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Dear Ones,

May you be blessed and encouraged as you read this month’s letters.  I know I sure am!  The magnitude of what God is doing in our midst is nothing short of amazing!  Our precious FMM family is in 86 countries and territories! Blessed be God who has done and is doing a marvelous work, more than we could dare ask or think! (Ephesians 3:19-21) As I see the scope of the FMM family continuing to grow in totally supernatural ways, my heart fills with awe and wonder.  Who but God could do this?

Do you remember reading in 1 Corinthians 1:27 that God chose the foolish and weak things of the world to confound the wise and strong?  I think we’re part of that -­ we are a Blood Covenant bonded group of people whose only resource and connection is our Living God.  We live all over the world, we are from many different countries, tribes, tongues, languages, social strata… you name it.  In what the world calls ‘normal’ there is no way such a group would not only come together, but stick together and love one another.  But our God’s ways are so much different than the world’s.  No wonder He’s so praiseworthy!  No wonder He can do things such as what’s happening in and among us!  No wonder what’s impossible for headless humans is a breeze for us!

And the reason it works is because it’s not us doing it.  We’ve learned to forsake our former headlessness and radical independence; we’ve chosen to reconnect to the Head Himself and to become His Body here on earth.  And so as we continue to yield ourselves (and our lives and circumstances) to Him, He is then able to do whatever He desires.  And He desires that none should perish but all would come to repentance and faith (2 Peter 3:4).  As you read this month’s letters, I exhort you to do so prayerfully.  Give thanks to our Beloved Bridegroom for the precious ones He met and wooed and provided for.  Intercede for our family members who’ve shared and allow Him to knit us more tightly to one another.  That kind of commitment to each other, I believe, can be a precious love gift back to Yeshua, fulfilling his prayer in John 17.

With my utmost love and appreciation for each and every one of you,

Your sister Nancy

FROM EUROPE:  Dear John, Thank you sir for your teachings we received here through your books. I am a bishop over _____ ministries at here _____ and my ministries are extended up to _____, _____ and _____. Your message contains life and truth. Excellent work for Jesus!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA: Dear sister Nancy, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I hope you are well and doing the work of the Lord. I certainly appreciate you for your hard work in providing the Follow me family news and home letters for those Christians (like me) who are truly seeking God and His Word. I have found your work to be sound testimony and doctrine thorough and most comprehensive. After reading your [John’s*] book Removal of sin rescue 3 with my bible study group. You have made available the materials and I appreciate it very much. But I’m putting your work in a binder to give to the group. Thanks again for all that you are doing for Gods people. [*Note – I know wasn’t going to edit our mail but did feel the need to insert John’s name as the author of the book mentioned… Nancy]

FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA: Dear Pastor John, Thank u sir. This is _____ in _____. I am a servant of God saved and called for the ministry – _____. A Church member working with _____ brought to us 4,093 different copies of books that she received from _____. I write to congratulate today for the good work and wonderful message. Tell us how we can be a blessings to your ministry?? In Jesus name

FROM AFRICA: Dear Pastor John, I am coming from _____ working as a _____. This is to let you know that I have been reading some copies of your books that are distributed all over the city. The studies has changed my heart. Please thank you.

 FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA: Dear brother John, Praise Our Lord God and Savior! I praise Jesus and His work among us, using His vessels like you, pastor John and Mary, to transmit the Wonderful Word and Message of God, in these days of much despairs on the whole world. I found in the Pamphlet your work, and down loaded all the lessons and intend to study those teachings in my free time. Thank you very much, and May our Savior and God continue to bless you and family and your ministries for Jesus. Hope to hear from you.

 FROM AFRICA: Dear Rev John, I came across your Follow me ministries booklet while visiting my neighbor in _____. To say that I’ve been richly blessed and challenged by your studies is an understatement. I love Bible teachers who are ‘hard’ where the Bible is ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ where the Bible is ‘soft’. I have downloaded all your studies and hope to soon be financially able to print out all of them and bind them. I know that God’s revelation to man is incremental and that the revelations in the Bible are inexhaustible. Please update your studies as soon as new lights come. God bless you and all your readers richly.

 FROM AFRICA: Greetings Dad. How are you doing there Man of God. Long time. Thank you please _____ we love you and we are praying for you there. We thank God for pastor _____. Yes we received your book from _____. Many pastors here in _____ loves your book. Thank you we love you. Please pray for us. Thanks.  

FROM AFRICA: Dear brethren of the Body of Christ the Follow me Ministry, Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. It is a great pleasure for me and the church to write to you in this morning trusting that you are fine and moving in the power and anointing of the Lord.  On Behalf of the church and ministry board I send greetings to you all. My name is _____ I do represent the _____ Churches _____ and _____. I am the founder of the Ministry and I am blessed to visit your website today. While passing through Internet search, I came a cross to your website and I was real touched to write to you and ask if you can affiliate with me. My Ministry is independent is not joined to any ministry or organization, but through God’s help we have been able to extend out boundaries to other countries Like, _____, _____ and _____ as well to _____. I therefore ask for any of your consideration of affiliation or partnership. Give our best regards to all as we hope to hear from you too

 FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION: I am sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you could just point very simply and basicly to some book or scripture to help me deal with an addiction that i am trying to get past.

 FROM AFRICA: Dear precious servants of God Holy greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord, savior and redeemer. Grace to you and peace from our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. I’m writing from _____ and it was by the grace of our Mighty Lord that I visited your WebPages via the internet and was privileged to find your contact. After prayerfully reading your pages, I was spiritually charged, moved and thrilled since I came to realize that we shared a common faith in the Lord. We’re a young growing Ministry whose major aim is to plunder hell to populate heaven. By so doing we practice Bible studies, Prayer and evangelism to various areas to meet and restore more lost souls. Besides the Gospel, we are involved in pity and compassionate ministries. I’m making a humble prayer request to our God that He may touch your hearts that we can be in partnership since we’re all brothers and sisters born of Him. And this I pray all discernment; that you may approve the things that are excellent that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ. Secondly I could love to send you an official invitation letter to those who’re in the ministry that may be touched to come to _____ this year. It would be great for you will have a chance to teach your sound doctrine to us, preach, baptize and also establish your mission work here in _____ . There’s only body and one spirit, Just as you were called in hope of your calling, One Lord, One faith, One baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all in you all. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy for we are hoping to be in fellowship with you. Being confident of this very thing, that “He has began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” just as it is right for me to think this of you all since I have you in my heart. A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings Glory and Honor to God! We wish you God’s blessings for time and eternity, make you complete in every good work to do His will as ye faithfully labor in Him as you look forward to extend your love to us. May the peace and grace which cometh fro from Jesus Christ who hath loved and gaveth us everlasting consolation be with you. I you wish to send us any books that can help us spritually, i will appreciate very much together with my Church members. Please,use the following adress.

FROM EUROPE: Dear Rev John and sister Mary in the Lord, I just happened to receive your bible study booklet known as the conflict between the children of light and the children of darkness No. 11. I just started reading it and I’m in love with it. I like the style, the persuasive approach in presentation, and so on. I see some things that I believe will help me plus my ministry here in _____, Thank you for your effort and your love in making this much needed material available also free on line. May God bless you.

 FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad John, The orphans in _____ who are under my care were able today to receive your money $______ through a man of God. He told me through phone call that you sent him $_____. This money will help to buy for them medicines for sick orphans and food. What you have done today to save lives of them can not be forgotten by us all. Tell Mum and other friends for the great they have done. _____ has also done great work of spreading the gospel in _____ through your printed books.

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Dear Nancy…Thank you for the letters from home. The introduction life and call of brother Timothy has touched my life. It is a blessing to me. Now I have a Christian FMM site I can get all the resources and information I need. GOD bless you all !!!!!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: Dear brother John and Mary Marquez, I’m thankful for Your Pamphlet, 12. The Genesis – Exodus revelation is for today , what I’ve read so far is an overwhelming refreshing shower to my spirit. To discover a ministry that focuses on loving God is so utterly a confirmation to me. What could be more important…yet it seems few discuss this..the God’s creation plan of salvation from Genesis Could we ever learn enough about loving and knowing Him?…Fathomless depths. Thank you for your precious hearts. What you are teaching and sharing is the single deepest need in this world…in the heart of every living soul, Sister _____


 FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA: Dear brother John, The Lord made it possible to received a box of 43 books that has leaded us to know you and FOLLOW ME MINISTRIES! The material on your website is awesome. Glory to God for faithful servants! Brother _____

 FROM NORTHEAST ASIA: Dear servant of God Pastor John, This is a short story from my life. I was raised in church all my life, but somewhere between being lonely, and hurt from all the painful things that the Devil put in my life, I got out of church. I was on drugs, and my life was falling apart. Then one of your booklet, “Naked before God” directed me to dear loving God, God delivered me from all of this bondage. I have never been the same. I have messed up a lot, but I have forgiveness and grace. The love of Christ is so sweet. And the power he gives sustains my soul . He is a wonderful savior and I thank him for all he has done.

 FROM EUROPE: Hello brother John, “The time and effort you sow through The boot camp training of Moses 7, The conflict between the children of light and the children of darkness booklets into reaching thousands upon thousands of people globally has and continues to touch lives and edify the body of Christ. I am thankful to God and to your Follow me ministry work.”


 FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA: Thank you brother John for God using you as a good vessel to motivate our lives to have intimate relationship with God and His son Christ Jesus. I am really happy for your response and looking forward to talk with you.

 FROM AFRICA: Dear Rev John, You and your wife Mary you are doing a great work in _____ for teaching the living word of God through your books that are published in _____. I am living in _____ and being one of the people this books has helped much and with all of my churches. Know that we are your sons and daughters, praying for you and loving you. Please as you visit _____, try to stop at my ministry here in _____ in order to receive our beautiful brotherly smile!!!

 FROM AFRICA: We were part of receiving the discipleship training from the Follow me ministries since August 2012.We are so glad that you were in praying for Follow me ministries . I know our seed is always planted in good soil when we tithe to the work of God. We are expecting God to move and do great things in our lives spiritually and financially. The FMM is the best part of living in _____ and it has changed our lives. Thanks for being there! May God always bless you and your family!

 FROM AUSTRALIA: Thank you Pastor John. Am witting from the state of _____. You are a wonderful servant of God. God has raised you in this last days with full of darkness to lead others to know God through His word. Your Pamphlets and books are special gifts from God to us. They have changed my home completly. Brother, press on!

 FROM SOUTH AMERICA: Dear John and Mary, I met the first Follow me ministry booklet * Naked before God* and God spoke to my life in a wonderful way through it. I was so excited, because I had been crying out to God to show me a way to tell people about Jesus. In 12 years of being saved I had led only two people to the Lord. So when I attended a conference that was held near my town of Pastors/leaders, again, one speaker used the same teachings from this book to teach, at that moment my life changed forever! I knew this was why I was on the earth. This was what God created me for. This was His call on my life to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.”

 Since that day, I have prayed the prayer of salvation with over 56 people. Soul winning, I have come to realize, is not only a calling (to all Christians), it’s a passion and a lifestyle. In April/2012, God called me into full time evangelism. Am thankful that I have been receiving a Follow me ministries training through your all teachings on your website for fulfilling the call of God on my life. Follow me ministry is an unprecedented training ground to launch students into worldwide ministry. As a student I have stepped out of the gray zone, shed false doctrine, searched my heart, returned to solid basic doctrine, plumed new depths and heights of knowing the Word, and come into a radically wonderful relationship with the Lord. It has been the most riveting, the most necessary, and the most awesome experience of my life. I am deeply indebted to Pastors John and Mary Marquez, the Follow me ministries staff, and all those at The Follow me ministries headquarter at Omaha, who have so sacrificially poured into my life. Thanks be to God, I shall run my race and finish my course, and by His grace, I shall finish strong! Once again, thank you brother John!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John and Lady Mary, Greetings! I have been blessed this morning to be given your 10 small booklets with subjects : 13. God prepares moses to face the impossible, 13. The conflict between the children of light and children of darkness 11. and others. Among the two are interprented in _____ and I do not understand them. The teachings are good and needed in this last days to lift and build the body of Christ. Thank you. Please, we pray that the Lord may have us in your heart. We need you to come and work with us through meetings and bible study. Hope to hear from you.

FROM SOUTH AMERICA: John, Thank you for allowing the Spirit of God to use you, I stay in _____ and my home is from _____ . I have been following your teachings on printed books. Thank You for the word you gave there. We have never been asked to pay money all the time when we receive the books. Thank you for your sweet spirit. This ministry is a real blessing to me and to many souls globally. I am traveling back home to _____ and I wanted to go with some copies of the printed Pamphlets and booklets from _____ for my people there! I am waiting to receive them from a brother in _____, tomorrow. I have forgotten his name. Brother John, Is there any way that we can be a blessing to your ministry?

 FROM SOUTH AMERICA: Dear precious brother John, I personally thank God who brought your teachings on my life that has now directed to know you and your Website. I am from _____ and working in _____. I will travel home this week BUT looking to tithe soon to FMM. I do not have my own laptop but wanted to go home with your printed materials. I was told that brother _____ is coming here in _____ with the booklets. I am here waiting him since I will depart soon. I will be in touch with you brother.

FROM SOUTH AMERICA: How did this booklets that is published in _____ managed to have its way to _____? Brother, I can see, God searched my way and wanted to help me to be his child. Help me also the email address of this young Pastor from _____. I want to write and thank him. Tell me when you get time about how this books are published.

 FROM THE CARIBBEAN: Dear Pastor John, Can you come and help us spread the good news of Jesus Christ!!!! My ministry is located in _____. A missionary provided us your Pamphlets and we have been using this copy for our Church bible study. However, we do receive Spiritual help from your website (Follow me ministry) May the Lord bless you for His work that you are committed doing. In Jesus name! Your brother, _____

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: I left my heart open after the gospel of righteousness nailed at my heart. I have been praying and waiting on the Lord about. It is always so encouraging to know that the Lord is working out His plans and purposes, even when things seem stalled. Thank you for your passionate heart that is so evident and refreshing.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I love you and Follow me ministries. I love also Follow me ministries family wherever there may be found. You considered my suffering some days back that went to and turned to be a testimony which has brought many souls to Jesus Christ in my country _____. For me to be alive today is because of Christ through you. God called you with a purpose and here today he has connected you with many friends outside USA. You are a friend to many! Tell people at Omaha, Nebraska that _____ is doing fine and FMM is growing in _____. My dream today is that after this course, God is going to bless this ministry with money so to reach many souls in the 4 corners of the world. Thank you.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear man of God John, Good evening sir! I have been in _____ for 2 Months ago. The Church where i attend distributed us christian literature and i was lucky to be given a small book * Present danger Idolatry* I believe this book was written from the deeper of your heart and the guidance of H.Spirit. Thank you for all you are doing for God. One day, you will rejoice when you will see people giving out their testimony of how far you brought them to Christ. However, you may remind _____ not to miss coming at _____ tomorrow. Let him pass through my office. There is somebody who will transport them to _____

FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA:  Hi, my brother John, I am _____ old and never saved by Jesus Christ. I always attend a Church, give tithes, worship and praise and well respected by people but never been saved until recently just a line of your writings message changed my life completely. Am excited for this booklets and write today to bless you. Brother keep on the race to win souls for Christ. Yours in love,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… How is you and your family today? I was unable today to travel to _____ with our teaching materials for some people who wanted to share them with their countries as I planned. I will do It as the Lord Provides. Love you all in Jeshua’s precious name!!…Dear Dad, Glory to God! Just checking in… I got an email with funds waiting me. I rejoice always in Him for causing the impossible to become possible. Thank you everyone for your efforts in serving our Father and His son with all your hearts. I was working today for interpreting the file doc. 14 into _____. I wanted to print it and include with others for distribution out to the world through _____. God bless you.

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hello brother John, Thank you and God bless you so much for the work of God through writing to make the Bible to be understood by all in the world. Your books help me daily to overcome the impossible.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Rev John, Great is the work God has/is done through you and your books and may He continue to equip the entire globe with your powerful Bible teachings to enlighten humanity. Shalom!

 FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Dear Pastor John, The God prepares Moses to face the impossible booklets has added to my understanding (both natural and spiritual) tremendously. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and generosity. i will share it with as many people as I can.

FROM AFRICA:  Thanks for spreading the message of God’s love and salvation. I am one of those who love reading about your booklets, Pamphlets message for all times. You are doing a great work friend! May you be blessed.

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  This is _____ the wife of Pastor _____ again writing. Hope all is well with you. We are sincerely thankful for your great email. I can’t be able to tell you how much this email and your ministry work has touched our lives. Kindly, we will be in touch with you. Keep praying and send our deep love to your dear son in Africa.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad and Mum, It has been long since we talked… How is you and Mum? I am always busy working except Saturday my day for worship. I have been thinking of you in my heart. Please, Am writing you from _____ being on my way to _____. Dad, among the called and annointed servants, here you are the one! He Himself made a way for your preachings through teachings that are right now reaching people and touching their lives far and wide. Everyday, I travel out with copies of your booklets to every destination of the world for distribution. The Bible says that this living word must be preached and heard by every person then the end comes. I am thankful for the efforts of brother _____ who brings copies every week in _____. I and my company we are blessed to be a part of what you are doing for the Lord! Amen!! Greet for me Nancy of Letters and news from home! Well done!!!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John, First, I wanted to encourage you and let you know that God has used you and your teaching and books in a great way in my life to correct me. I am using your teaching and books to bless the church-plant that He has called me to Pastor as well. So thank you brother for your faithfulness to Him.

 FROM AUSTRALIA:  Dear brother John, Your email has touched my heart. God has given me a new vision to pray for your ministry! You are not alone! God is going to increase you and bring finances to run the work. The way has been opened, expect to receive God’s blessings, blessings.

 FROM EUROPE:  Dr. John, I have greatly appreciated your work and can say that you among a few others were used of the Lord to lead me into Discipleship training in order to reach the lost world. I will be praying and supporting financially your Follow me ministry. So, thank you again brother! May the Lord bless your work!

 FROM ASIA:  Dear man of God Rev John, I wasted my richness on the world pleasures on my life without knowing God of Yashuwa! As God is going to bless me again, I will start to donate to your ministry. It is through this ministry that has given me light out of the full darkness… Shalom brother!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi, brother John and sister Mary… I want you to know that God is speaking with my heart to pray for FMM. If this is the case, Please expect to receive from Him. Blessings

 FROM AFRICA: Thank you so much Dad.. God is good and moving Africa to love Him. I am soon sending you pictures from the revival meetings where I was invited to preach by a friend Pastor out there in the community. This is the last days where everyone is looking for a good way to get fit and stay in shape with people rather than God. These days needs a prayer committed life servant and self disciplined disciple to stand on the gap.. I am happy with your life and your heart to reach the world with the gospel of Jeshua through FMM. God bless you! Love you all. Greet for me Mum. Son

 FROM AFRICA: Dear Dad… Hope Mum is doing well today! My health is good and back to my normal works. God is good and always working to bless our lives. No more pains on my breast. Thank you for your prayers. Daughter

 FROM EUROPE: Dearest brother John, You are always in our prayers! Everyone hear who has listened to your teachings appreciates very much your good work. It was wonderful when we received on Tuesday in _____ a box with 68 booklets – 14. FAMILY BECOMES A NATION from _____. I think brother _____ is doing a good work of distributing your teachings globally. Amen. Brother, our work for printing and interpreting your teachings into _____ and _____ is doing well. I am honored to teach the word of God through pulpits in my state. God is using you to bring light on the dark world. Thank you and God bless!

 FROM AFRICA: Dad.. Your daughter _____ from _____ Africa sends greetings to you being on my way to _____. I understand that there are about _____ miles away from this country to reach your home in Omaha, Nebraska? Anyway, I will see you soon! There are only 1692 copies that remained and I will share them all. Greet mum and Nancy. Your daughter who loves the most,

 FROM UNKNOWN LOCATION: Dr. J&M, You are welcome! Pray for me today God to do a miracle to my wife who is scheduled to be cut the right leg too night. She is suffering!!

 FROM EUROPE:This is brother _____ from _____. I am more than happy for your website. You have helped me personally to grow in faith through your teachings. Family news and letters from home are such a blessing to me and I think to everyone who has a desire to study the word of God. Thank you.

 AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN FMM EUROPE AND FMM AFRICA:  Dear brother _____, How are you doing in the Lord there _____? The Lord has you in my thoughts and I write to request you for your prayers. Last night, the Holy Spirit troubled me to make a trip and meet my sweet Pastor John and Mum Mary with other so many friends in Omaha. The fly cost from _____ to Omaha, Nebraska for round trip is $_____. Currently, I do not have money for this trip but I trust God who connected us and desire to meet him face to face. I plan to visit them on _____ next year 2013. I will love to hear from you!

 Dear brother _____, Your dream is true!! The nations of the world has John’s testimony through your hard work. You need to meet face to face with him and more others who knows or heard about your work in _____. I love to look some money for your trip to Omaha,USA. We will talk soon.

 Dear brother _____, Thank you for your kind words. I am more than happy to know that you will be praying for me and my desire to greet my loving Dad and Mum in their home at Omaha. Please any donation assisting for my trip, send it through Him. He will get them to me. God bless you.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi, This is the most anointed Pastor that i ever encountered in my life. I am so proud to call John my Pastor, and I love so much. I never knew what it was like to really know God until I came across the books from Follow me ministry. His living by example, has shown me that possibilities are limitless when I live right, pay my tithes and offerings, and praise God. I am so proud of My Pastor, and all the great doors opening in his life, he inspires me. I think the entire world needs to experience the message of Pastor John once for themselves and they’ll experience a move of God that they’ve never experienced before!!!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dearest Dad John… It was good to hear from you. It is my hope that one time in His time, we will meet face to face. I know _____ will be the first to visit you in your home earlier next year 2013. Maybe I will a company him, who knows? We will love to see you dear servant of God. Your work has been known widely and people wants to meet you from all over the world. I was happy to met with a brother and his wife who said that he knows you. The man is from Nebraska. He is working in _____. I can send you his email if you want to write to him. He respects you so much. Blessings


 Dear Ones, I’d like to close our Family News with two final blessings.  First of all, you may recall that I had recently shared with you my request to share a sister’s poignant story and she has graciously agreed to recount His amazing grace and mercy for His glory and to encourage the FMM family.  So the following is her story and then we’ll close out this month’s Family News with a note of encouragement from John. He wrote this in an email to the Omaha group earlier this month and I believe that his words are an important and timely exhortation for the whole FMM family.  Love, Nancy

FROM EUROPE:  Dear Pastor John, I am writing to thank you and your Follow me ministry for the messages you write on booklets. At the beginning of this year I was a bruised and broken individual, my marriage had fallen apart, and I was consumed with anger. Eventually I became so bitter, I degraded myself and no words can explain the shame and humiliation. I had no reason to live. I prayed everyday that I would die. Until, through the grace of God, I came across your two booklets – Broken people in a broken world and The two human races.

 Today my marriage is on the mend and I praise God. Through your printed messages, I learn’t God STILL loves me, no matter what I have done, and that He has not written me off. That there is nothing he cannot restore and resurrect. Though things are still not perfect, we have come a long way. what they used to be. I still struggle with the self hatred because of what I have done. Sometimes I have felt like God is on holiday and forgot about me. I know that is not true. I have to look forward in hope, for there is no condemnation for those in Christ. This is my due season, I am pregnant with success, hope and revival for my marriage. I am approved by God despite my past. I confess the same words you preach in the books.

 Thank you Pastor, for allowing God to use you to save lives. Your sacrifice is not in vain. I pray for you and your family and congregation all the time. I speak abundance and wisdom in all your ways. Please advise as to how I can get hold of your messages that you write on your books.

 FROM JOHN:  Thank you so much for your prayers, personal input and faithful cooperation. As you can see and are experiencing personally, Father is really up to something. We keep seeing more and more obvious signs of it on an almost daily basis.

The impression I keep getting is of a rushing river of ‘Living Water’ as described in Ezekiel 47:1-12…coming into and out of God’s New Covenant Temple of His Presence. God is invading the realm of the Serpent and is inevitably dispelling his Darkness…with the invincible, relentless Light of His living Word, who is our Lord and Master.

He is drawing more and more people and as they approach it and step on the slippery banks, they slip into the water and the ‘current’ does the rest. The speed and force of the current are steadily increasing…and the roar of the falls can be heard up ahead. When we go over the falls, we will finally know what the purpose and destiny were that all that time, God was setting things up and getting us ready for in the past. It has been leading up to that climactic moment when we will all reach the falls…and the awesome destination that will come after we go all the way over. Hang on to Him very tightly!