Family News – July, 2015

Dear Ones,

By now I’m sure most of you have heard of our dear brother Mac’s homegoing.  He went on to glory peacefully just as Shabbat was beginning and was in the presence of his family and closest friends.  We are so grateful for the years we had with him and the great legacy of Truth that he leaves behind.

Here at ‘home base’ we were again experiencing website issues and our new hosting service was working diligently to find and fix the problem.  In the meantime, our FMM family was praying while waiting for the resources to once again be available.  The solution was to upgrade our webhosting agreement – it appears that our site traffic was too robust for the smaller package we started with.  It made me realize even more how Mac’s expertise sheltered us during the years he served his Lord by serving His people.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all of my FMM family who have been praying for our son, Josh.  After all the checking and double checking, his girlfriend, Caroline, was approved as a donor match and surgery took place this past week.  It went well and they are now dealing with post surgery discomfort and pain but other than that, all is well.  We are so grateful to God for His faithfulness!

Reflecting on all we see and hear in the media these days reminds me of how very blessed we all are to be in covenant relationship with our God and with one another.  That love will shine brightly to the lost and hurting people around us, like a beacon of hope and healing through which they can begin to see the One who loves them with an everlasting love. So let us carry on, never wavering in our allegiance to the True and Living God who calls us His own.

Blessings to you all,



FROM AFRICA:  Thank you, Dad John! I’m so glad this teaching books was helpful.

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom Dad! Dear Dad… Greetings again! The Follow me ministries and Adat HaTikvat Tzion families in Africa, we wish to thank each of you that have helped the work of the Lord, whether by prayer or financial support, and above all we want to give all glory to God for, “in Him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28a)!

Hope all is well with you and your family. I am so excited with your teachings. In my life, I shall share this teachings with my brothers and sisters in the ministry in Africa and beyond. Thank you for your love in Messiah. Truly, this is a full service of your life well lived for the purpose of God and His Faithfulness.

To touch this world for the cause of Messiah, and be all that He would allow us to be, by His grace. To lead souls into a relationship with Yeshua Messiah as saviour, sanctifier, healer, restorer, blesser, keeper, and soon coming King! The grace and peace of the Lord be with you now and forever. Amen! Have a great and blessed day! With prayers, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…On this beautiful July, day, I return my thanks to you. I am doing fine in the Lord as is my family and the ministry in Africa. It is more important to hear that great encouragement of the new home for your Dad. God is good! Only Him could have speed such a thing. Wishes him the best from God. Thank you for all that you do and for your hard work. You are loved and greatly appreciated.

FROM AFRICA:  I am glad to see our website back. Our prayers and thanks to Mac. Good job! We thank you and everyone for working hard. God bless! Our lives are rooted and founded in the mercies of God. We live a life of mercy and embrace them for the forgiveness of our sins. Shalom! Much love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Good morning Dad! Somebody visited our office today, she was happy and thankful in the Lord with you and Follow me ministries work done for the sake of Messiah and His kingdom. Yes, together we have trained and guided MORE Disciples who have gone on to impressive and fulfilling life in Messiah. Thank you for your service! It’s half your life – Love you. Shalom, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Hello brother and servant of God John, May the Lord bless! It is very interesting to see people searching on the engine web our site. _____ told me that our website is back. But looking to check Timothy’s letter today, I found that our site was not there? I have not forgotten you and your work you are doing in my prayers! How are your family today? Greetings! Your ministry is growing very fast in Africa. Wherever it expands, there are fruits!!! Thank you. Sister

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi Apostle John, Glory be to God! Good work done, keep it up!

FROM ASIA:  Hi John, Thank you for your book – Moses goes to boot camp. Very awesome. Really, God has His own plan for everyone’s life. Moses also missed God’s timing and cost him forty years in the wilderness and the children of Israel thirty years’ extra bondage. You are right when you said, preparation time is never wasted time. We need this teaching Sir. Have a peaceful Sabbath,

FROM EUROPE:  Dear brother and Pastor John, Thanks for your inspired booklets. They have concrete answers from the Holy Bible. Sabbath blessings

FROM EUROPE:  Dear my brother J, It has been long without communicating. I have not been feeling well, but today I am ok. Where is our website gone? Please extend my greetings to Mac, Nancy and all who are helping you in this work that FMM is committed doing. I am happy that what you love for the kingdom is always a blessing to you and to those who are around the world. I Keep praying. “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4) God bless you and your desire to impact the kingdom even more! Shalom.

FROM EUROPE:  Hey John, First and foremost of all, I would like to say this is a great website. I’m writing you because I want you to return Follow me ministries website back. It has been a strong turn of many lives over to the Lord and still there are many who need help. May you help them please?

FROM AFRICA:  Hello Dad, How are you? Thank you for your obedience to God’s call. Thank you for your sacrifice in teaching the Bible. The Bible truly is the living Word! The scriptures come alive at me every time. My children and the congregation sends much greetings from _____. Say hey to Nancy Lorimer! Blessings! Your son in faith,

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Thank you so much Beloved founder John, what an Awesome teachings which I am sure will help all who read it and soak it in! God Bless You! God bless Follow me ministries staff and website!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John, though you will never have the chance to visit all the nations, you be known as the preacher of the whole world. And when you will die, maybe you will leave behind very few belongings, but what you did leave behind is your legacy of winning souls. Be blessed indeed!

FROM AFRICA:  Hello Dad, We wanted to thank you for _____. We had a good time with him at our congregation at _____. He gave us your greetings. He lives about ___ miles away from our congregation. Hope he will be traveling back to _____ today. His theme was about the love of the Torah. He said that the Sabbath Torah – it is respected and studied and feared, while it is loved and embraced and kissed. In all, there is no good in this world – no ideal, no blessing, no perfection, no glory – unless it is associated with the law. Once again, thank you for your love. Thank you for _____. You are all a blessing to us in _____. He will give you our greetings and testimony. In His Name,

EUROPE:  Shalom achi… Praying for our web master. I am sorry to hear of his sufferings. May Adonai bless him once again with good health. Yes, He is able. Thank you. Blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Dad, Thank your for your helpful site. It’s GREAT!! I’ve used it to teach my people and today proud of the souls being helped. I know people who came to be interested with your site through Timothy letter. Kindly, can we continue to have it back once again? Thank you. Your son in Christ,

FROM EUROPE:  Rabbi John, Shalom! How are you today? It’s good to have OUR Follow me ministries Website back again. It looks beautiful! Thank you for every efforts. Thank you very much Rabbi for ____ copies of your booklets that my congregation received today Monday through a missionary. Excellent work. Keep up!

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Please convey our explanations of praise to you and the entire staff of Follow Me ministries for exceeding their goals for the last 4 years. It was truly a commendable work. I know these things do not happen without a great deal of effort on the part of everyone there, and I want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work. It appears that your message through your books has gone out to 7 continents of the world. Keep up the good work. We are proud of your entire team.

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom achi, I can’t forget to thank you for your sacrifice. Your sermons have reached a lot more hearts than planning a visit to each nation. After his recent trip, _____ requested _____ to start sending reports to you and Nate at every week (4 times a Month). It is very true, for you need to know also our Calendar of the year and its progress, also how things are handled at _____ and the many activities done within the week so that you may know where to advise. We are happy for this request.

FROM AFRICA:  Brother and servant of God John, I am very happy to see our website back. Thank you for living a live worthy of His calling!!

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, People are trying to look for Timothy Letter on FMM website but not found? I thank God that He has connected me with a friend who is flying to ____. First, this lady received your book titled The Serpent’s Lie and the fall of man. She was touched and made a decision herself to be the child of God by accepting that she was a sinner and needs Jesus… And when I introduced to her last week about Follow me ministries, she gave this testimony about your book. Now she has become a member of our booklets distribution networking globally. I was handed ___ bags of booklets today and I will give It to one of the ministry there that I know which is distributing books, literature, tracts etc. at _____. Thanks. Keep us in prayer. Daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Thanks brother John for always being one of the strongest and honest Author of different subjects in your books that I’ve ever met. You have inspired me to truly be a follower of Yeshua. You are so determined to teach the word of God in season and out of season. Thank you for helping me find the truth about God. Thank you. Thank you for the ___ copies of your books received now. I will share them with people on my way.

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom to you man of God Dad, You have touched our lives more than we can say. Please remember you will always be in our prayers. Hoping you have many great days of your ministry life ahead!!! May God continue to bless you and keep you safe in His care. Your son in Faith,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad & Nancy, My Forever Friends in the Lord Yeshua Messiah… Shalom, Shalom! Our Follow me ministries Family in Africa appreciates your time and effort just to assist us through our website & helping with others in printing what our Dad has been sharing with us for the last 3 good years. Grateful hearts with success! Thank you so much for all your hard work and help. You are always willing to be there for us whenever we need you. Great job! Thank you. You may not realize this but you are real life that has changed lives of all people who have received your message in the printed booklets. Thank you for your always help and ready to do great things. We want to thank you once again for your dedication, and being there from the very start. Without you we cannot do it. Sabbath blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…It is a thrilling thing when you are sharing your life with people, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. God is at work in you to will and to do his good pleasure, and that He who began a good work in you will complete it to the day of Messiah. Blessings my friend! Extend greetings to everyone in your family. Hug for me Mum! How is Mac today? Truly son,

FROM ASIA:  Hello friend John and thanks for the small books I was handed yesterday by _____ from your ministry (FMM). The books are like the deeper understanding of the covenant pattern, and others. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Beloved Dad, It is great to see the growth our FMM has seen in the time period. Surely there is a lot more harvest of souls to expect before His return. And I cannot forget to thank you for your recent help to orphans. Yes, we purchased the seeds and are doing well. Please extend our greetings to everyone over there who loves our dear Savior Yeshua Messiah. Your daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear John, Your website is hidden at the middle of other ministries. At first, It was at the first top immediately you search for Follow me ministries. I went there today to get a word of encouragement from May, June and July Timothy letter but found not posted yet. Kindly, return it and not remove it. Thank you.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… The great crowd are enjoying listening and amazed at your teachings. It has the good news to the lost world and the answer to all of man’s deepest needs… a personal relationship with Messiah. Thank you for taking your time to pray and write. Love you! Son

FROM AFRICA:  John, How are you? Thank you, for all you are doing in the precious kingdom of God. I am from _____ but working in _____. I do speak _____. I knew _____ almost 1 year ago and I have been translating your teachings into _____ for my fellow brothers and sisters at _____. I am enjoying the work and today I feel to write and thank you truly for touching me through your sermons. Again thank you for this teaching I received right today, Our Infinitely trustworthy God. Very awesome! Thank you! Thank you Nancy! Hugs,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John, I greet you from _____ in the name of Jesus Christ. We received booklets (_____) language from _____ and wanted to thank you as Author of this wonderful message.

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad. _____ went home to attend a burial service there. She was supposed to report _____ this morning. I wanted to remind you that our ministries has a country representative who reports to your office at _____. I asked _____ to send you our calendar of each Month. I am on the way right now to teach the word of God somewhere in _____ this evening then I will email you regarding this report. Thanks! With respect and blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom to you beloved mentors Dad John and Rav Nate, The calendar for July that you received, represents all the activities from our ministries in Africa. And this report is prepared by _____. This past week we had Outreach home and other activities services shown at calendar. We saw the unsaved reached with the Good news of Yeshua Messiah, the weary revived, and the sick healed. Every service had people that responded and lives that were changed. Thank you, Dad John and Rav Nate, for your faithfulness to God and His Word. No other ministry team has impacted Africa emotionally, physically, and spiritually as Follow Me ministries and Adat Ha Tikvat Tzion team. Thank you for your love, prayers, care and support. You need to have this men of God in your congregation! He will bless your congregation and you’ll see God move! Love and blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad,It is very good to learn that you do send your reports. And this reports are important. Therefore, I have talked with those who are helping at _____ to send you a report of every events happened within that week from each country that is being represented by a person from our ministries. The information must mention, If there was water baptism, New areas opened, souls converted, Disciples class, how many attended. Etc. Know that this office receives such reports weekly. And it will be available when reporting to you.

Hope there will be a long list, but they will know how to make it short. I wanted you kindly to print and hang on your wall every monthly calendar from us so that you may exactly know as you wake up, what is happening daily in Africa. God is doing great! Praying one time to meet you face to face, God willing! Love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, I am thankful for All of your efforts, prayer, love and care. Without you and those with you in Follow me ministries, Nothing would have happened. Your weekly lessons has changed lives. Jesus carefully choose his disciples. The kingdom of God is build one brick at a time. This is exactly what your weekly lessons have done. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi brother John, Hope all is well with you there! We received the ___ different translations of your teaching – Our infinitely trustworthy God. _____’s work on _____ language was received here this morning. The printing work started today and the booklets will be ready for collection on this weekend. Thanks a lot. Sir! Your co-laborer,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, It has been long… Thank you for the new website. Thank you for the Timothy post. It is very encouraging. Amen! Your daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Beloved Dad, How are you today? God is Good who put as together as one Family! And we must do His work who sent us, while its day, for the night is coming when no man will work. As the world is in increasing turmoil, we at Follow me Ministries urgently feel the need to continue working hard with spreading the Good news of Yeshua Messiah. In Matt. 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, Yeshua provides the full prophecy of the end of the age – which is virtually upon us. In almost all ways – politically, physically, morally, and environmentally, the world seems to be literally imploding – collapsing on all fronts; volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, monsoons, global warming – wars and rumors of war, etc.

We are serving God living in the last days of the last days. Thus, like the voice “in the wilderness” of Isaiah 40:3 we FMM cry out to the lost world with the urgent warning to answer Yeshua’s call to come to him and to life everlasting, for without Him spiritual death is inevitable. I feel always happy to serve the Lord under your leadership. Truly, this is our time to prepare people in order to be ready for his return, when he will come to gather his “sheep”. Time is running out and God’s patience is coming to an end for this world and its lawless inhabitants. That is our Follow me ministries – Africa, heartfelt and most sincere prayer. And for those who have made that commitment “STAY ON THE PATH DAD.” With love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Beloved Dad…Great teaching! Thank you for writing about this subject ( Our Infinitely trustworthy God!). It’s a subject that people were been asking about. Thank you for always being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Your teachings becomes the most important to thirsty souls in Africa, if not the only vehicle leading them into Heaven. Our teaching materials are needed more. We have visitors who are coming for it this weekend. And also, there is a Big Revival in our city prepared by _____. See our Calendar! If you are going to be able to help today, we will forward the funds for the bill next. Thanks! With respect, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, What can I say today? You are absolutely amazing Dad! Thank you so much for offering to help the orphans under my care and your always support in the printing cost. You are one of the most Bible teachers Father raised to reach the world for Him. Your friendship means a great deal to me, and I feel very lucky to have your love and support through. Loving daughter,

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dearest Dad, Thank you for your kind reply! I appreciate the work done on the website. I can see today Timothy letter for July. Good job. And thanking you.

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Dear Bishop John, It’s no secret that I have an abiding interest in the place and function of Follow me ministries teachings. I remain mindful that this “movement” from which many of us and many of our churches have emerged have emphasized obedience to God’s call. Thank you John. May God bless !

FROM OCEANIA:  Good morning brother John Marquez! May your days be blessed!

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom to you Achi Rav Nate & John, And when he had saluted them, he declared particularly what things God had wrought among the Gentiles by his ministry. Acts 21:19 This are the words of Paul he talked to other men of God like James and the other elders about what God has had been doing in his ministry. Thus, we are often embarrassed to say/report what God has been doing in our lives and ministry through Follow me ministries and Adat HaTikvat Tzion congregation in Africa. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Achi John, Greetings again! Still, I am reflecting today for the life and work of Paul. So Paul left them. He took the disciples with him and had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. This went on for two years, so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord. Acts 19:9b. This is exactly what _____ is doing. And I am pleased to be a part of this blessed Follow me ministry. May the L-rd bless! Keep praying for me and others who are helping to pay when needed the cost for transporting your booklets to overseers. But, I thank God for more and more volunteers who are there helping transporting our booklets free of charge. However, we pray to receive for the booklets in order to distribute them during this weekend. Please know that your work is always in our prayers! Shalom Forever,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi man of God John, You are a great mentor who puts a lot of your time and effort into reading the Bible and sharing It’s truth with a man of the soil. You are very encouraging.

FROM AFRICA:  Dad…Ruth 1:16-17 But Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there will I be buried. May the LORD do so to me and more also if anything but death parts me from you.” This is exactly, the friendship, which is between me & my family and your family. With son affection,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Pastor, I have taken my time going through Follow me ministry website and I found God’s presence on this site. I write to you Pastor John & Nancy for the extraordinary work you are doing in the precious kingdom of our LORD. Thank you and thank you for your service in Him. Amen!

FROM AUSTRALIA:  Rabbi John, Peace and blessings to you in Yeshua name! Thank you for shipping books to us. We received books such like The Life is in the Blood among other different copies, which makes a total of ___ copies. God bless! Thanks again for your care.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I had a technical problem on our computer yesterday but today has been repaired. I will send you today our weekly report as we have received it. Thank you for your always support we received through _____. Other funds were paid for the printing cost and transport and the next electric bill. Thank you for what you are doing for the Lord. God bless you All. Forever partners in spreading the Good news of Yeshua,

FROM AFRICA:  Good Morning from _____. We hope all is well. I wish to thank Follow me ministries and Adat Ha Tikvat Tzion congregation for the support rendered to us in support of our teaching materials and distribution. It was a nice week where by our elders had to train people in how to grow deep in God’s word. This has brought a lot of encouragement in the Africa family. We are excited by what the Lord is doing through our ministries and praise the lord for the opportunity to have been a part of it thus far. It has really been through your support and prayers that this has been made possible. Please pray with us that this will continue to be a vessel that carries out God’s mission and that through this ministries Africa will become God’s Kingdom. In Him, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Mathew 11: 28-29…

FROM AFRICA:  Hi John, I`m pleased for what you are teaching and will continue to share It with people through distribution networking of volunteers. Right now, I`m at _____ in the _____. I had a larger bag that carried ____ John’s booklets and the need here is so great for them. Somebody from this region has asked you to come and stay here to help them. Hope more people from this region are going to write to you about their spiritual needs. Servant of God, May you be blessed by the Almighty God. Amen!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How are you? Receive greetings from _____. God continue doing great through our Follow me ministry. We are growing and reaching our country with John’s teachings. Glory! We received your Article that _____ forwarded through his email to me. It was about Relationship Foundation (Revive Israel) Thank you. I enjoyed watching the video. Good teachings. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad… I am so grateful beyond measure! Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful message and how God had been connecting you since your youth. You have really a very beautiful story life. Thank you for your each day life in joy and gratitude, placing yourself in God’s service. Thank you for the inspiring you tube video link. The story here is very touching. It encourages lives of people to a life that makes a difference. Thank you for all the blessings you have been given the people of Africa. We appreciate very much for this unity… God had entrusted the transmission of FMM from America to Africa. Then FMM to ADAT to the rest of the world. Truly, this is God who is doing and it is very marvelously to our eyes! I thank God for the amazing Follow me ministries Family and their love, prayers and support they have given out to save the world. May you continue to do wonderful work in our lives and in the lives of the world. Once again, thanks for the teachings. I will forward it to friends! Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Brother John, Thank you for your good teaching email. I have shared It with my friends around here and are all thankful to see you preaching the Bible truth. With much love I received ____ booklets from a _____ in _____, by name, _____ written by Author John, and printed in _____. Everyone here who has read them returns much appreciation. Your time to write them has been so important to us! Keep going!

FROM AFRICA:  In 1 Timothy 2:3 & Romans 13:3-4,Paul says to pray for “all people.” He singles out the leader and civil authorities and provides a purpose clause. Pray for “kings and all who are in high positions so that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” Your FMM family is praying for your president Barrack Obama today. We know it is for our own peace from Islamic terrorists. It is beautiful and pleasing in the sight of God! We love you always! Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Brother John, here is the greetings from _____ – please receive it in the name of Jesus Christ. The work for distributing out your teaching books continues to help and change lives. I cannot forget the day I was introduced to you by _____ in _____. Hundreds and thousands of copies have been handed out. Thank u John. Keep up the good fight. Praise God!

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom to you Achi, Your president Barack Obama and his colleagues have tried time and time again to present Islam to the American people in a positive light, and as a religion of peace. According the Israel magazine, “Obama supports the Muslim agenda.” This is not what I wanted to say today please! The Lord has truly blessed your teaching books and uses them to bless so many people in so many ways. May God bless! Have Shabbat blessings! Shalom,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thank you for the arrival of booklets from _____. But, printed at _____. No one cares more about winning souls through printed teachings than your Follow me ministries and staff. As we work through our plan to distribute them, we thank you for your time and efforts to shipping them. Please know that we welcome you and encourage you to visit us.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How is mom today? We have her photo and yours in our house that _____ printed from the Facebook. I wake up every morning praying for you all. We love you with everything we are! Shabbat shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  What a wonderful Timothy post for July, and such positive inspiration. I hope all is well with you


Well, friends, that’s it for our July mail.  Next on the agenda is getting John’s next teaching out there, then on to the August Family News.  I’m always so encouraged as I read your mail and get a glimpse of just how really BIG our God is… and how He is faithfully drawing those who are willing to lay down their self-life in order to enter into the eternal life that Yeshua imparts to us as we enthrone Him in our hearts and lives.  He is so incredibly awesome, and it’s such a privilege for me to share His praises with you all.


Your forever sister, Nancy