Family News – October, 2015

Dear Ones,

The delay in getting October Family News published until now is due to some ongoing needs in my immediate family.  Those needs have been great, and at times, quite painful.  To name just a couple of things, there have been unexpected setbacks in our son Josh’s post transplant recovery which has required many more treatments in hopes of preventing kidney disease from attacking his new kidney; my stepdad, Al, succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease after years of steady decline; that same dread disease continues to ravage my stepmom now as well.  Yet, through it all the Love and Grace and Strength of our blessed Lord have carried us, and so worthy of our praises when things are going well and when they are not.  Those are the times “the sacrifice of praise” (Hebrews 13:15) brings Him glory and enables us to refocus on our ever present and ever faithful Yeshua.

I know I’m not alone dealing with difficult areas of raw material and I’m also certain that as we each look to the One who created and sustains us, we will find peace in the midst of whatever ‘storm’ we may be facing.  Our God is amazing, is He not?  I continue to marvel at how He weaves the events, relationships, and situations of our lives into a beautiful tapestry of His ever redeeming love.  And so what our brother Paul wrote is proved true time and time again…

we really can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. (Philippians 4:13)

I’m not sure how much American news reaches you or how much it gets filtered before you see it.  But I can share with you that our nation needs our continued prayer.  We are in the midst of a great decline from the roots of faith upon which our nation was founded and that has opened the door for many false doctrines and mindsets, including a troubling rise in anti-semitism and self-centered beliefs, attitudes and choices.  I find myself often reminded of the old children’s fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes – the story of a clever deception foisted upon a prideful and fearful people.  In the story, it took the innocence of a child to speak the truth.  And that also reminds me of how wise our Father is to have instructed us that childlike innocence is how we are to defeat any and every enemy of deception, hatefulness, and whatever other demonic lies we encounter.

“Except you become as little children…” (Matthew 18:3)

As I read your emails and compile them each month, I see true childlike faith and I’m reminded once again that you all are some of the blessings for which I praise our God.  I could never have imagined the depth of love and devotion I would be able to share with so many people all around the world – people I’ve never met and yet deeply love.  We all are on such an amazing journey faith together, and my prayer is that every single one of us finishes well – all for His glory.

Sending love and blessings,

Your sister, Nancy


FROM AFRICA:  Blessed to know your website.  I am _____, African by birth. I found your site and as I went through it, I learnt God’s purpose on my life. Hope to keep in touch with you. Blessings and thank you. I need your prayers. In Christ’s love,

FROM AFRICA:  My spiritual Father, God bless you for putting your teachings on the booklets. It has been a tool for God’s use. It is your words in your book that helped me to save the life of my daughter here who planned kill herself last night. The story is long… But she needs deliverance from this evil spirit. I trust God. Amen.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, This is to let you know that we received $___. Then $___ was given to _____. God bless you. Again thank you for buying our own camera. It will help _____ to send pictures. Thanks.

FROM AFRICA:  The utterly perfect God booklet I received from my neighbor inspired me to push forward and finish the course Father has set before me. Like Moses who dare to look into a burning bush, Also i turned around to fully know why Jesus was died. Thank you for sharing the living word of God , for i will not help myself. It’s my time to abide with the perfect one forever. John, I will share this news to my family.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Dad, Amen! Thank you for praying. I believe God will continue to give us strength so that we may overcome. Glory be unto His precious name. Daughter

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Hi, The Lord leaded me to this words printed on your booklet – Naked before God that has inspired my Spirit in a great way. As long as we remain deaf and resistant to God’s Word, Sin maintains a stranglehold on our individual and collective throats. The world has decided that Sin is ‘normal’ and ‘human’ and, therefore, unavoidable. We blame God for ‘making us this way’, and try to get even by rejecting Him and making up ‘gods’ and ‘truths’ of our own. God reveals Reality and Truth, but because we do not accept Him as He really is, we can’t accept ourselves as we really are either. So we reject the awesome Salvation He has provided for us; we deny and turn our backs on Him, thinking that our denial systems will justify us and set us free from guilt, shame, condemnation, responsibility and accountability. We make up our own self-serving truth and reality in which we come across as righteous, worthy and free to do as we please. Hope to share my testimony with you in this evening after work. God bless.

FROM AFRICA:  Our dear mentor, How are you today? Last week i was having the Disciples are aliens (part 1) studies with my group and we will continue it’s this week. Please help me to answer this question. Why Jesus was using parables when teaching the multitudes but He was explaining everything privately to his disciples? Thanks.

FROM AFRICA:  Hi servant of God, This is my prayer for you today. May the Lord bless you! I live in constant pain because of a medical condition so I read your message on your site every morning to lift my soul!

FROM AFRICA:  Greetings Dad, how are you doing? are you doing good, please let us hear from you, Son,

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Hi brother we know that I am come from far distance almost __ . That is why I am not communicate with you. Please my brother pray for us to have our own computer. I am still pray for you to have good health and please send to us bibles may God bless you.

FROM AFRICA:  Hi servant of God, This is my prayer for you today. May the Lord bless you! I live in constant pain because of a medical condition so I read your message on your site every morning to lift my soul!

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Praise God brother john. how is the day? am so happy to hear from you, thankful to God because he has take care for us. my brother haven the bibles tell as that if you believe me everything may to possible to us. my brother i need you to still praying for us the whole thing i known that fast now God everything can be possible to us. yours in Christ pastor

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you. Your prayers are very important. I feel His love. God’s love,

FROM AFRICA:  My dad John, Praise the Lord! Am in need of spiritual help over my marriage relationship. My wife __ years old she left home and went to do _____ somewhere in _____. There is no reason why she decided to leave me and the children. I have tried all means to return her home but in vain. As a servant, i know that this is spiritual battle. Man of God and friend, can you pray for me. in prayer,

FROM EUROPE:  Dear Dad, Yes! It was so wonderful to see you and Mum too! I enjoyed to see you and your voice and picture was very clear and sound. The beautiful picture you saw on the booklets, it’s you. Tell Mum, Nancy and the rest of Follow me ministries/Adat family in Omaha that I must have to plan a trip to see you all soon. I am praying. Thank you for sowing God’s seed. It is always my prayer and desire to fall on a good soil and continue to grow to bear fruits for Eternity. Hope to visit you again on the Skype next week. I’m going to tell others. Again, thank you for introducing the Skype media. Your daughter in faith,

FROM AFRICA:  Hello Dad, First, allow me to tell you what happened this morning. I heard somebody knocking at my door. Going to open a door, there was a young married lady standing. she said i need a preacher to guide me to salvation. I have no peace of mind and no hope of my life. Please help! Then, I witnessed her submitting her to the authority of God’s word and how He is able to forgive her past, present and future sins. I saw her being touched by God’s Spirit. Glory to God.

I want to start by thanking you for your prayers, love and care for me, the orphans and my congregation since 2012. At that time i was connected with you through Facebook, I learnt about you and Follow me ministries. And immediately you connected me with brother _____. And the Lord has been blessed us as we have been serving Him as a team. Thank you for your recent email. It is true that I am a _____ called by God’s will to be a servant of His son Yeshua Messiah. Currently there are __ members in my congregation. Sometimes the number increases and decreases due to movement of people in terms of seeking jobs. The people you saw on the pictures, most of them visited us only that day to attend the anniversary. I am a messianic congregation that is exactly using your teachings. The wealth people went out and left me when I changed the doctrines.

I can’t know how to thank you for all these years, you have been supporting me very much and my congregation needs here. Thank you. May the Lord bless you. Dad, my relationship with you was/is not for material gains, but for eternity things in heaven. Since connected, my life is not the same again. My family too appreciates. I apologize for my short emails. I will keep up to update you in the future. Dad, if you will be able to visit your family in _____ or anyone from you, you are most welcome to worship with us in _____.I will let you know when i have my Skype account ready. Thank you. I love you. In Messiah’s love,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, It was better yesterday. I was in _____ and I was able to see you and hear you well. For me here your picture and sound was very clear even though my network was not strong. Currently, I am using _____ modem for network connection. I need to buy a different modem from a different company which is said to be with a strong internet connection so that we continue without any interruption. I am praying God to provide it for us. I am trying to learn about the Skype. It is really good. Shalom, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, It is our great desire to visit you over the Skype this week. Please thank you for our friendship. My Skype name: _____. With best regards,

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom dear achi, I received your concern and thank you. I am on a vacation now with my family in _____ and love to talk with you as I get a chance sometimes when I’m back. Please extend my greetings! Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  I was discussing something regarding our _____ and more disagreement about the past and i received an answer for this question from what the holy spirit directed you to share in your book called Broken people in broken world. It has all the answers. For sure, in the last days bad people, bad leaders are going to increase. Sins and every evil its going to increase. People will love world pleasure than Godliness. Be blessed dad for the need is great in reaching this people of the world. Hi to mom,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dearest John, Received your email and was greatly blessed. All day I have been seeking the Lord for a means to draw closer to Him. At times I wonder if I have lost my first love and then i realize i have not lost my first love, rather it has evolved into something much deeper and personal. I still yearn for more. My personality works best with a specific plan, and you provided that for me. I have read Andrew Murray in the past, but it has been many years. I am excited. I also feel led to study more of your FMM teachings. With only my cell phone it is difficult to read yet i have time to sit in the library and read on my laptop using their WiFi. This is so exciting.

In this email _____ was telling about listening to a message from your Rabbi. Is that also on the internet? Oh, John, i once again feel like a sponge, just waiting to be filled with His love. I am so blessed to have you in my life. May God eternally bless you and keep you forever in the palm of His hand.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Brother, I received a booklet called Disciples are aliens (part2) and in the last lines of your message, where it says that i have manifested your name to the men whom you gave me out of the world, they were yours and you gave them to me… You are talking directly to my heart. It remains a great challenge to my life. Thank you for sharing this. It’s for me.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John, Am at the library looking at the web page, and now I understand your concern regarding how much there is to print out. Yes, why use one word when ten will do so much better. I think what I’m going to try is to bring my laptop with me tomorrow and see if I can save everything to that hard drive, and then read it at home. I just learned my rent is going up $__, so won’t be connecting with the internet any time soon. At least not until I can put some major dents in my budget, and I’ve already done that several times. As you know, being on a fixed income can be challenging. I think of you often and it is so good to get your updates. Love,

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad John. It is wonderful that i heard from my wife for her first time last night. She was complaining many things over my family. Although her plans are off from returning back, God is good who is making her a way to return home. Thank you for your continued prayers. I have seen her heart changing. I need her return home. In prayer and thanks,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… We had a wonderful Shabbat services today! In return, your FMM family have send greetings to you all in USA. _____ monthly calendar, has got different training’s each week for the whole month. One of the program is the training of _____. I meet with people around _____. And I want to thank FMM/ADAT because you care so much about this generation and provide so many resources for them through your websites. I thank God that we both believe they are future leaders. “We need training them so they can stay strong. Our teaching testimonies and vision are strengthened through training them in classes. With this program we need to meet others of Africa. We trust we are the hope of Africa. Generally, We need to be useful in this life we are in in teaching this rising generation with Yeshua Messiah doctrines. It is essential to help them achieve eternal life in Messiah! Amen! Have a great blessed Shabbat service day. Shalom from your friend and son,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear servant of God John, Blessings and shabbat shalom to you Dad. I have a testimony over your teachings that my family can be together always studying the word of God. Your firm personal testimony and teachings has motivated us to change ourselves and then bless our community. Thank you for sowing a seed in our hearts of this I testify and leave you my blessing as your friend in the name of Jesus Christ, Praise the Lord! Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ,

FROM EUROPE:  My dear Dad in the Lord, Hope all is well with you and Mum and the rest in the family. I got the flu 3 days ago and it only got stuffer today. Right now I am feeling cold and I have a headache, The Lord is good. Looking forward to talk with you very soon. I was sooo excited to see you face to face. Amen. Your loving daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Pastor, I am a _____ man. I received Jesus Christ as my savior 20 years ago. Currently, I’m a backslider and have no hope for my life. My doctor told me a month ago that i am _____. I backslided immediately my wife died. She was poisoned by one member of the church where she belonged. I decided to be staying home without a Church. Every day God has been coming into my heart through His Spirit asking me to return back. My answer always is NO. I was in the house of a friend one morning last week when she gave me a book called God’s Disciples training part 1 while she went to prepare a cup of coffee. I was encouraged by some verses….The Lord’s ultimate concern is for the salvation and exaltation of each individual soul. What if the Apostle Paul’s conversion had not been enduring? He never would have testified as he did at the end of his ministry: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. I need your prayers for me and my children. Please remember me in daily prayer. Thanks. Thanking you always.

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad.. I have tested the new modem here in my country and it’s working well. I am going to connect it to you tomorrow at 6:00 Am your time. Today, I am somewhere in _____ having a Bible study with a group. I am glad that more and more people are going to use this modem for communication. May God bless! Thanks! Love, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear our spiritual dad, I and my husband we are enjoying the lessons from man’s substitute pattern Pamphlet very much and find that God will keep covenant with us as much as our distance will allow. Thank you for knowing where our weaknesses are and structures the lessons to improve on those areas. I am able to improve to put on practice all i am getting from you. Its extremely helpful.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Some people from _____ needs to use our new modem to communicate to you today. I’m on my way to _____. Because of traffic road, i might not be available in your morning time as it was scheduled. I will try to connect to you today in late of our evening here. I am sorry for the delay. Please i ask for apology. See you! Son

FROM AFRICA:  The days we live in are extraordinarily dangerous. Time seems to be running out and the eternal salvation of billions is at stake. Most of Christendom seems to be unprepared. That’s why we need disciples that are equipped to: 1) face and overcome the increasing dangers with overwhelming supernatural ‘Fire Power’. 2) Thrive spiritually, mentally and emotionally in the face of increasing opposition and persecution. 3) Fulfill their God-given commissions even in impossible situations. Their training must equal and surpass anything the enemy will fire at them. But at present, I don’t see such training readily available. That’s a big need! The Lord must teach and train us to operate with Him …in The Arena of Testimony.

Dear spiritual father, It is another time to thank you again for your sacrifice and testimony for your ultimate journey family. I like this page as i study it daily. I pray for you and your family at this far. May God bless you richly. In Jesus name, Son