Glory be to God, who never lets us out of His sight. Everything in this corrupted world eventually runs out. Health runs out, money runs out, time runs out, pleasure runs out… but God never runs out. The Word of God tells us that He is involved in each detail of our day. He is the God who never lets us out of his sight, whose fatherly hand guides our every move, and who is never limited or intimidated by our circumstances. In fact, God is so involved in our lives that He was even there at the moment our mothers and fathers conceived us in love, and while we were in the womb, He superintended even the most infinitesimal details of our physiological and temperamental formation.

God knows us! He knows everything about us. He planned us, created us, watches over us, can steer us back on track when we wander from His purpose, and can be completely trusted to keep us safe until the Divinely allotted number of days ordained have expired and then He takes us to the next life that He has prepared for us.

God bless,