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Dear Ones,

It’s hard to believe we’re beginning our fourth year together already, isn’t it?  Our amazing God has done so very much in us and among us these last three years! And I am convinced that we are about to see more and more of His awesome majesty and might as the days progress.

Everyday news is getting more and more dark, foreboding, and hope stealing.  We see so much more barbarism, more selfishness, more hatred and more cruelty that it would be quite natural to begin to think untrue thoughts about God, especially if you’ve never met anyone who truly knows and embodies Him in all His glory… like truly crucified disciples do.  Our FMM mission here on earth is to always lift Him up, to glorify Him, to demonstrate by our own faith in His unfailing Covenant Love and Faithfulness that He is REAL, RISEN, REIGNING and RIGHT HERE…ALWAYS.  We have the privilege and honor to be His ambassadors in this dark world, and to reveal Him to those around us in each and every day and circumstance and relationship.

Let’s think again for a moment about light and darkness.  If you’ve ever had occasion to be in a cave without light, you can relate to the term “pitch dark” – in that situation, you can literally hold your hand inches away from your face and not see it.  In fact, you see nothing at all but black darkness.  Then, even something as small and insignificant as the flame from one little match can penetrate it.  Beloved, we are so much more than small and insignificant matches in today’s world.  We are Light bearers.  We are the ones who have the privilege of revealing our Great God in the midst of mind boggling situations.  We are the ones who can speak unshakable, unwavering Truth in the midst of all the lies the enemy is promoting among the peoples of the earth.  We are the ones who see – really see – Reality, and know that the Kingdom of our God will always and forever overrule the kingdoms of this earth – and the kingdom of evil.  Darkness always yields to Light, so let’s let our lights shine ever brighter and brighter.

In last month’s Family News, I began by sharing a gift from our dear brother, Denny, as we remembered him once again.  This month, I want to share with you all my love and appreciation for another of our brothers, a faithful disciple and servant of the Most High G-d* – Patrick MacDonald, fondly known as Mac.  He has made significant impact on the Adat and FMM families since he and his household moved from Wisconsin to Omaha to join us.  In fact, the whole household is a huge blessing… it’s an unusual household in today’s society – two couples, each with children, who share life together in one home.  And in that choice and commitment, they model true Covenant level love and care and deference to one another.  They all are a treasured gift to our congregation, each contributing in ways that reflect our Father’s goodness and glory.

Mac’s contribution to FMM has been, and continues to be, his design, oversight and maintenance of our website.  He does the same for Adat’s website, established the congregation’s web presence through live streaming, and trained others to handle that responsibility so that friends and extended family around the world can join us in worship each Shabbat.

Mac is content to work behind the scenes, not drawing attention to himself or looking for any kind of accolades.  But I am here to tell you, he has garnered a love and appreciation from all of us in the Adat family.  I know many who are reading this have not had opportunity to meet him, so let me tell you a little about this treasured brother and friend.  He’s a big bear of a man, former special forces, a rough and gruff man who never ran away from a fight (and usually won each of them).  He’s also one who’s been tamed by the love of G-d* and who teaches and honors His Word, unashamed of the gospel and standing for Truth, even if alone in certain situations.  Mac and others regularly post Biblical Messianic teachings on the website FLMILW.org (Full Life Ministries International Living Waters**).

[Notes –

*In Hebraic tradition, the words God and Lord are never spelled out completely; instead they are written as G-d and L-rd out of reverence for His holiness.  Our brother Mac is a Messianic Rabbi who prefers to stay within in that context and for that reason, as I write this portion of our FMM Family News which focuses on him I wanted to honor his preference as well.

**Follow Me Ministries has a specific mandate and calling from the Lord to focus on the area of discipleship – we do our best to model and teach others what life looks like when Yeshua alone is our Rabbi, King and very Life.  Therefore, our publications are designed to point people to Him and Him alone.  That is why we rarely recommend other teachers, websites and ministries.  Our goal is never to lead people to one teacher or another, but instead to lead them to THE Teacher, Christ Himself through the Person of the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh).  We mention Mac’s ministry above simply to let you know of an affiliated ministry to FMM and Adat… and to honor this dear brother who has given/is giving so much to further the Kingdom of our Beloved Yeshua.]

I have devoted this section to sharing about Mac so that you may have a greater glimpse into the rich treasure he is, and to be able to pray in the Spirit and with the understanding as you stand with us here at home base while we pray for Mac’s total healing and restoration from the stage 4 lung cancer with which he’s recently been diagnosed.  He’s in the care of some very gifted oncology professionals and is keeping his eyes on the One who holds him in the palm of His Hand.  I’ll close out this intro by sharing some encouragements he shared recently on Facebook:

I am going to ask a serious favor of all my friends and acquaintances here on Facebook. I know that many of you will be well-meaning and have great intentions, but please refrain from sending me posts, links and emails to cures, treatments, herbals, and phone referrals etc. I WILL be deleting those posts and emails etc.

My Oncology team includes great resources and helpers that have tons of information including Natural/Herbals. I am already using some Melaleuca products as approved by on Oncology team. We here at the house have prayed this through and we are going to follow the advice of my Oncology team.

I know you mean well and I thank you for your concern. What you can do most for me is to hold us up in prayer and be support as we need it.

Thanks you all.


So let’s remember to not only uphold one another in these days, but also our national leaders.  We must be faithful to be the salt and light we’re called to be so that when all is said and done, we will have had opportunity to bring many others before His Throne and watch our Beloved Yeshua receive all the glory that’s due to Him, our Lord, our King, our Redeemer and our God.

In His matchless Name and for His glory,

Your sister, Nancy


FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hello brother John. I am grateful for the good work. Thanks for the larger bags of your Follow me ministries teaching materials that our organization received on the Christmas holiday as a gift. God bless! I wanted to appreciate for Letter from Timothy. This is a strong inspired message and I recommend it to everyone. Is it being posted Weekly or monthly? Please let me know! Your fellow servant,

FROM EUROPE:  Thank you Dad… I am excited for this. How is your family? I miss very much reading a word of encouragement from Timothy??? Blessings.

FROM AFRICA:  Brother John, How are you? I think half of the world likes your teachings. Actually this is the most lively, humorous, touching and helpful work and teaching ever published. May the Lord bless. Have a great day! Your sister,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Pastor John, This is your brother who is one helping in the follow me ministries materials distribution networking. On this Holiday, I distributed more than ____ copies around the world. I always ask people If they have a room for only one follow me ministries book, it ought to be John and Mary Marquez’s teaching. This book is perhaps the most valuable and easy to read and understand. Thanks. In amazing grace,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear brother Rabbi John, I would like to daily interrupt my fellow friends and proudly share to them the most amazing news that my good friend Rabbi John Marquez teaches This are the best booklets that the world needs. His work is fantastic! Let’s go and support him. Yeah! Nancy, where is Timothy letter for almost 2 months? Shalom! shalom !

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hi Pastor John, I got so many awesome new books for Christmas about ___ copies and i felt like they needed to be shared ~ thank you everyone who contributed to ship them into our region. Shalom and blessed new year 2015

FROM EUROPE:  Great books for one to read before you die!!!

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom Achi John….We are thrilled and humbled for your service unto the Lord! Thank you for remembering the poor orphans in Africa during this Hanukkah holiday. Your gift was so much appreciated. We used the balance for the costs. Happy new year 2015. Love you All,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I am glad that mum is doing better every day. I am working for my visit. I pray that the American embassy may provide me a visa. It is very true! I have to wait until God gives me something to send to Timothy letter. Tell Nancy that she had a wonderful revelation when both of you looked for this post and named It as Timothy letter. Many and many people from Africa likes Its message. This is God who is in control of Follow me ministries website… the teaching ministry that is reaching billions of souls around the world. Love, Son

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Hello, I found this website rich with God’s blessings. Timothy does encourage my life as right now I am struggling with heart problem. I am happy for the message therein. Hallelujah!!!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear sweet Dad, We had awesome Hanukkah service. I am so sorry to delay sending you pictures. The person who was paid to do the job has not returned. But, expect to receive them soon as possible. Blessings!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad in the Lord, Hope you and your family are doing well. I am so grateful to see Timothy letter back. This letter is there because of me… Please thank you and your staff. Amen!

FROM AFRICA:  My dear beloved friend Dad and Mum, Time and years always fly, but, the blessings, peace, Love and joy from God Never ends. May the Almighty God give you good health and long life to enjoy His many benefits. May His grace and favor be upon you as you faithfully stand for Him. I ask that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob give you His daily strength and protection for the journey before you in 2015. Shalom, Son & Daughter

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Words cannot express the overwhelming excitement that I feel about your many wonderful support to the poor forgotten children of Africa. Your important work brings a ray of light and hope to many children throughout Africa.  Thanks.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, Hope this email finds you doing well! We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your faithful financial support to pay for the Follow me ministries teaching materials cost over the years. You’ve really shown a true deep commitment to FMM work especially in Africa. On behalf of FMM/ADAT family, I express heartfelt thanks for all you do. We are fortunate to have amazing Dad in our lives who has spent his lifetime spreading the Good news of Yeshua messiah. Thanks a lot… Once again, we are needed to pay for our rents/electric bill. We pray that God may open a way. Please extend our new year warm greetings to beloved mum, Frank, Katie, your Dad and the pilot team and friends. With much love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Achi (Brother) John… Happy New Year! Praise in Messiah that you have leaded souls near and far to salvation through your printed teachings. We trust and love you very much. We are thankful that we continue following what we are learning from you.  Have a great blessed year!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Praise God! You all continue to be strongly in my thoughts and prayer. More and more souls are being won to the Lord daily due to your efforts. May the Lord bless you and your family. Hug for me mum. Hope to see her soon! Once again, thanks for your always help. In Love, Son

FROM AFRICA:   Dear Dad, I have received your funds through a text with a great love and grateful prayers. God bless! You shall continue to be in our prayers! Beloved son,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved mentor and Dad….Jesus told His disciples that the fields were ripe unto harvest, but the labourers were few. Mathew 9:37. 1st Corinthians 3:9 says that WE ARE LABORERS TOGETHER WITH GOD. Wow, what an honor and privilege. We see here that God is at work, trying to persuade people to repent and be saved in Jesus’ name. Glory be to God that Follow me ministries and Adat Hatikvat tzion are laboring for His precious kingdom. Thank God that the living word is going forward.

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, Over ____ follow me ministries teaching copies were distributed here. The materials were translated both in _____ and _____ languages. I am having a trip to visit brother _____ in _____ next week. The agenda will be about the Follow me ministries and Adat spiritual progress in Africa God bless u. In Him,

FROM EUROPE:  Thank you my achi Marquez John and Mary. It’s a small Inspired book but great. An awesome books full of beautiful words of eternal life with our dear Father and Lord messiah. Please plan a visit to our region. I am a _____ and love to welcome you to speak at our messianic congregations.. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Thank you for taking care of your beloved Dad. May God give him strength and courage during this time of illness. We pray for quick recovery. Shalom, Son and daughter

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…You are not alone! The Follow me ministries and Adat families Africa are praying with you for your Dad who is in the hospital that he may feel the hand of God upon him, renewing his thoughts and refreshing his soul. May the Lord show him His forever affection. Sure, your time is needed here. May the Shalom of our awesome Father be with you and with the animals and with your family and with your sister and her family…as you work your way through this enormous interruption. Know that you shall remain strongly in our prayers! Love you Dad! Shalom, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Yes, God has in mind for your Dad. How is his current situation? Is he sleeping well, eating well and taking his meds. Of course, has his memory improved? We have never ceased to pray for mum. I wake this morning thinking them both. I love you Mum more than words can say. Thank you for everything. Shabbat shalom, Son

FROM AFRICA: My dear Dad, How are you today? My family is doing well. God is good. I arrived today at _____ about 2 hours ago. I am blessed to distribute follow me ministries materials out here to business people and other people far. God bless you for doing God’s business. Your daughter in faith,

FROM AFRICA:  God is so good Dad… I am more than happy to hear that your Dad is doing better. In every situation we are to feel that the battle is His. His resources are limitless, Praying for him…I can imagine how mum felt when she laid down out there in the cold for a half an hour. Thank you for taking such good care for my mum. Please let mum know that we love her very much. She has God in heaven, who is stronger and very personal and He is her friend. Amen! You continue to be strongly in our daily prayers. Best wishes to your Dad and my mum! With great love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you John for your weekly support in helping to print and spread the Good news through follow me ministries materials. We praise God for allowing you to do what you are doing to glorify Him. Sorry to hear that your Dad he is not feeling well. Keeping him in our prayers! _____ shared with me one of your emails regarding what happened to my sister Mary. She is very much loved by Africa family. May the Lord give her strength and good health.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John and your team, We received ____ follow me ministries teaching Pamphlets and we here wanted to thank and appreciate this gift so much. We will share some to our friends. God bless,

FROM EUROPE:  Sorry sister Mary for feeling with the flu. Is it so bad? So drink a cup of herbal tea, and pull the blankets over you. Thanks. Dad, I received your word from _____. I know how difficult it is to find money from the Government. We shall continue praying and asking until God opens the door. Have a great day

FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Dear Rabbi John, Thanks to your follow me ministries and the excellent service provided by your delightful staff. Your materials are very special to my church. I would love to recommend your teaching ministry to anyone who needs spiritual help.

FROM AFRICA:  Love you mum. Praying for your quickly recovery!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  I have been most impressed with John Marquez’s teachings both in the truth of the message and the timely and spiritual manner in which John interacts with lives of people. Thank you for the wonderful gift of your books available for those of us who are not on the internet. Thanks and May God bless.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi bro J…, Brother Nate…I`m from _____. Visited my daughter in _____ who is working here with the husband… I was more than happy to visit your office and was highly welcomed by the staff. I enjoyed being here but missed the director who was out to see somebody at the _____. I wanted some literature and training course materials to take home. Can I get them before this weekend? Love your work. I would LOVE to share about It when Am back home.  In Yeshua,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I am praying for Mary’s health to get well. Father has more for her… I heard also from _____ that your Dad is not feeling well and needs now intensive care. His creator shall give him strength… My family is doing fine in _____. Currently, we are experiencing a very hot sun season. It is really hot my friends.

I checked this morning to know If there is any materials to be distributed for tomorrow’s trips, and found that there are booklets that needs to be cleared and then come to _____ today. My family and friends here sends the best regards.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John, Warm greetings from _____. Thank you for another teaching … well translated into __ different languages on (A question for this dying world) which we received in our morning today. We are still waiting __ more translations to come in on the subject. Hope to have out the booklets on this weekend. Thank you and have a good time. Warm regards,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, You have no idea how your small booklet has lifted my life unto the Lord. Glory be to God! Good work.

FROM ASIA:  Hi, _____, from _____, approached me by telephone regarding your teachings on your Follow me ministries website. I was a little hesitant at first as I had already looked into other false teachings. I found you John very helpful and straight up to the God’s truth. Thank you for being online and also through the free distribution of your books. Hope to be a blessing to you in the near future. In Jesus name,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Greetings again! I had a very successful meeting with _____ from _____ on last weekend. This meeting included leaders from FMM and Adat family who are helping me to distribute our materials. With much wisdom and prayer, brother _____ takes a position of leadership on _____, brother _____ on _____, brother _____ on _____ and me on _____ and as well as director.

Brother _____ who has worked a lot for the growth of our ministry at ___ countries, requested also to travel with me If he can be allowed. He said, will look money for his Air ticket and hotel stay while he is there and any expenses needed. He is a true man of God who has shown great help in our ministry net-working. With best wishes, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Beloved Dad, How are you doing today? It has been a busy weekend with me here. The Lord is good. We are a successful teaching ministry in Africa and beyond. Longing to see you soon! Finally, how is your Dad today? Pass my greetings to mum. All are strongly in my prayer. With love, Son

FROM ANTARCTICA:  Dear Pastor John, Greetings from _____. Thank you for your commitment to teaching! And we appreciate for your books (A question for this dying world) that we received this week from a friend in _____. Thanks in translating them into our language. We enjoy very much. Amen! We love you to visit our continent with more teachings. Amen!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, We are very grateful for every support to God’s work in Africa. We received $____ for the printing cost and other $____ went to feed the orphans. We recently had leaders meeting and it was very successful. _____ had a request to accompany ____ on the trip. Yes, he has his own money for buying the Air ticket and other expenses over there. With best regards,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor, I just wanted to thank you first concerning your website. In fact I have gone through it and am indeed interested.  I will share it with my fellowship and friends. God bless,

FROM AFRICA:  Dearest Dad, How are you? You are always in my prayer! I am praying for _____ trip to _____. I`m also praying for God’s will to join him on this trip. Therefore, as a fellow worker and, a Eye witness of the work of _____ and the growth of Adat and Fmm families in Africa, I humble request you and Rav Nate to allow me to accompany my brother. I have my own transport to and fro. And any other expenses while I am there.  I will be very grateful If you will consider my request. Shalom aleichem,

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Brother John, I give you thanks for the abundant and overflowing blessings you show onto the man of the soil through your books, which are printed in _____. Love and touched by your work… Sincerely,

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  I am in _____ with my wife for tour. I am quite pleased to visit your office. My driver who also is a member of Hope of Zion- Adat congregation leaded me yesterday. You are really doing our Father’s will…I am encouraging everyone to visit this work for more spiritual help/ experience!!! Hope to meet you on this life one day God willing. In Christ,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Dad, This is your daughter _____ from _____. It has been long without communication. This is because of my breast cancer. God is good to me always. I am doing more better than other days. I wanted to just write a line and praise God with you for every success in every testimonies received from those people you and your printed materials have helped so far. Kindly continue…and expect my gift when _____ will visit you.

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, Best wishes to you too. My children are doing fine in the Lord as is the church in _____. Thanks for your prayers, love and teaching materials that are helping us to understand well and deep the word of God. Love of messiah,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear brother Marquez, You have a beautiful name! Marquez in our culture means love! Jesus is soon coming! We are happy that follow me ministry through billions copies of booklets distributed here day and night is a part of preparing lost souls in our country for his kingdom. Be richly blessed with your dear staff and family in USA. In the Lord,

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Thank you for your booklets, which are printed in _____. They are more effective in our region. Thanks. Your daughter,

FROM AUSTRALIA:  My fellow servant Pastor John, I was so blessed to be welcomed into Follow me ministries family. I will forever treasure this time as a gift from God. I pray that the Lord continue to lead you and your family into a deeper walk with Himself and that His blessings will be showered out upon you all. Love in Christ Jesus! Again thank you for another materials being shipped and received.

FROM AFRICA:  Dearest Dad, Greetings from _____. Please thank you, thank you so much for your total commitment in spreading the living word of God. More and more are looking for our teaching materials for free distribution around their destinations. Today there were ___ brand new visits but there was nothing left for them. Therefore, we wanted the printer to provide copies today so to share them tomorrow. Shalom Shabbat,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi brother John, Hope you are doing fine in the Lord! Every Saturday of each week, it’s a Shabbat service at _____. The service starts as from _____ – _____. It is being attended by few people because no enough vacancy. So on _____: working on our materials for distribution, Discipleship training and G-d’s plan course. The Holy Spirit continues to grow the work you and _____ started in Africa for the last __ years ago. News for you…Right now, there are new people who are looking to have our booklets for distribution. Some of these are scheduled traveling to _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____ and other more countries of the world. We asked _____ to provide copies and I am told this morning that the booklets are ready packed but waiting the printing cost to be paid. We are very grateful…! Have a great day.

FROM AFRICA:  Dad…I am so sorry to hear about your dog. You need to call the vet ASAP. They ‘ll diagnose and possibly heal him. Just love him. May God’s spirit and power be with you as you are working through the life of your Dad. May everything go well with you there. Oh Lord I pray send a rich person right now to buy the car or the house. You are sovereign and wise and good. I know It is going to be possible to you Lord. And to You be all the glory! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Hi, Rav and Dad……..I will never forget in my life to be thankful in your willingness to invite _____ and his fellow brother in Yeshua. Thank you very much for your great support. Everyone in Africa joins me in thanking you for all what you did. This has been an inspiration to all of us. You are greatly appreciated. Please accept my sincere thanks. Best blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, We have been a customer of your success and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with what God is doing through your teachings. Thanks to the brothers and sisters who are helping you to reach the world with the message of Jesus Christ. This is a special gift we have received. You will be remembered for the next years until Jesus second return. Please notify you that your order is ready and waits for collection. Our storerooms are very small. Can somebody come? Thanks. Your sister,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Achi John, Into some trips we are paying our own money for transportation. Mostly, our teaching materials are freely transported…Praise God! Still, some are awaiting today! Praying for you, your Dad and sister Mary and family with much eagerness.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Shalom Achi Marquez John, ____ wrote to us to pray about your family especially your Dad. We are more than happy to lift you daily. Our people here are becoming more interested with your true and sound teachings. We made an order of your books last week through _____ but not yet received. Maybe _____ will tell us more. I appreciate you. Shalom.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Since you are going through the process… Remember that your spiritual sons and daughters out here are praying together with you, your sister and In law-brother. Shabbat shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you for your prayers. Also, praying for you and your family daily. May the favor of God continue to rest upon you and yours. Have a great success in everything you do or think. Amen!