Brothers and sisters in the Lord, I know that you are facing many painful trials in this life. We all are. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Yeshua Messiah.

Beloved, take hope for Yeshua has overcome the troubles of this world. While we are waiting on him to meet us in our struggle, He is working out a deliberate, divine, eternal plan for your life. You are not forgotten nor are you ever without hope. Have faith and stay in peace knowing that in the eternal plan, it is already worked out. Cease striving and rest. Your God will not fail you. Hallelujah!

It is easy to lose hope when your troubles surround you. Uncertainty and doubt can fill you with fear especially when there seems to be no way out of your pain.

Yeshua told us in His word that we would have many troubles here on earth. He knew the times and what was to come. However, Yeshua also wanted us to know that despite our problems, we can stand firm knowing that he has overcome the world. He is the Hope of all things impossible. He is the restorer of dreams and the power to overcome. There is nothing that can crush a true believer because all the force of heaven lives in the heart of those who belong to Messiah. A royal army stands ready to fight for you. Your weakness cannot stop your future. There is no impossible situation that can stop His purpose for your life. Yeshua gives you victory over all of the obstacles that stand in your way. He has given you life and he will take you to the end of your life according to His perfect plan.

No matter what troubles or addictions that you face in this life, remember that Yeshua has indeed overcome the world and all of its struggles. Put your complete trust in Him. By surrendering your weakness to the power of Messiah, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The truth is that we are all weak in our flesh but we have hope through Messiah. He will provide the way out so that you cannot be destroyed by your struggle. He is always the strength you need to overcome. We are told in Scripture that God’s power is manifested through our weakness. We have been made victors over all of our battles when our trust is in Messiah. He is the only power you need to conquer all that comes against you. He will not fail to take you through your pain and bring peace in your life. Nothing is impossible through the One who paid the price to give you an abundant life through every storm. Yeshua is the strength to overcome all that comes against you. Because Yeshua never meant for anyone to fight their battles alone.

Brother Timothy