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Dear Ones,

 I my quiet time this morning, I was again reading in Colossians 1 our brother Paul’s exhortation to the church in Colossae and it so touched my heart because I feel the same things Paul did when I think about our FMM family all around the world.  I’ve copied verses 1-12 below and ask that you join me in letting our hearts be washed by the water of the Word as it ministers Father’s heart to us and about us…

“Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, to God’s holy people in Colossae, the faithful brothers and sisters in Christ:

Grace and peace to you from God our Father. We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people — the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel that has come to you. In the same way, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world — just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace. You learned it from Epaphras, our dear fellow servant, who is a faithful minister of Christ on our behalf, and who also told us of your love in the Spirit.

For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.

I can say a hearty “Amen!” to Paul’s words and so can the rest of the home base pilot group.  We do thank Him for you and the sweet smelling savor of what your yielded lives have accomplished regardless of what the enemy has tried to do to derail your faith.  You are a beautiful reflection of our Lord and I thank Him for allowing me to know you.  I so look forward to the days, whether here on earth or later on in eternity, when we can embrace one another and share face to face all that our God has done, giving Him all the glory due His matchless and marvelous Name!

You will recall that our FMM family took a pretty big hit this month as several of our precious brothers and sisters went home to glory earlier than expected all because of the senseless violence perpetrated in the Nairobi shopping mall by men who had been caught up in the snare of the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

Yet what we experienced, even in spite of this great evil, was an even greater opportunity to praise His holy Name this month because He has been teaching us to know and rest in the Reality that His Word is true.  And because we know He can be trusted no matter what, and because we do indeed have the promised abundance of Yeshua’s grace and peace, this month’s family news is still filled with great praises.

As you read the following emails, you’ll notice that Father clearly carried us by the same grace Joseph knew as he expressed it to his brothers in Genesis 50:20: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”  Even though we have suffered heartache and loss, we have seen and proclaim God’s comfort, provision and grace was more than enough – overwhelmingly so.  What a wonderful God we serve!

In His love,

Your sister, Nancy


FROM AFRICA:  Dear Family of God the Father, Greetings from _____ in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, hoping that all is well with you there where you are. First i thank our Lord for God for giving me such wonderful opportunity to go through your website where by i have found great things!! The Lord is doing in your ministry through you! i pray that God continue to use you more effectively in this end time to reach more lost souls to Christ Jesus by the such true Gospel. I, therefore am very much interested to join hands with you if you will accept our requests for Affiliation. We are a young growing ministry that needs a mentor, in our ministry at this time we care for __ total orphan children, we teach them to live for Christ’s Character, we also teach and train our church members in order to make more disciples for Christ Jesus Kingdom,we are a church planting ministry focused to preach the gospel and reach more lost souls in rural & urban areas where God will send us to take His gospel. We have to follow our Lord God’s directions. I please request you to partner with us through your prayers & if your ministry is blessed with some Bibles, training Christian books for the children, Adult and youths or for church leaders, also if you have any articles for Evangelism work , please you are welcome and feel free to send any help you have to us, you will be of great help to our ministry and you will be appreciated. May the Lord God bless you, our postal Address are _____, my mobile phone is _____. Hope to hear from you soon please! Yours in Christ,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear beloved teacher John, I printed this email and shared it to the family at home in _____. Thank you and know that Yeshua has connected us together. We missed the materials? We request you to visit _____.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…How are you today? We trust that God will make everything to be possible for you especial this time Mum needs health help. You are a gift to us in Africa. You have brought about a change for many who were been walking in darkness through what God told you to write. We rejoice our Dad for God putting us together for such a great time of success. Know that you are not alone… Praying for you! Your friend and Son in Y`eshua,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  John, over ___ books on the third day at Mt. Sinai, and the two edged sword were mailed to me by a friend in _____. Even though i have learned teachings from different writers, this books adds a new dimension and brings even more revelation. It has powerful truths. I will use It to teach my people about the loving God. Thank you for this excellent teachings tools.

 FROM EUROPE:  Dear brother John and Mary, You can not know how powerful is your website teachings and testimonies. I can liken you to Paul. His words were truth and burning up to day. You look to be a strong man of God full of faith through your photo on your booklets. Please keep on…

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Something is happening in Africa since your teachings started to be distributed that you may wish to discover. It has brought revival, conviction, joy, thirst for the word and readiness to act on the word. People have taken interest to know what Follow me ministries is all about. Thank you for sending your teachings to make sure that the people are saved. You are fulfilling the great commission of Yeshua “Go into the world and preach to every creature” that Africa is a part of the world. There are many films of some tribes worshiping people, snakes, stones, mountains, trees etc. that have been shown out that Africa is so bad, that they should be forgotten from the planet earth. Really, “God has not forgotten Africa.” I thank God who gave you a heart for teaching the word of God that has brought a difference in the lives of Africa people. I praise God also to know that there are people out there with a heart that is crying out for Africa to be saved. We just welcome them all to visit and be a blessing in God`s work.

 When God saw that the earth has no form, empty and filled with darkness; “The first thing he declared to appear was “THE LIGHT” which He called “DAY.” He separated the day from darkness. Africa must be separated from the darkness that has filled it for so long time. God has done his part but it remains our part. Many parts of Africa still need this great light of God. It is time for Africa. Isaiah 60:1 rightly says “Arise, Shine: for your light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you”.

1. The light of Africa is come.

2. The glory of Africa is come.

3. The sun of Africa is risen.

Just like the wise men from the east, look up and see the “STAR” of Africa in front of you. Arise and move to Africa and see what you can do. If you cannot go, your finances or material things can go for you. Africa is open to the gospel now! 2 Corinthians 4:6 says “For God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Light has power, let it shine in Africa more and more unto the perfect day. Proverbs 4:18. With love, Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How is Mum? I had a technical problem with my laptop. Please apologize for the delay to know how Mum is getting on. I know It is painful but God will never leave you alone. I am in _____ and believe that we will meet face to face on this life. Other Saints there and _____ in _____ are doing awesome work in the precious kingdom of God. While millions of Africans claim Yeshua the Messiah as their Savior, most of them are considered largely unreached. I hope this is the hour for FMM to go and bring them into the kingdom. We wish so many Saints to come in and help with the work of printing.

 [Note from John: _____ is referring to the running tab that is created by our ongoing printing costs. The printing company owner and staff have been deeply impacted by the booklets _____ asked them to print. At first it was ‘cash and carry.’ But now the company is eager to help ‘spread the word’ to all parts of the globe, so they allow _____ to run up a tab so that more and more booklets can be printed. The owner of the company had the idea to have all of our Genesis meditations compiled into a book. We didn’t ask for any of this.  So _____ is hoping that more and more people will be willing to help out with the printing costs so that we don’t place too great a strain on the precious people that run the printing company.]

 FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad for the information about Mum. It is this morning that I switched on and listened to her voice once again that was recorded in my phone during the call conversation we had together with you some Months ago. It was really, really nice. She is a minister of God in His kingdom who is always ready to serve lives. I wish America was close to me like a neighbor so that I may visit Mum. I understand her painful situation but trust that she will be infection free soon. I recommend antibiotic therapy. We wish her having good nights sleep. Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…it is our prayer that Mum is doing well. How is she today? _____ University together with _____ supported the printing cost and I am travelling this evening with thousands of FMM teaching copies to _____ for distribution. More copies will go this time to _____ and ______.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear the Servant of God John, Glory be to God for what we have received from your website especially what FMM is for and is not. I recently met with _____ who has been touched and moved to start a fellowship under this teachings. Hope he has written to you. Somebody known as _____ from _____, who is also a _____, distributes your teachings freely to us. I like that. Tell me what is needed to be one of your distributors. Brother _____

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST VIA AFRICA:  Dear John, Truly this is the work of Father’s Holy Spirit! We had awesome meeting yesterday with _____ here _____ as we introduced two new _____ from _____ and _____ to him who joined Follow me ministries team. A great number of our teaching materials including Adat news were given to them for distribution. How is sister doing? We always thank God for your lives ask for speed recovery. Thanks a lot! Your friend,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Shalom, Shalom! How is sister Mary doing there? Our Father is merciful and able. Be encouraged in Yeshua name! We appreciate what you and Rav Nate are doing. We are under your teachings. God bless you!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, We continue to pray for healing and strength for sister Mary. It is good that our Father has promised in His word complete healing through His stripes. We are greatful for the gift of $____ USD we received from _____ for FMM printing cost. We also printed the materials worth $____. We informed brother _____ about this gifts, who came on Sunday morning and went with the teachings materials at _____. I received back his phone call yesterday that God has blessed once more FMM with two _____ with their trips to _____, _____, _____. Brother, know that we love our customers and ready to share their needs. We value you more than anything. God bless.

 FROM AFRICA:  Thank you beloved Dad for the money you sent to help printing and traveling expenses. It is great working the work of God in your life… teaching, reasoning, affirming, encouraging and exampling. Through your obedience, the Holy Spirit is using your work to touch millions of lives. Really, this world needs great spiritual leaders. Praise the Lord who is the source of everything for the FMM Africa network. I am sure that the procedure will help Mum to get healed completely as soon as possible. God bless her doctors. Amen! Shalom

 FROM ASIA:  Dearest brother John, I am a new member in Follow me ministries from _____. First, my family and working staff sends greetings to you. Currently, I`m employed as _____ in a company and was introduced to you by one of your booklet entitled God`s word invades the serpent. This leaded me to know _____, _____, _____ and many others. Therefore I am interested to work with you through sharing the message in the booklets and distributing them on my trips away. I speak blessings on your life. Keep on writing brother…!! Love you! We love your website. Finally, may the Lord bring much strength of healing on the life of your dear wife. Your brother,

 FROM NORTH AMERICA VIA AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John, I am from _____ working as a _____ in _____. I came to know _____ last year November, 2012. I`m excited to see him today. Thank you for the new teaching the two edged sword. Brother… Powerful inspired teachings. Thank you and God bless you and your prayer warriors.

 FROM NORTH AMERICA VIA AFRICA:  Dear brother John, How is sister Mary? We received today from _____ Follow me ministry booklets here in _____. He is in the other office talking with somebody who wants to know what Follow me is all about. I will send you an email may be late. Peace and blessings

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  John Marquez, I am a _____ and have been receiving some of your teaching copies left in my _____ every time. In the beginning, I was been annoyed by this article as well as putting it in fire without reading even one letter. It was Monday morning when there were very few people visiting , my wife had time to read one and amazingly this article challenged her life until she showed us the message. Long story…. We found lost forever and we write kindly, _____ to forgive us and request your spiritual care. We need you urgently brother. Looking forward for your urgent help. Brother

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you for the love you have in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the Nations of the earth. The work for printing it is doing very well in _____ since millions of people have no access to the computer internet. Give Mum our love from _____. In Him,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad… We strongly believe that God does miracles. He can do anything, anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Through excellent medical care and treatment, and extraordinary prayer and fasting from Saints, God is going to heal Mum completely. Hug her for me and _____! Your friend Daughter,

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  John, Thank you for being an excellent teacher! Your teachings are very important and it is not easy to find teachers of the Word like you. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to write and print all teachings in your booklets. We are much interested to work with you. Have a great day

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi John and Mary, I wish I’d had a chance to meet you in person and thank you for your helpful teachings. You are a fantastic preacher. Thank you for connecting with us in _____ through your books. Blessings and Peace

FROM NORTH AMERICA VIA THE MIDDLE EAST:  I am working here with a _____ company as a _____. I will be home on _____/2014. Your booklets are supplied by some people from _____ who travel here daily for work. I like them because it talks about my relationship with Jesus. No politics or anything else. Be blessed brother.

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear brother John, I am writing this email from _____ in the Middle East. I am a _____ and a _____ who belongs to messianic congregations. I was more than happy to receive a copy of your booklet whereby there was also Adat news, which was included inside. You are my teacher and I request you to mail me many copies as you can so that I may share them with millions who are dying every day without Jesus Christ. I long to talk with you again. Sister,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hey John, Thank you for the book, the two edged sword. Everyone was running for them when _____ on the _____ were distributing them. In my mind, I thought this small booklet was showing people how to defend themself from the bloodshed, shooting and fighting 24 hours here in _____. One word for you to know is that Christians situation is more worsening than before. Bible teachers, Pastors etc. are persecuted. To have your booklets… it is a great advantage. Try your best please to pray for _____ Christians faith to grow and help to send more, more, more booklets to help end encourage us especially at this time. Hear the cry…!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dad… I wanted to let you know how much I and wife _____ appreciate everything you’ve done to help Mum`s situation there. The impact of your help is so significant and I truly can’t thank you enough and will forever grateful. Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I have been thinking about Mum since yesterday. Hope God is increasing her health every day. Do you know that your teachings are helping _____? A soldier in the war has a true testimony to tell you. He has chosen you to be blessed like Abraham. Greetings again Dad, we are now started taking _____ services to _____ for about __ weeks. I’m scheduled to go there this week. We are in need of the teaching booklets as the distribution team is increasing. Glory be to God.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Thank you. We were here with my wife moved by the Holy Spirit to pray and fast for the ministry and your family… I wish i were with the world richness and invest into saving souls. Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Peace and blessings brother John and I`m always so touched by your teachings. There is a strong presence of God on your teachings to our loving Yeshua. Thank you so much for taking the time for your beautiful and awesome teaching. We will never forget your love to _____ and the heart of Yeshua. Receive greetings from my family. In Yeshua,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Good morning! How are you? This is to inform you that we received again __ boxes of Follow Me ministries bible study teachings here _____. We received also Adat news small article from Adat Hatikvat Tzion congregation. I shared some of the booklets with my sister who is married in _____. She loves our dear Yeshua together with her family. Thanks,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John and Mary Marquez, It is a BIG relationship between us in _____ Africa and your Follow me ministries website. Praying for you and your work in writing. Have a great day John!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Sir John, We are thankful in the Lord that your beloved wife she is improving. May the Lord who is our refuge comfort her despite the acute problems she has gone through. Yes, we received on September, __, $_____ from _____ whereby we printed the booklets and were given to _____ in the next day for distribution. It is a blessing working the works of God. May you be blessed eternally. However, the next printing is ready waiting.

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  John, Receive christian greetings from _____. I am writing this email with deep feeling thanking you and those whom working with you over there requesting your continued love and bible study. For some who have no freedom here, Your teachings is like our Pastor preaching and praying to us. Thank you and may you be blessed writing. Brother _____

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, For the last __ days ago,I missed to check in my email until today. Thanks! We had been fasting for the FMM in Africa. We never knew that we will be a blessing to others for we are nothing. This is all about God. He chose to connect you and Hope of Zion congregation with us to accomplish together His work on earth. Dad…what comes from your heart raises up a strong fire for everyone seeking the righteousness of God. We sincerely love you. Tell Mum that our Lord loves her very much and has the best for her. Your loving daughter,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Brother John, Thank you once again for your efforts to reach us in _____ through your books. We are working to bring you in our nation. We look forward to connect you soon as possible. Peace!

FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Hi Pastor John, Among the Bible teachers in the world, you are also awesome servant! I will need to talk with you as I am on the process starting a bible correspondence course. Kindly keep me with my team on your prayers. Hence be blessed by our mighty God and welcome to _____ in Caribbean Sea. Have a nice day!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…How is Mum today? Surely, it has been hard year for us all…But always the moments that seem insignificant prepare us to the moments that are most significant. We are not broken but running towards the eternal mark of life. Hallelujah! Amen! Be glad, people of Zion, rejoice in the LORD your God, for he has given you the autumn rains because he is faithful. He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before. Joel 2:23. I`m going to speak at my congregation tomorrow and will be visited after the Shabbat service in my house by a local minister who wants to be saved. Praying traveling to _____ on _____ evening. Father bless you all, with His Love. Amen! Son,

 FROM AFRICA regarding the terrorist attack that took place in Nairobi:  Dear Dad… Thank you. It was true that the Islamic terrorists aimed Non- Muslims and allowed the true Muslims to go out. I received a call in our morning earlier hours today that __ of the members including orphans at brother _____’s congregation in _____ were killed. These members were working here at Mall shopping center where the attack took place. These were the people _____ was using to distribute our FMM teachings. Please pray for their families and also for many _____ who were been wounded. Son

[Note from John:  So it seems clear that the powers of Darkness have FMM in their sights and have begun to manipulate their dupes into doing harm to our Family. And now we have taken a serious hit…right where all the action has originated.

So, dear ones, I ask you to realize the seriousness of our current situation. FMM is a ‘boot camp’ type ministry that is geared to help, as the Lord prepares His Last Days disciples for spiritual combat with the enraged and very desperate demonic powers. But now, it’s no longer just training. The actual combat has begun in earnest. It’s ‘Show Time’!

So I ask you to begin using your personal and corporate prayer closets in earnest. Don’t just pray for yourselves and your own personal interests and comfort and safety. Pray for our Lord’s Body. Be Father’s earthly ‘Points of Entry’ and ‘Bases of Operation’ on Earth so that His Word and His Spirit may establish and maintain direct links of unity and communication and supply between His Perfect Eternal Treasury and Armory in Eternity…and all of the situations and circumstances of our common Covenant Family… that God has deployed and stationed all over the face of the earth.

Pray that we all may be found faithfully obeying orders at our posts…when Father tells His beloved Son that it is time for Him to make His Ultimate Grand Entrance to initiate His Return. At that time, it will be the terrorists, and others that have rejected God’s living and written Word that will cower in fear and trembling! In His Eternal Shalom, John]

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad and friends in the Lord, How are you? We are sorry to inform you that we lost our two orphans and 5 members of our congregation through the Islamic terrorists attack in _____ yesterday Saturday. Please we need your help and any support in order to help bury their bodies. Once again, God bless you all! Your brother in Messiah,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear dad, First, how are you doing today? I wanted to let you know that I arrived at _____ 3 hours ago and I have been able to share to people all the FMM & Adat Hatikvat Tzion news (article) that I received from brother _____ yesterday in _____. Please, I am also so sorry for our friends who were been useful in both FMM & Adat Hatikvat Tzion networking there at _____ who passed away due to the Islamic terrorist who were looking for Christians on Saturday. It is so painful to loss seven people from _____ Church. _____ is very well known as a good Pastor with compassion for caring born and left children. He collects them every morning from his church gate and takes to nurse and feed them. I was told that this two orphans followed one of the 5 dead persons from his church for she went with them and wanted to do some shopping to them. We are all sorry! I will talk with _____.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, This is to inform you that my brother _____ lost some members of his church through terrorists explosion happened at _____ on Saturday. He is a nearby neighbor and always working together serving God. He is the one who introduced me to FMM and Adat Hatikvat Tzion congregation. Our prayers are with him. We are meeting in his Church tomorrow evening…Christ’s love,

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad… Your words always are medicine to everyone. I appreciate your efforts to help. I am also thankful for friends from FMM who do not know me but wrote me through _____ who has forwarded me their word of encouragement, especially to the families that lost their people. The deceased bodies will be transported to their original home into different parts of the country. I will give you the full schedule soon. _____ is still with me here at _____ because he was asked to help heal those who were wounded seriously by one hospital that knows him. Thank you all for thinking and praying for our help. May the Lord bless you. Shalom,

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Pastor John, Sorry to read of what happened at _____. We are trying our best to reach Follow me ministries in _____. Thanks!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How is your family today. Hope Mum is recovering. Praise God! I am out of the hospital recently and I can not forget to thank _____ who has helped me a lot during my time of sickness. He comes along to pray for me and buys medicines for cancer. I am OK today. I am being sorry for what happened at one of our FMM Church at _____. I have nothing to give them except $____. I will send this small help to _____ through ______. Daughter,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, Due to the recent terrorists attack that also touched your ministry in _____, I am sending my donation to help the families $__ to _____ this evening. Yours,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Despite of the outside attacks of the enemy, God remains to be so faithful, so loving, so present and moving in fulfilling His decreed word. Dad.. I am still in _____. My classmate friends asked me to help working to heal wounds by therapy. I will be back home tomorrow. Glory to God that I received some support from FMM family in Africa for the families that has been left back. _____ $10, _____ 25.00, _____ $50.00, _____ 50.00, _____ 40.00, _____ $20.00, _____ $50.00, _____ $50.00, _____ $10, _____ $10.00, _____ $13.00, _____ $15.00, _____ $11.00 I am sending the above money to _____ right now. He and his congregation has an Urgent need! God bless you all!! Love, Son

FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Dear founder John, It is a blessing to read from you. Please I am interested in your website posted teachings plus Timothy testimony and planing to use it when starting a bible correspondence soon. Anyway welcome _____.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you for your prayers. Yes, there is emergency need here and I am more than happy to receive from FOLLOW ME MINISTRIES Family in Africa $_____ USD through the hands of brother _____ today. I have already shared the funds with the families left.. Still we are praying for more help… I will continue to update you at every step we go here. Blessings

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, May I thank you to appreciate your forever compassion and support to help us during this tragedy time. I heard from brother _____ that you sent to us $_____ but we have to wait for 3 business days to be received. Please, you never know how much you have been close and help at this emergency time. I will send you an email for updating you today… Thank you and God bless you! Shalom

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad.. Thanks once again beloved Dad! Is Mum doing well today? Extend our love and prayers to her It was painful this morning when I visited the mortuary to receive a body of my brother who was also a church secretary for burial at his home in _____. The funeral for him will be tomorrow. And the other Four bodies will get out of mortuary tomorrow for burial at their various homes on _____.. The two orphans will be buried at our Church ground since their parents or neighbors are not known on the same day _____. We all appreciate your hearts and Love in Yeshua. Forever Love,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I was leaded by the Holy spirit this evening to read the following scripture verse…Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4 Please Dad, you cannot know how much you have been of A GREAT help to your children in Faith here Africa. May the Lord bless you richly. In Love, Son

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear John, I thank God for you and the work you are doing through teaching the word. We received about ___ copies of the two edged sword and Israel on the thorn flesh. Its very inspiring books. Keep on brother! Jesus is coming soon!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you so much for thinking well of us. We are happy that we are not alone now. Your support must leave a mark on many lives of _____ people. It has delayed to reach us but we pray we receive it as the bodies are scheduled to be buried tomorrow. Yes! the needs are high but still thanking and depending on God… ! God bless! Hope to hear from you soon! Your son,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  John, I have read over and over everything on Follow me ministries website and I write once again to recommend to everyone that this will help you to awaken the seeds of greatness God has placed inside you. The passion of this man of God is to empower you and others to discover your value, purpose, and the amazing gifts you have to offer the world around you. Thanks John and all working with you. I can see in your booklet that your ministries is linked to Adat Hatikvat Tzion congregation, Please, praying to connect with you more!! With Jesus love,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John and Mary, Let me start by thanking God who brought me in your way to help me be saved by knowing Him personally. It has been amazing relationship since your teachings connected me with God. Again, somebody from _____ has mailed me another small book called God deals with the reality of sin and consequences. Brother John, Is there anyway I can be a blessing to Follow Me ministries?

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved founder Pastor John, Hope all is well with you over there! I would love to work under the FMM Overseer in _____. If possible, please connect me with him. Thanks.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I am very thankful in the Lord to hear of such testimony. Glory be to God that He is working amazing things through FMM of Africa. I love to receive my sister _____ from _____. I will send her my email later today. Thank you a lot.. With Love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Glory! Glory! Glory be to God! We have got no words to express our kind appreciation for receiving your support of $_____ through brother _____. Thank you so much. God bless you, FMM and Adat Hatikvat congregation. I will later send you a report of how it has been used. Blessings