Family News – September, 2015

Dear Ones,

We’ve had another month filled with email testimonies from those of us who have experienced firsthand the tender voice and provision of the Holy Spirit as He meets us in our various areas of need. And many of those needs are met because of you – your prayers, your outreaches, your unwavering faith and your willingness to lay down your lives for the sake of the gospel.  Of course, all glory belongs to our blessed Yeshua for anything done in our midst because we know that He alone is the reason and the source of our ability to speak Life into death, hopelessness, and false teachings or beliefs.

I want to give you a brief update on my son Josh and his girlfriend Caroline.  They are recovering beautifully from the kidney transplant surgery and Josh’s doctors are carefully monitoring and taking measures to curtail the disease’s attempt to infect his new kidney too.  He’s participating in a treatment regimen that’s working very well so far and we’re encouraged that he may well be disease free in the near future.  Our whole family sends its thanks to God for His overwhelming faithfulness and for each of you who have been standing in prayer for us.  We are so grateful to be a part of this wonderful FMM family.

Going forward, it will be more and more urgent and extremely important for us to all remember to keep all of our extended FMM family in prayer.  News coverage and world events continue to point to the absolute necessity that we all know – really KNOW – that our God has us and our every need already covered.  The eternal blood covenant cut with the precious blood of Yeshua provides a firm foundation upon which we can stand, no matter what lies ahead.  And He can be trusted with an airtight faithfulness regardless of challenges or difficulties.  Our brother Paul said it best:

“Who shall ever separate us from Christ’s love? Shall suffering and affliction and tribulations? Or calamity and distress? Or persecution, or hunger, or destitution, or peril, or sword? Even as it is written, For Thy sake we are put to death all the day long, we are regarded and counted as sheep for the slaughter. Yet amid these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded beyond doubt – am sure – that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things impending or threatening, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:35-39, Amplified Version)

Yes, battles may be raging around us and yes, things and people may be running amok here in time and space, but our God has already won the war and His Kingdom is advancing in the midst of all that darkness, one heart at a time.  What a glorious privilege we’ve been given to be some of those yielded hearts!  May we continue to be faithful in our quest to bring Him the glory that’s due His mighty Name!

Love always,

Your sister, Nancy


FROM AFRICA:  Shalom to you my achi John, “Come over and help us”. Thank you for your obedience to G-d’s call. Africa is open for the Good news of Yeshua Messiah. Thank you again for helping Africa build the kingdom of our G-d. It is good to share the love of Yeshua with the lost. Thank you for your powerful delivered strong messages on your website and in printed materials which had an impact on our lives.

I repeat, that I am blessed to be a part of what G-d is doing through Follow me ministries and Adat Ha Tikvah Tzion around Africa. Satan is not pleased and may try to do every best in order to hinder the spread of our teaching materials. But in all, he was eternally defeated. Please know that we appreciate you so much. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  “Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love, which is in Messiah Yeshua. That good thing which was committed unto thee keep by the Holy Ghost, which dwelleth in us.” 2 Timothy 1:13-14

Dear Dad… This morning I was inspired by the above verses. Thank you for everything you are doing to lift up His Holy name around the world. We Africans are the most people who have grown in our Faith in God. God bless you for your commitment! Love you! Amen! Forever friend in Messiah,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, I enjoy your preaching through your booklets very much. It has been life changing and has given me a fresh experience of God through the work of Holy Spirit.

Keep up the good work.

FROM EUROPE:  This is an excellent the Two Path book to learn how to follow Jesus only way to heaven. I have used it and highly recommend it.

FROM AFRICA:  ‘For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things’” (Romans 10:13-15).

August calendar has been a mighty month in the purposes of God that Adat HaTikvat Tzion & Follow me ministries families have been challenging and encouraging African family to be loosed from a ‘stunted’ vision, and to see their divine potential through the promises of God’s Word! In our weekly meetings, believers were asked never to bury their talents and can become a powerful partner with our founders Rav Nate (Adat HaTikvat Tzion Messianic congregation) and Dad John Marquez (Follow me ministries) for evangelization of the world. (Matthew 25).

In his August preaching, _____ asked people to find the calling of God for their own life, then release that same faith in the promises of the Word to see God move through us in thrilling ways. He said that life can only be lived to the full when we are found doing that which pleases God. It is as we seek to please Him that we fulfill our call as people of divine destiny. This has been theme of his messages wherever he visited last month…Life is too short for us to be wasting it. When we do not know the calling of God for our lives then we waste so much time and are not producing that for which God created and chose us to accomplish. In one of his teaching of Dad John, he said that all believers have a calling in God to fulfill and all need to fulfill their destiny and calling in God.

Our brother Patrick Mc.’s passing, came as quite a shock not only to you in USA, but also us in Africa. We are all very sorry for his loss. …He was a dear brother and friend. In his 12 week on G-d’s plan course, Rav Nate said somewhere…. we have been chosen by God to accomplish greater things here on earth. Mankind, in many ways, has lost his way and is fast being swept towards a lost eternity. The only answer for them is to have a life-changing encounter with the Risen, Living Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah), be born-again by His Holy Spirit and enter a new way of life completely. Therefore we are pleased and encouraged by this men of God who are most fulfilled lives by doing the will of God. Likewise, we are chosen by God to fulfill His purpose here on earth. Know what a part in the great commission you are called to be involved, and then commit yourself wholeheartly to it. Thanks. Much love. Blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my dad…Facing death is not easy, but the truth of God’s plan can comfort us if we let it. Glory be to God for Follow me ministries booklets will help us to see past the pain of death and into a wonderful future.

FROM ASIA:  Dear Apostle John, Thank you for the message on My Christ life testimony booklet. It is true, we were born to learn about your Creator. To live a meaningful life. To know who God is, and what His plan is for us. It is the booklets that will help us find out more about God, Jesus Christ, and the awesome plan He has for us. Blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I rarely read books, but this book (the war between light and darkness) is so great that I’ve read it every day. I have shared its message with my friends in _____. The book itself helps me calm down. Really calms me during the time I lost my wife. If your mind wonders around or is occupied by too many things, and you want something that helps with stress relief and be back to the presence of God, this book is greatly recommended. I, my children and congregation sends greetings to you and those who loves the Lord there! Your son,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi John, This is certainly one of the greatest Follow me ministries website I have ever read. Its quote-worthy and worthy of re-reading many, many times for growing my faith. keep up the good work.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, _____ received $____. It is simply beautiful. Your time and effort was totally worth it. $___ was shared with _____ here in _____ and $___ was shared with _____’s orphans. The rest for bills and costs. Thank you again for your help. Daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I received $___. I sincerely thank you for your love and support. … Thank you for friendship. God bless!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, “I am in _____ and just wanted to let you know that I have received the FMM books today for distribution and I am very pleased. …Thank you very much for your assistance.

FROM AUSTRALIA:  Allow me to called you my Dad, You have made in my life a Big difference. Great teaching ministry! I have met many extraordinary studies since joining you. I learned a lot and had great experience, if you don’t try John Marquez’s teachings, you have missed something in your life. Well done!

FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Dear John, _____ is a friend. I was connected with him by my old high school teacher. Currently he is using both your books in training a bible school in _____. Thank you for what you are doing. Please know that we are standing with you in prayer….!!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thank you for taking your time to write your teaching on paper. I truly value your work very much. Thank you for sending ___ copies of Our Fathers rescue mission booklets. Thanks!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thank you Pastor John for your gift of ___ small booklets. You will never really know how spiritual you have made me and how much I love you.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi brother John, I must begin by telling you how awesome your website and the testimonies you receive from all over the world are. I can’t find this stuff anywhere else. Thanks!

FROM AFRICA:  Dad John…You run an AWESOME Follow me ministries site! Your teachings is great, your sacrifice is great, your pilot group are amazing. On top of that, the way you respond to emails is really appreciated from Africa. Keep up the great work and give everyone there greetings.

FROM AFRICA:  Hello brother John. Thank you man of God for your commitment in teaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Both your books and website have completely changed our lives. It has been our spiritual source to grow our faith.

FROM AUSTRALIA:  Dear Rabbi John, Your ____ booklets arrived yesterday. Thank you for your efforts to ship them to me and our country. I am grateful forever.

FROM EUROPE:  Peace and blessings to you John! How are you today? I was excited today to see here _____ some printed materials from Africa. It is a great way to build God’s kingdom. I thank God that Africa has high trust relationship with FMM and Adat. Keep going!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Shalom! Shalom to you achi John! Hope you are OK? I`m _____ from here in _____. I know you and your ministry through a lady called _____. She is a good and faithful woman. She shared with me with about ____ booklets with different subjects. One of it was Israel on the thorn flesh, the two paths etc. Can you be my Rav and continue to help? Thank you for the good blessings! Please reply!! Promised blessings,

FROM EUROPE:  Hi Dad, Sometimes I forget to update you about FMM networking. I shared _____ copies of our Fmm booklets each for their people. I realized that people like reading what is printed than waiting them to find you on their computers. I want again to thank you because this round we had enough booklets for each. Thank you for your regular support and those helping you. The blessings of God and His richness be upon you and yours! Daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom Dad! How is your family? The _____ stopped at _____ and handed over to my daughter who served him with a free gift of ___ ‘The two Paths’ booklets. Fantastic!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi brother! ____ of the two paths, the ever-present danger of Idolatry and the son Abraham sacrificed small books received last weekend, continue to touch millions in _____. Thank you for sowing seeds of life in our lives.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my dad in Christ, I am so greatful! Thank you for your service! The people of _____ who loves to hear from your teachings are happy. The Lord is doing a new thing in Africa, Thank you for sowing seeds of the word of God. May God lift you up. May His glory come down to save, heal restore and change lives… Yours,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thank you for your encouragement email. Thank you brother for your hard work and dedication.

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Powerful Files! ____ Pamphlets arrived today from Africa through _____. Big sacrifice! Hallo!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Brother, you are most welcome to visit! Thank you for your thoughtfulness to print your teachings into booklets. This is important. I am helping you to distribute this materials that i receive weekly through Africa by friends I was connected to and then i share it to my community here. God bless your life and family abundantly.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John. I am still standing and serving the Lord Jesus Christ. I am proud of being a child of God through your teachings. I am your fruit, saved in 2013 during the time _____ visited with FMM books. When He was given a chance to preach, I and others we accepted Jesus in our hearts. Since then I am not the same again. _____ started a spiritual rally meeting here yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is a very busy man who is committed in God’s business. The theme: ‘The two Paths’ I am helping him to distribute the two paths booklets to the _____ free of charge. Thank you for prayers. Amen! Regards,

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom Dad! We love u all! We need your continued prayers. The more people are praying for me and _____, the greater results and harvest of souls will be in our ministry in Africa. My husband will end the spiritual rally held at _____ today evening which he said that has been successful. Most daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Beloved servant of God Dad, Thanks to your teaching tool. We continue using it to equip and win souls to Christ. Your service is great and much appreciated.  In Christ,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad, You continue to be a blessing through your translation booklets in my region. Have a good day! May God bless! God bless Follow me ministries family wherever they are. Thanks more!

FROM ASIA:  Dear John, I would like to thank you for your free teachings on your website. You are a true servant! I am so glad that you were able to ship ____ copies small booklets. It is difficult for me to find the words to express my gratitude to you and Follow me ministries – USA. Keep praying for freedom of worship in _____.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hi Pastor Marquez, My heart is still overflowing with thanks to God for the blessing of the Follow me ministry teachings. Truly God always encourages my heart, boosting my hope through your ministry.

FROM EUROPE:  Thanks John! I read your article on ‘The living word appears again, and it was really wonderful. Thank you so much. I am going to share some of these points with our weekly Fellowship on _____ here in _____. God bless you and your Follow me ministry to others!

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom! Hope your family are all healthy and blessed. And we have a little rain that we need more for its a planting of crops season. _____ received your support of $___. $___ went to help orphans. And $___ for bills,costs and transport. All of our events have gone well and we have had successful meetings. No problems with delaying that always makes learning to be slow.

The work in Africa is going well, as I mentioned in my last report we had started reaching communities through our weekly program. We had one open air meeting that was well attended by people. Brother _____ was the main speaker. He prayed over ____ people. Hope you will receive the photos today. And last week he had a  meeting with the _____ where lives were touched…. _____ recently asked if Cantor Nichols has some songbooks to help.

It takes a lot of organizing when you establish a new work, remember that into some countries in Africa, it starts by asking the administrative chief in the village for permission to teach to the people, And then one has to spend time with them explaining and going through the acts of worship, (Adat/FMM Statement of faith). We then have to ask the Chief again if we can meet regularly usually under a tree in the village. Then it’s to set the brethren up with our teaching materials.

It is such a honour to establish His work as we are watching it develop and grow and this would not be possible without all your love, support and prayers in the work here in Africa. Please pray for more souls. We enjoy the labour! Love and blessings from _____,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  _____ distributed some copies of ‘The two Paths booklets last night. I am excited for your efforts.

FROM AFRICA:  Hello bro. How are you? Thank you for your hard working vision to reach communities of Africa. You will continue to be remembered. Your teachings have made a strong impact on lives. We asked _____ for your booklets and said all were distributed. The Lord has opened the hearts of new places that none of us have gone. Kindly, talk with them and let us receive this materials soon. Blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom to you Rav Nate & Achi John! I am always most thankful for your opportunity to serve the wonderful Africa families! Shalom!

FROM ASIA:  Hello Rabbi John, Thanking you for received this morning ___ your books. I express my gratitude to you for your dedication and shipping. I have you in my prayer.

FROM AFRICA:  Beloved Dad and Mum… I am having a technical problem with my computer for the last __ days ago and it has been still not repaired. I am writing you from the _____ computer. How are you and family doing today? I love you with all my heart and miss you so much. My Africa family and I would like to thank you and our PILOT staff for your wonderful & compassionate work through printing teaching materials and feed the orphans. It meant a lot to my African family. Your prayer and support is greatly appreciated.

To the wonderful friends at Follow me ministries for their kindness, caring, prayer and support you’ve shown in spreading His Good news to the nations of the earth. You’ve made our lives and communities a great change. Again thank you for everything. We are in need of FMM printed materials to share. There are here so many new faces who are seeking..! Shalom! Forever son,

FROM AFRICA:  My family and I thank your site. John, I am from _____ church family who also are involved into occult practices. My elder brother is casting spells on our family. Recently my child _____, who had some serious unexpected health complications, and my wife believes this might be caused by the practices of my elder brother. So i prepared my wife and children to ran away from home to stay somewhere far from them. At this time there was a church close and that pastor there visited and started telling me the importance of following Jesus Christ. He had a small computer where he was reading from the topic Broken People in Broken World. He then showed me your website and I have been receiving help. I am planning to return home to give testimony. I can say thanks and always remembers you in prayers daily. Through Christ Jesus name,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hello, I need prayers today for my family. My parents family needs us to continue with the _____ faith. For us, we have known the true God of the Bible and ready to make a sacrifice to follow Him and Him only. Can you keep us us in prayer? By His eternal Grace,

FROM AN UNKNOWN LOCATION:  Brother John, I want you to help me understand the following. There is water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism. I spoke in a new tongue before i was immersed in water. My wife has never been baptised with Holy spirit and my pastor always tells her that she is still a sinner. We have made our minds to move out of this church. There is a brother in faith that i know who is going with many women and sometimes drinks and when he is in church, he speaks in tongues in prayer. Brother help me to understand this. Have a great day!

FROM AFRICA:  Greetings Our Dad, How are you doing today, please from _____ we love you and we are praying for you daily, thanks

FROM AFRICA:  My dear Dad, Please i want to thank you for introducing to us a Skype media. Everyone here loves that. This is very important tool of connecting people. I am excited knowing that Follow me ministries and Adat USA is going to fully connected with Africa. Halellujah! I am more than happy to see you and mom face to face for my first time. I appreciate this meeting and now we are connected on Skype always. Let me write more next.. Praise God. Always love,

FROM AFRICA:  We love you Dad and we are praying for you in our daily prayers,Blessings Son,

FROM AFRICA:  I am __ years old a _____, African by birth. I found your site and as i went through it, i learnt God’s purpose on my life. Hope to keep in touch with you. Blessings and thank you. I need your prayers. In Christ’s love,

FROM AFRICA:  My spiritual Father, God bless you for putting your teachings on the booklets. It has been a tool for God’s use. It is your words in your book that helped me to save the life of my daughter here who planed kill herself last night. The story is long… But she needs deliverance from this evil spirit. I trust God. Amen.

FROM AFRICA:  The utterly perfect God booklet I received from my neighbor inspired me to push forward and finish the course Father has set before me. Like Moses who dare to look into a burning bush, Also i turned around to fully know why Jesus was died. Thank you for sharing the living word of God , for i will not help myself. Its my time to abide with the perfect one forever. John, I will share this news to my family. Bye and blessings

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Dad, Amen! Thank you for praying. I believe God will continue to give us strength so that we may overcome. Glory be unto His precious name. Daughter

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Hi, The Lord leaded me to this words printed on your booklet – Naked before God that has inspired my Spirit in a great way, As long as we remain deaf and resistant to God’s Word, Sin maintains a stranglehold on our individual and collective throats. The world has decided that Sin is ‘normal’ and ‘human’ and, therefore, unavoidable. We blame God for ‘making us this way’, and try to get even by rejecting Him and making up ‘gods’ and ‘truths’ of our own. God reveals Reality and Truth, but because we do not accept Him as He really is, we can’t accept ourselves as we really are either. So we reject the awesome Salvation He has provided for us; we deny and turn our backs on Him, thinking that our denial systems will justify us and set us free from guilt, shame, condemnation, responsibility and accountability. We make up our own self-serving truth and reality in which we come across as righteous, worthy and free to do as we please. Hope to share my testimony with you in this evening after work. God bless.

That’s all the Family News from this month, dear ones.  As you read and reflect, please pray that our faithful Father, through the Holy Spirit, will continue His work of building our faith and testimony to such a degree that we, like our brother Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:7, will be able to loudly and confidently declare:

“I have fought the good (worthy, honorable and noble) fight; I have finished the race; I have kept (firmly held) the faith.” (Amplified Version)