Letter from Timothy – October 2016

Kindly read with me from the book of Acts, chapter 27… Here it explains in detail about Paul’s trip with other passengers on board a ship heading to Rome and the strong shipwreck that occurred on the way. Surely, life is full of storms but they weren’t alone – and you are not alone either. There are many others who are going through the storm of life and those who have gone through the storm. Never be afraid to reach out to your fellow passengers. God uses storms to teach us how to help others who are going through (and those who will go through) storms.

We read here that God told Paul that the ship, cargo, and all lives would be lost; Paul still prayed. God answered Paul’s prayers and spared the lives of everyone on board. Hallelujah! Therefore, no matter how bleak your situation may be, continue to pray. Just as God took care of Paul, He will take care of you. He will see you through the storm because He cares about you and He cares for you.

May God bless you and keep you safe as you go though the storms of life. May He guide you down the path of life according to His will. May you come into a deeper relationship with the Lord and a deeper understanding of His word and ways. May you come to obey God in all situations. May He fill you with His love, and teach you to love Him the way that He wants you to love Him May He keep you from sin and show you the escape route out of temptation as you sail through life.