Yeshua Messiah is the promised way through our problems. Everyone needs to come boldly to God’s throne of mercy. His name is I AM, not I WAS. If you have seen Him work in your life in the past, believe that He will do so in the future. Do you think your problem is too hard for Him to fix? Nothing in your life is impossible with God. The Scripture says there is no clutch of the devil He can’t break.

Pour out your soul to the Lord today to absolutely change and transform your life. If He provided for the destitute widow, for the demon-possessed boy, and for Jairus’ daughter, He can provide for you. Our God can fix anything. Nothing is too “dead,” or too far gone, for him to restore to life. He’s saying, “My son, my daughter, put your trust in me to fix your problem. It’s never too late for me to work!. I’m talking about the death of a marriage, a relationship, a dream, – anything in your life you think is impossible to fix, change or restore.

We serve a God who does the impossible. He is able to fix it for you. He can fix any physical or mental or emotional challenge that seems too much to endure, any family crisis, struggling with your faith, any overwhelming need. Yeshua tells us, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke18:27). Do you believe this word from the Lord? Do you accept that he can perform the impossible in your marriage, in your ministry, in your family, on your job, for your future? Whatever your circumstance, having a firm foundation in the word of God will lessen your load. Praise God who gives the victory through our Lord Yeshua Messiah.

Brother, Timothy