Dear Ones,

I want to thank each of you who have been so faithful in praying for one another and for us back at home base – the grace of our wonderful Yeshua has been freely poured out in so many of our homes and families, covering so many needs, and we continue to receive so many testimonies of His love and grace, once again proving that our God is Real, Risen and Reigning now and evermore.

Like the months before, as you read our August Family News, you’ll see how amazing He is – and how overwhelmingly He is at work among us.  We continue to see people’s lives transformed as He does what only He can do…molding and shaping us into the image of Yeshua.  We are all learning day by day that we can truly trust our God to be and to do whatever our needs may require.  And this is such a timely and important truth for us to plant deeply into our souls because that unshakeable, airtight trust in our God is what will be a beacon of hope to others around us.  As we are able to reflect back His glory and goodness, He will open blind eyes and set captive hearts free… and the end result is that the glory He is worthy to receive will grow as more and more people are able to proclaim His praises along with us.



FROM AFRICA:  Thank you so much Dad! I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with your hard work in writing how the current generation have all inherited the fallen, Sin-murdered flesh of the first Adam. For sure, this is God-revealed Reality. You are doing so great by the update report to friends who are supporting the work in Africa. Follow me ministries has had great success with printing and handing out monthly millions copies of your teaching booklets that have made a difference in our lives and the lives of many. Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff and supporters. In love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you for God’s call upon your life. You continue to reach more new places of the world. May God uplift you and bless those who are helping you in the ministry. I encourage you that many who have gone through your teachings have confirmed that you speak directly from God’s word in the Bible. Many FMM booklets have been distributed through my hands this month. God bless you for the good job in the kingdom of God. Keep praying. God bless, Daughter

FROM EUROPE:  Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalm 37:4

Dear Pastor John, It is very Good to be leaded by the Holy Spirit to your website. You are the desire of our heart. We thank God for being our spiritual mentor. Thank you again for your helpful books that are placed at least every village of our region. When are we going to see you physically? Are you coming from Africa or Omaha? Because I can see all your books printed in _____. Please have time and visit us in _____.  God bless.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Praise God! There is Youth camp that has started in churches over our region. The theme of the camp is The headless- world system. What is fun, they are using your booklet and my son was able to get a copy from this teacher. I thank God for using you to reach all kinds of people. God is good. May you be blessed. I will try to Update about this camp and your booklet by photos.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Greetings! I hope to give you our full updates as soon as possible. Your beloved daughter in Messiah,

FROM ASIA:  Brother John Marquez, Do you know _____ a missionary? She always tells us that you have never meet but likes to use your teachings on the field. She distributed freely the two paths booklets to people who attended the Film video on last night. Awesome message!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, All is well with us here. It has a person who represents our ministries from _____ to one who represents _____. Son

FROM ASIA:  Pastor John, I met _____, in _____ when I was __ years old and going through a miserable divorce. I had left my husband and our daughter and didn’t want to talk with him. I looked for my apartment and began inviting men to come into my bedroom. Most of them were married men with wives and grown children. There is one man I loved and respected most. He had a sober voice to me. His wife suspected he was having an affair. It finally happened during our lunch at the hotel. As I picked a small booklet entitled the broken people in broken world left on my seat and as listened to its reading, something in me clicked. The hole in my heart couldn’t be filled by anyone but this powerful message from a man of God John Marquez. I walked out of that hotel without any word to him, I turned and walked away…. Today, I am saved and back to my first marriage. I just write today to encourage you and thank everyone working with you and ask you for more prayers! In Jesus name,

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Thank you John. Your teachings are very important. Hold on to preaching the truth within yourself as to the only truth saving human race.

FROM AFRICA:  How are you? Receive greetings from _____. The preaching of the Good news meetings was well attended by people and with the most wonderful power experienced in every part of Africa and revivals gave new life. About ____ copies of FMM booklets were handed out and over ___ souls were saved. In _____, the preaching of _____ stirred the whole town. But it should be remembered that he is a man of prayer and was preaching to people whose hearts were prepared, and who were longing for the Good news message.

They thirsted for the salvation of souls, and exhorting all to turn to the Lord. The distressed and perishing sinners were invited to accept everlasting mercy in Messiah. This words caused the tears to flow freely. Really, It was a day the Lord did much to destroy the kingdom of darkness among this people to turn people off from all their own ways to that inward light, spirit of truth, and grace, by which all might know their salvation and their way to God. Thank you for your continued prayer. Shalom Forever,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear Rabbi John, I am always inspired with your message that is in your booklets and on website. I believe with my heart you are a true Rabbi.

FROM AFRICA:  Hello Dad, How is you and Mom today? You are such a blessing to me and my family! I pray your booklets could come more to _____ to help most of the traditional bounded Christians live a life of Jesus (Yeshua) Thank you sir! Christ’s love,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear John, It is a great blessings to belong to a great Follow me ministries. Thank you brother John for loving me and the people of _____ very much. We stay strong by the help of your website to Finish the cross line.

FROM EUROPE:  Once again, thanks my brother for your teachings. I am really impacted and full of the spirit to share what a wonderful testimonies.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Daddy, How are you and your family in USA? May God always give you fresh oil for this crooked generation. Your daughter in Faith,

FROM AFRICA:  John, Thank you for this word shared by your books. I receive it with faith and thanksgiving. God continue bless you.

FROM AFRICA:  Hi dad, It has been long without communication. We are here spiritual growing and strong in the kingdom of God. Dad, Rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward in heaven!!! Yours son from _____

FROM ASIA:  Thank you beloved Brother Marquez, Your website looks great. It is just there immediately you click the word Follow me ministries. Glory be to God!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi, I rejoice in your willingness to follow Him. Thank you for being instrument in His hands in ministering to His nations of the world. I am blessed to be with you through your site. Blessings,

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Brother John, I miss you very much. Many of my people here have asked and inquired about some of your books that have been distributed in _____ from _____. I have read the teachings you have been sending me. I recently discovered that what you have been sending, is all on the website. Thank you.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Rabbi John, I am pleased with your work in the Lord. Although, I come from a different religion – _____, We accept you and your teachings very much. Love you! Greet all those working with you. Be blessed in Jesus name!

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, How are you doing in the Lord? May the Lord reward your work, and your wages be full from the LORD! Friend,

FROM AFRICA:  Achi, We know it is exciting to have your teaching booklets that make the gospel free of charge. Our distribution work is open and expanding. I am grateful for every supporters there by all doing little we can turn this nations around for Messiah. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  My dear Dad… How are you feeling today? Please we continue praying for you. We are sending our love and prayers to bro. Mac and his family in Yeshua name! One of the great blessings of my life is to be with you in prayer almost every day. We thank you and our beloved fellow workers for watching over the kingdom of God and for being instruments in His hands.

As we serve God here in our meetings, we remind ourselves as a spiritual work. While we do begin each meeting on our knees as we seek the Lords guidance. We work together in faith and unity for one another, and our love for those we serve. This is holy work. Everyone who knocks our door feels the Lord’s love for him/herself as that love flows from our hearts. We also receive invitations to speak out somewhere. Thank you. Blessings! Peace and blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I’m more than happy with the results of surgery that you had yesterday! I know you must be tired. Thank you for everything you have done to send funds. We continue praying for you! May the Lord bless you! It is really good to know that your family are doing good. Amen! Fantastic! Thanks for your time in sharing the gospel with mum and your Dad. This is very important. Glory be to God! This is really God who is doing and it is marvelous unto our eyes! Once again, thank you for your prayers! Love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dad… How are you? It is very hard for us all. Not a Day goes by that I don’t think of brother Mac. Just the Adat news of today makes me cry!!! But, this is a child of God who has faith in Him. I will always love Mac and his family! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Dad, We received USA $___ you sent for the printing cost and transportation and we are thrilled that you and our beloved supporters put in a lot of effort to get it done and we are here very pleased with the testimonies. Praying and thanking you Always! Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Dad…Today, our Follow me ministries website has gone offline. Many have found this website very helpful. Your teachings are very great and I recommend our website also to all stay-at-homers that I know. Thank you for maintaining a reputable service and I hope you continue to help others more. Thanks! Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Bro. John, Everything I have seen on Follow me ministries has gotten me very excited. I am now on my way to becoming more powerful preacher. Thank you!!!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi! I found a fantastic bible study teachings through your booklets and as well as on your website. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks for sharing such helpful lessons. Where is your site again gone?

FROM AFRICA:  Dear John, Serving God is a core value at Follow me ministries and in every disciples walk with God. Awesome!

FROM AFRICA:  I, and the orphanage under my care, we are very sorry for the passing of our friend and brother Patrick. He was a very special person and will be missed. Our prayers are with his family at this difficult time. Please know we share in your grief here in _____. Daughter,

FROM ASIA:  Dear Rabbi John, First, thank you for booklets i received last night. It is really awesome gift. I will share some to my neighbours here. I always depend to be inspired from your website. I am happy that after days offline, It is back again. Glory to God! Say, sorry for the web master McDonald who passed away. I send prayers to his family. God bless.

FROM AFRICA:  It is with great sadness we received the news of the loss of our brother Rabbi Mac. Brother Patrick lived a faith-filled life and was an inspiration to all of us who knew him. I feel blessed to have known him. I pray that God will comfort Thea and keep Parks family as well as Adat HaTikvat Tzion congregation and Follow me ministries in His embrace. Prayers,

FROM AFRICA:  The Adat Ha Tikvat Tzion and Follow me ministries Families in Africa were very saddened when we heard the Adat news that our dear brother Mac McDonald Patrick has passed away. He always helped to manage our websites. We will miss him greatly. We cannot imagine the pain and sorrow you, Thea and the Parks family must be feeling right now. Please accept our sincere condolences. You are always in our prayers and thoughts.

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dear my brother John, I am more than happy to hear from you. I am indeed blessed by your kind message. I wanted to just inform you that I received your email. Hope to write more next. God bless! Thanks again for your helpful website!

FROM EUROPE:  I am so deeply sorry over the passing of Rav Patrick and you are in our thoughts and prayers. I will share this sad news with the people here in _____ who knows Rav Nate of Adat HaTikvat Tzion congregation and John Marquez of Follow me ministries. Our deepest sympathies and condolences to you. We praise God that he has entered into glory!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Just letting you know we received at our Church Follow Me ministry booklets by an Author John Marquez yesterday and we love them. Thank you for sending them to us in _____. We have an evangelism committee that will use them for witness. Again, thank you for your caring and I look forward to contacting you soon for more spiritual help. Keep up the good website!

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Bro. John, I have read your website and some of the booklets printed by you for over 2 months. How great is your commitment! I think that you deserve praise. I will always use Follow me ministries booklets and will be quick to recommend your website to everyone who seeks the true spiritual relationship with God. Thank you for the great experience over the years, brother John. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad John, I was so sorry to hear of the passing of a good brother McDonald. He was a wonderful man and he was a great friend as well. I share in your grief at our sad loss. Please extend my sympathy to the entire Parks family and as well as Adat congregation. Please let them know how much we share their pain at this sad time. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Hey John, from the time I started receiving your teachings, my life is never the same. I believe your teachings strongly and never will I get carried away with false teachings. I have been lucky to get you and I thank God every day and pray that you be there in my life all the time. Thank you for being there all the time. Love you.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved servant of God Dad…. Your email Update to the friends of the ministry and how you worked with our gone brother Patrick as well as your connection with Rav Nate and how he and his Adat Ha Tikvat congregation have been a blessing to you and Follow me ministries brings much encouragement to me and through my life. I am too ready to continue preaching, praying or die in the service of the Lord. God bless each of you as you continue to follow His will for your lives. Know that we appreciate and love you so much. Blessings to everyone, Son

FROM AFRICA:  On behalf of Follow me ministries and Adat Ha Tikvat Tzion families in Africa, we are sorry for the loss of Rabbi Mac McDonald. We cry, hug, and remember our time with him as our website administrator. May the Lord bless his family! In Him,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, I am very sorry about the loss of Mac our precious loved brother. This sad news has spread all over Africa through Adat news. We have all lost a special servant who was well gifted. A teacher of the word. Mac wanted me and _____ to visit his home if we were been allowed to visit you. Please let sister Thea, and their family, take comfort in knowing that we have them in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult chapter in their life. Please accept my belated condolences and sympathies.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Praise the Lord for the news! Now, the next step to recovery is also important. I know he is going back home after 3- 4 days. He will take many medications after this kidney surgery. Let him follow strictly his/her doctors instructions and Never change or skip a dose of medication, because, if he stops taking his immunosuppressive medications, his body will automatically reject the transplanted organ. Remind when you see him to take each medication exactly as prescribed. I wish Josh and Caro quick recovery in Yeshua mighty healing name! Friend,

FROM AFRICA:  Shabbat shalom to you dear Dad! It has been a teaching ministry and challenge to many workers in the service of Messiah. Generally, through the spread of your booklets, you have inspired me and others to rise to greater heights in God. You have encouraged souls to step over the line into the realm of God-possibilities and to know more of what He can do for us! May God continue to bless you for what He called you to do. Love you with Yeshua love! Shabbat blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, For us, reading these teachings NEVER gets tired. although we are careful not to let it go from our hearts. They show just how much our God love us, and you’ll love us, too, because we really have been changed lives. Hallelujah! Please pray for this orphans. There is no food for them. May the loving God provide! Amen! Have a blessed Sabbath day!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thanks brother. Hi John Marquez, I was here today. Truly, this is a powerful website! With your good teaching and clear vision, you have really achieved your great goal. I wish you all the best for your continued hard work in reaching the world with the Good news of Jesus Christ.

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, I wanted to share with you this. The work is great at _____ and she is busy throughout the day until no time is left for other things. Pray with us so that we may get someone a volunteer to work with her. Thanks. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, We want you to know that we appreciate your support of $___ we received today and will continue to thank and pray for you. Some of this funds will be used by the orphans both in _____ and _____. Thanking you Dad and my all fellow workers in the ministry. God bless you abundantly! Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I always pray with joy in my every prayer for all of you because I have you in my heart… Shalom,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thank you brother John. I think of you…and I think of the favour God has given Follow Me ministries in reaching the nations of the world with the Good news from Heaven. This is not about you…but about HIM. I think of how so many people around the country are impacted by your teachings…not your story but His story in you! You have shared it, you have given Him glory…and reflect the work he is doing. I feel selfish in saying I have grown so much and am forever changed by your personal life testimony and teachings. May God bless!

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, Receive greetings from _____. Over ____ Follow me ministries booklets were freely distributed here between yesterday and this morning. We thank God for you being there. God bless you and all Follow me ministries friends. Good work.

Your beloved daughter,

FROM EUROPE:  I read your latest article entitled “Our Infinite trust-worthy God and Timothy letter for August/2015” I was so impressed that I wanted to thank you personally for your thoughtfulness to share such wonderful subjects. I have read articles on similar subjects, but none were as clear or as relevant as yours. I look forward to reading your next book. Best wishes in your work…. Thanks,

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dear John and fellow workers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thank you for serving God!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Brother J.M, With sincere and genuine gratitude, we extend our appreciation for you and all you do in the kingdom. Good day,

FROM EUROPE:  Dear Pastor John, I can hear. Thank you once again for your kind words. God always is good to us all! Thank you for being there for us to be saved. You truly are wonderful. You made your teachings booklets so much easier to read and understand. My whole family and church are thankful.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Dad, Shalom! I received $____ for orphans. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warm and gentle care you provided to this poor orphans. Your help was wonderful and always with love. I can’t say enough good things about prayers & love from our pilot team, friends and of course yourself. Enjoy God’s blessings in Yeshua precious name! Your beloved son,

FROM EUROPE:  John, It is a pleasure knowing you and your good teaching ministry. I have talked to a lot of Bible teachers in our space and haven’t learned as much from them as I did from you in your website. Thanks again.

FROM EUROPE:  Brother John, thank you for your goal that the Lord placed in your heart to cover Not only USA, but, the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your plan to reach your goal through printing your teachings, It’s so awesome! without this booklets, nothing could have happened. Fine, Good day!

FROM EUROPE:Good morning brother! Praise God for your website! It looks ok today. Thanks for Timothy monthly post. It’s wonderful! Wonderful! It’s true that our days on earth are numbered…. I enjoy and am blessed with All the testimonies on this site. It reminds me that we need to include God in everything! And when we do, He will enrich our lives. With gladness,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, This is your son _____. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for your most commitment in serving people with the Good news of Messiah Yeshua across the Global and bringing them into the kingdom of God’s family. The entire team members in Africa are very happy with this news. Dad, you had always been very supportive and kind spiritual leader for us. Surely, this is the work of the Holy spirit…You had never forced us for achieving our goal. You always left everything on God to do. We all are very pleased and honored to have you as our spiritual mentor. The success by reaching some continents of the world for years and achievement you had received today is highly appreciable by us once again many congratulations to you. Hope greater things are yet to come!! Thank you! Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I would like to thank you for helping me through Timothy post Jan – August/2015. I appreciate your tireless efforts to bring such powerful message! Please also extend our thanks to your FMM family.  All the best for all your endeavors! Regards,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear Pastor, I continue to like your website very much. It is helpful! Mostly, your articles and Timothy message….!!! Brother,

FROM AFRICA:  Very good John. That is good to know… written in response to an earlier email I sent. How are you doing? I received my books from _____ through my _____. Please thank you so much. May God bless you

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  John, we will never shut our mouths on Follow Me ministries who have opened their hearts to receive us. We appreciate again for your free gift of booklets we received through a missionary. Praise the Lord! In His service,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you for teaching me the word of God. I thank the Lord for bringing me and _____ into your life. You are a wonderful servant! May God take you to a deeper place of worship! Amen! Special thanks to you again. You are a seeker of truth. Your steadfast love encourages me and _____. You have made a difference in many lives in Africa, USA and the world continue to experience the message ministry on the inside of them. Dad, Your best days are ahead of you. Shalom forever, Blessings on you and your family, Daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad… Thank you for your support. I appreciate that very much. I promise to always be the son you can look up to. You deserve it. I am eternally thankful that God joined us together and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you! God bless! Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi John, we had the best time in studying some teachings on your website and thanks. Timothy letter and family testimonies were great. We have told everyone we know to go to Follow me ministries website for more spiritual help. Thank you my friend for helping us! Have a great time,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How is mom doing today? Hugs! I was in _____ last night and was excited to be handed the Two Paths booklets only. This is one of the best books ever written by you. However, I warned some business people somewhere who are making money out of selling our booklets that are Freely distributed by love. May the Lord increase you!!! Daughter,

FROM ASIA:  Servant of God John, How great is our awesome God! He has given you more strength to spread FMM message to more people across the world including _____. This is to inform you that my wife was given a large bag full of small booklets with different topics as a gift from a well respected _____ in _____. We are going to thank this person through our email. Thank you for your hard working efforts and those who are helping you! Keep! Once again, thank you for your beautiful photo and all contacts therein to reach you!

FROM OCEANIA:  Brother, thank you for copies Follow me ministries booklets I received this week through my _____ who is working in _____. I will share some copies to my brother who is in _____. Thank you for growing our faith in God.

And one more praise from our family – our son Josh saw his nephrologist for a post transplant check and it appears that the recent alarm about the kidney disease recurring in the new kidney was premature.  They do need to keep a close eye on things so he’ll be having labs run twice a week for awhile.  So our prayers are definitely being answered and we extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you and your faithfulness in prayer for our son.

Much love,

Your sister Nancy