Statement of Faith

The Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the one and only true God. He is the sole Maker, Provider, Sustainer, Protector and Lord of all Creation.

He exists eternally in three persons — The Father and His Living Word (Son) and His Holy Spirit. Each is a perfect manifestation of the one God and God’s manifestations abide in a perfect, eternal composite unity.

Everything God does for and with Creation, is done through His Living creative, sustaining Word. The Word is God’s perfect image and likeness and contains all of His Fullness. To know the Word, is to know God who speaks acts and reveals Himself through His Word. To reject the Word is to reject God who reveals Himself and His ways through His Word.

The Bible is God’s Spirit-inspired, Self-Revelation, written in the words of men. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were chosen and commissioned by God to obey, demonstrate, teach and share His Word and His Covenant and His ways, with the rest of mankind.

The Bible reveals the activity and significance of God’s Living creative Word, from the beginning of time to the end. It reveals that God sent His Living Word to become flesh and enter human time and space history in the person of Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth. He is Israel’s promised Messiah, who fulfills God’s redemptive Plan for Sin-corrupted Creation and also fulfills all that is prophesied and written about Him in the Bible.

God is, by nature, Self-less Love; that is, His Love is bestowed upon, and benefits, His beloved ones. And He created all humans to be His image and likeness, so they could always share in the Glory of His Perfect Fullness and Wellbeing. Thus He imparts inestimable value to each one and regards and interacts with each one from the perspective and motive of His perfect Plan, which He effects out of His Perfect Love, Righteousness and Justice.

God requires His image and likeness humans to be living manifestations of His love nature. Thus He commands us to align ourselves with His Living and written Word so that His Word can impart His love nature and its fruits into our human hearts and lives.

Because of deliberate rebellion against God on the part of Satan and the other angelic beings that joined his rebellion, a conflict rages in the heavenly realms and throughout the Earth, between the Kingly Authority of God’s Living Word and Satan’s radically independent rebellion against his Creator. Satan deceived Adam and Eve, the original human beings and also persuaded them to join in his radical independence from God. And because they rejected God’s Word, they separated themselves and all their descendants from their sole source of Life. Thus mankind fell into the state of spiritual separation from God and physical mortality as a result of Adam’s rebellion against God.

God sent His Living Word to Earth to take on human nature in order to represent all of mankind before Him, in an eternal Blood Covenant that God made with Himself. And, as our Representative, the Word of God is commissioned to be and do everything needed to reconcile, redeem, regenerate and restore humans to intimate union with Almighty God.

God’s Word, Jesus Christ (Yeshua of Nazareth), was born of a Jewish virgin named Mary (Miriam). He lived a Sin-less human life and represented mankind as God’s innocent sacrificial (Passover) Lamb. He willingly took all human Sin upon Himself and offered Himself in full atonement to God, on mankind’s behalf. Because He is true God and true Man, if humans believe and come under the authority of His redemptive mediation, He reconciles them with God and they can enjoy and draw from the benefits of His Perfect Finished Work of Redemption. Thus the Word of God frees humans from satanic domination, from Sin, from Death and from all of Sin’s other consequences. So, to be joined in Covenant union with God through His Word, is to be delivered from our original state of Sin-full radically independent rebellion against God and from Sin’s eternally lethal and destructive consequences.

If men reject God’s saving Word, they retain their Sin-guilt, remain spiritually separated from God and thus remain, lost. That is, they will never be able to fulfill their true image and likeness of God nature, purpose and destiny.  The Bible reveals that there is no other way for men to be redeemed from Sin and its eternal effects, except by faith in and reliance upon the Messiah of Israel and His finished work of Redemption. No human can earn personal redemption and salvation or achieve them by any other means. Trying to be ‘a good person’ merely by self-effort and will power, or by association with the ‘right’ religious group or movement or theology will avail nothing. What the world considers to be personal merit and achievements will save no one. And neither will having a certain genealogical lineage, ethnicity or association with created religions or organizations. God will not respond to self-improvement disciplines and other personal sacrificial efforts to gain His favor. Salvation is a pure gift from God. Only obedient faith to and reliance upon His Living Word and the atonement He made on the Cross in the name of all mankind can cleanse, restore and make men worthy to be received into God’s Presence, free of Sin-guilt, condemnation, shame and fear.

To show that He fully accepts the sacrifice offered by His Word (Son) God raised Jesus from the dead and restored Him in His glorified incarnate state, back to His original divine status in God. There the risen Word of God reigns with absolute Authority as humanity’s Covenant Representative Sacrifice and intercessory High Priest before God’s Heavenly Throne.

God’s Holy Spirit convicts men of their sin and draws them to His Word –  Yeshua, (Jesus) the Messiah. The Spirit of God draws men to true repentance of Sin and saving faith in the Messiah’s finished work. The Redemption imparts membership in the New Covenant that God promised to make with Israel through her prophets. The Spirit equips and empowers men to believe, obey and fulfill God’s Word, by becoming one with His Word (image and likeness). He regenerates their spirits, unites them with His Spirit and restores their original image and likeness of God purpose to eternal fulfillment. Thus He equips and empowers regenerated humans to know and understand God’s spiritual Word and walk in His spiritual ways. He transmits into them the perfect eternal Life, Character, Disposition and Obedient Humanity of God’s Word, their Messiah.

The death of the mortal body seals the eternal destiny of every human being. At the final judgment, those that rejected God’s saving Word will be separated from God and receive the deprivation consequences of their rebellion. And those that believed and obeyed God’s Word will be allowed into God’s loving Presence…to receive the full eternal reward of their faithful obedience.

The Holy Spirit imparts to the regenerated spirits of true believers the ability to share in and live from their Messiah’s indwelling Resurrection Life. And in the fullness of time, they will also share in His bodily Resurrection and its Perfect Humanity. And because they share spiritually in the eternal Life of the Messiah, believers serve as sanctified living members of His world-wide Body on Earth. The Word’s indwelling Resurrection Life sets them apart from the rest of men, and frees them from bondage to the Death-consequences of Sin. The risen Messiah lives and operates within them and equips them to live and operate at levels that surpass all temporal earthly barriers and discriminations of ethnicity, nationality, gender and culture as well as the barriers created by nationalities, generations, political and financial divisions, social castes and religious sectarianism (See Galatians 3:23-29).

The ultimate purpose of God’s Word, as He works in our midst, is to bring God’s Heavenly Kingdom down to Earth and to expose the lies of Satan and to destroy his works. Because God is one…those that believe and obey His Word are progressively entering into the full reality of being God’s image and likeness. Therefore, they too will live and operate in God’s love, as one with God and with each other, to God’s eternal Glory.

There is a day determined in God’s eternal plan, when God’s Living Word will return once more to Earth to consummate human history and usher in the ultimate fulfillment God’s plan and purpose for all of Creation. Thereafter, God will live in the midst of men in the New Earth and His Living Word will be pre-eminent over all of Creation and, with those humans that are one with Him in Spirit and in Truth, He will receive the full reward of the sufferings He underwent on mankind’s behalf. ————————————————————————— As we receive specific inquiries related to Scriptural topics not included above, we will incorporate any questions, and our responses, on the Letters from Home page.