mary,be blessed by the heaven’s blessings. In Christ,

FROM AFRICA:  Brother John, The LORD Leaded me today to your website through search engine. I was so much blessed first by letters from home, family news and teachings. I have nowhere to go except to stay and work under the leadership of Follow me ministries. My ministry is not yet connected to any church/denomination or group and is based in ______. I have printed the testimonies from people around the world, Timothy letters and teachings to help me evangelize ______. I will write more soon. Blessings!

FROM AFRICA:  Hi brother John and Mary, Broken people in a broken world, the head-less world system and the God of impossible are the three booklets that i will never forget in my life. I lived a life without hope and i did not knew all about this truth until one of my cousin gave me this booklets. It challenged me from following the world and turned my life to be a child of God. Before that, i was doing a business for selling in a _____ with my wife. .I ask you to pray for her because she don’t understand the important of salvation. I think if not this books, where will i be?? Thank you brother. Keep up the race.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dearest servant of God John, I am __ years old and in prison for __ years. I am the first born child out of __ to my parents who already have died between _____ and _____. I left home and went to enjoy life with other guys in the cities of _____ and _____. One of the pastor who visited us last Friday gave us each a copy of the Serpent’s lie and fall, the beautiful oasis, the portal in the wilderness that have encouraged me and given me a good future. Since then i have not yet put them down. Brother John, i have no exact words that i can use to express my joy in Christ. My friends in here like _____, _____, _____ and _____ sends greetings to you and please never forget to pray for us. .

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad…. First, I send my greetings to Mum and being thankful in the Lord that Mum is recovering although there is still slight problems. I believe she is on the process for healing. I wanted you to know that I traveled today to _____ so that I may attend the interview tomorrow. Please pray for me! I will write or text you then you know how It went with me immediately after interview. My friends promised to send money through you once I am accepted to come to Omaha. I am coming to tell people what Follow me ministries has done in Africa and how your committed life has been a blessing to souls in Africa. Number 21 work for interpretation into _____ and_____ printing was finished and I went with it here in _____ for distribution. It is a wonderful teachings that everyone will love to read and be blessed. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Pastor John, I was given copies of the Pamphlets -( God deals with the reality of sin and its consequences). From my heart, i will update you after finishing reading. Moreover, i will share other copies to my neighbors. Thank you brother.

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  Dearest Dad, How is the condition for Mum? I was told three weeks ago that my stomach is developing cancer. For this time, I am looking forward to support the trip of brother _____. Please let me know when he is prepared to visit you? Pray for me as i am praying for you and Mum.

FROM NORTH AMERICA VIA AFRICA:  Dear my brother John, How is sister Mary doing? _____ was in my office this morning being unconscious after the visa application rejected. Applicants are refused under _____. This is normal. May be the consular officer wanted _____ to demonstrate to the satisfaction that he will return back to _____ after temporal stay in USA. Remember that this refusal is not permanent. He has many chances to come to USA. If he receives another invitation letter from you, he can reapply immediately. He left today in my office some boxes of booklets from Follow me ministry for distribution. Peace and blessings!

FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dear Pastor John, Lord is good who has helped me from my life falling apart by leading me to Follow me ministries website. Lord, thank you for i have received strength out of much stress of numberless things in my family that i were been not able to handle them. I trust God and appreciate you. There is much peace and healing in my family by the help of your website. God protect and bless you.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear Pastor John…I want to start by thanking God who has been watching me in the hard times of my life that i have passed through since my Dad died when i was __ years old. Dad, left us with Mum in a broken home. I and Mum ended up doing a business for drugs. I still do, but she was a kind loving soul who cried herself to sleep for the better part of her life. The adventures I have been through are unbelievable. We went life to sleeping hungry with no food, to nothing but a glass of water. I later found out my mum was HIV positive and I was forced to live a difficult life, and when she died people say she repeated my name over and over and it breaks my heart to this day. Right now I found God through one of your booklets entitled God deals with the reality of sin and consequences. He is so wonderful to me. I have learnt that life with Jesus is sweet. God bless you.

FROM SOUTH AMERICA: Dear brother John, It is a great pleasure to write once again. Somebody here in _____ this morning she has given me the Pamphlet God deals with the reality of sin and its consequences. To say, i am more than blessed than the first pamphlet. God is doing something new to my life. It is wonderful that your ministry is mentoring my life. John, i pray to see you one day!

FROM CANADA VIA AFRICA:  Brother John, Let me take this chance to thank you for your heart. God is good who brought _____ to my way. He has been a real friend and a committed servant. Please it is so hard for _____ people to be granted a visa to US. There are hundreds of applicants who are attending the interview daily at US Offices but very few do receive the visa. Brother, I understand well what happened. Your two letters had all required information except one missed hand signed signature. However, it also depends what type of visa one is filling and the purpose for the visit. As you know there is 20 types of visas. Another point, they asked _____ to show Bank account statement which he missed it. This is important. We have asked him to Apply once again! Thank you for the new teachings GOD DEALS WITH THE REALITY OF SIN AND ITS CONSEQUENCES. Already, i sent my booklets to _____ for distribution. Extend my greetings to your family, Follow me ministries Pilot group and Adat family.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear brother John Marquez, This is _____ from _____. We are here excited for what the Lord is doing in this last days. Your website is so helpful than i can tell. I personally i have directed my friends to witness God’s working power over the website. Moreover, this later teachings that some of my brothers received a booklet God deals with the reality of sin and consequences .. very excellent. Many the Lord bless you as you are bringing his truth known around the world.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Brother John, Glory! Glory! More, more, more copies of God deals with the reality of sin and consequences are needed in _____. I have send today a message to _____ to come and meet with a _____ store here in _____ willing to distribute our teachings, where so many go to request your teachings. He left the teachings with them sometimes back. Can we pray God of harvest to bring or touch more people to help reach this hungry souls in Africa searching for the truth???

FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dr John and Mary, My wife is still alive. The process was successful. She is scheduled again to be cut another _____. Your prayers is very important.

FROM ASIA:  Dear senior director John and Mary Marquez, We deeply appreciate your printed teachings work done in _____. You can’t know how they are happy those souls who have been blessed through your devoted life. We started printing your teachings from the site and enjoying distributing them to people and other different ministries here in _____. We speak well of you and the far God has brought you. We ask you to visit us. Hope to hear from you brother.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Brother John, We are writing from _____. We are more than happy and blessed too for reading your booklets. Only after death can resurrection appear 22. Pastor _____ from _____ received as he said ___ copies and mailed to me this copy. I am grateful for your revelation in the message and pray many shall be blessed. God bless!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear Pastor Marquez, There have never been books like this. Can it be possible for you to visit _____? We feel the presence of God as I’m emailing you. Welcome! My husband and children together send greetings to you in Jesus precious name.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear sister Nancy, Dad…I am OK! I have been sick but thank God that i have started working. Praying to visit soon!  Dad, how is Mum doing? Love you!!Daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Dad…it is my hope that you, Mum and the family are doing fine in the Lord. Greet them for us. Tell Mum that she is in our prayers. Shalom! Son

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  Dear Dad, I am so excited to hear that Mum is doing well. I was told by one of my brother here who has been in _____ that getting a travel visa especially for young people is too difficult. You need to contact someone from us who is staying in _____ to join him into the interview in the near future. I encouraged him to try and knock until the door is opened. I will visit…Thank you for the recent teachings. God is using you to bless _____. Amen!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad… How are you/? Has Mum started to walk herself? God is so good. We are praying for her. This week, we are prepared here for the Holy Saturday services. I have been invited by our friend in FMM to go and preach at his Church at _____. The orphans and the Church and my family are all fine in the Lord. God bless

FROM AFRICA:  Dear servants of God, Greetings in Jesus name. Thank you so much for your wonderful website of which we have passed over and i have found your ministry through browsing and it has touched us much that is why we have seen that we contact you to partner with us here in _____. We are small group of people who are separated for the gospel of Christ, and we pray that you number us in your ministry and assist us teaching materials and bibles and also we have __ Orphans who are with us. Keep on praying for us and we wait hearing from you our dear.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John, It is a great honor to hear from you times like this. God’s hand and His grace is upon Mary’s life. Surely, He loves her and cares for you all. You are our friends in eternity. We run to join the work you are doing. We are really excited and praying much blessings!! Shalom

FROM NORTHERN EUROPE:  Dear Dad, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! We are so thankful to hear that Mum has started doing things by herself… Please we have received the __ boxes of Only After Death Can Resurrection Appear, each box with ___ booklets that are printed in _____ by _____. Somebody from _____ who is a _____ missionary distributed them to us. This shows us that God is doing great through your teachings. God bless!

FROM EUROPE:  Dear Rabbi John, I am from _____. I am more than happy always to learn new things on your website. You are of a great blessings to my ministry. God give you strength to accomplish your vision. Love you! Shalom.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John and Mary Marquez, Jesus came to give us life but always Satan is a liar John 10:10. ‘This booklet broken people in a broken world and only after death can resurrection appear came on my way when thoughts of suicide were still coming to us – this bondage was broken after i finished reading your above lovely booklets written in Spirit. God bless you as you are leading many to eternal life in Jesus Christ. Brother,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Good evening! Receive greetings from your sons and daughters in _____. How is you and Mum? Now, i can see your booklets from _____ being spread all over my country. There are hundreds of them transported into _____ by _____ last week. Praise the LORD that souls are saved and lives are restored. Your son in Christ,

FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION:  I am glad today to cerebrate the passover and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is soon coming to take home his beloved children. Please John, your site is great…Amen!!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, How are you today? I am back from _____ where I went to attend the passover and resurrection services together with Follow me ministries friends. Oh, the meetings were great. Two families surrendered their life unto Jeshua our redeemer. God is doing more than our thinking. There are souls in Africa that it were not possible to be reached without Follow me ministries. Please keep running…I have been at the printing press today and I’m traveling tomorrow to _____. Praise the Lord that He is spreading His word through Follow me ministries. Thank you for obeying the voice of God. Your sacrifice has restored millions back to our dear Jeshua. May God bless you!  Pray also for the work here in _____. God has started giving us a new direction. Others have began constructing permanent churches in their area using the name Follow me ministries meeting for fellowship worship at every Saturday each week.  Again, pray for this ___ orphans who are under my care and in need of food. They depend from me and I depend from God. Yes, we all depend from God. Amen!!  Extend my sincere love to Mum and your Dad.  Shalom forever,