Our Awesome New Covenant Advantage

Beloved Family… can you even begin to imagine what the Lord’s disciples must have been feeling just after their beloved Lord had been brutally tortured and murdered? Try to imagine how much bewilderment, shock, and bitter hopeless ‘letdown’ gripped their inward parts since the one into whom they’d invested their entire lives and futures had been so violently and brutally taken from them!

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Our Only Way of Escape

Beloved fellow disciples, This critical teaching brings into focus some of the foundational understandings for disciples to learn and apply. The revelations regarding the Path of Least Resistance and Structures – what they are, and how they function – have been real...

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Do Not Be Deceived…

There Are Always Hooks Beneath The Bait   Beloved Family... I recently finished reading Tim Alberino’s book entitled: ‘Birthright’. For me, it proved to be a significant and important ‘eye-opener’. As I continue to process the things I began to learn as I made my...

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