December 2017

When we go through difficult times in our lives, our faith may falter, but God has called us to be in fellowship with other believers. He will use them to speak to us and encourage us through these tough times. It is never God’s will or desire for us to take refuge in the world but to always seek refuge in Him and Him alone, for He alone is faithful forever. Amen!

We have to see, God was not just moving King Saul into the cave, but He had led David and his men to this spot. He was bringing all the people together to accomplish His plans and purpose. We can assume God was going to have David kill Saul right now.

King David was wise. He was in trouble, the Bible says, so he went to the house of the Lord. He sought godly men there. He did not tell the priest his problem, but he went to a place where he believed he could trust the people. He went to the house of the Lord – Hallelujah!

When you face great trials in your life, it is important to bring them before the Lord. Then, if you need to talk to someone, choose a godly person, of good repute. Then you will get godly wisdom. And do not forget He is with us always through these things.

Brother Timothy


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