Dear Ones,

Many of our emails consistently inquire how Mum’s doing so before we share the April Family News, we’d like to give you a long awaited update on how she’s doing.  Following is some of what John recently shared with the Pilot Group here in Omaha.


John shared this mid-April:

“Last week, Mary spent an afternoon and early evening on an outing with our daughter Katie. She had a great time and enjoyed herself thoroughly. But as of Sunday afternoon, since her return from that outing, Mary was very tired and unable to do much. I kept checking on her, asking if she was okay and she said she feels fine…but was very tired. But although there was no distress or discomfort, she was in bed a lot. At Mary’s last doctor visit, they drew blood for an analysis and discovered that her thyroid level was very low, so the doctor increased the dosage of her medicine. Since she’s been taking the increased thyroid medication there’s been a lot of improvement. She’s up and around much more and needs a lot less bed rest.”

Then he shared this early-May:

Dear ones…I’d like to ask you to pray for our family. Mary’s still very, very weak and tires quite easily. She’s been to the doctor and is scheduled for another visit soon, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her systems that would require some kind of intervention. So we could use your intercession…

And then this mid-May:

I’m really concerned about Mary. Recently her short term memory has drastically diminished. So she wasn’t taking her meds and no one noticed it at first. But then I realized she hadn’t taken the pills she’s supposed to take with meals and looked into it. I called the doctor and he took a look yesterday and they drew blood… and the blood showed that she was, as the doctor said, ‘a mess.’ Blood sugar was very high, thyroid was out of whack, etc. etc. So I realized that I have to take complete control of her meds and blood sugar readings and insulin shots.

I saw the doctor this morning, we went over all her medications and he simplified her insulin intake. Now I’m supposed to email the readings to him regularly. We’ve followed directions, but her blood sugar is still too high. I suppose it’s still too soon to tell if we’re making any progress. She’s been extremely fatigued, listless and wants to sleep all the time. So I’m going to keep a close watch on her and if she doesn’t improve soon, now that she’s getting her meds again, she’ll probably have to go into the hospital for tests to see what’s going on. Needless to say, we need prayer.  Thank you,


Our FMM family also suffered another loss in May and you’ll read much more about that in the May Family News.  I wanted to include a short note about that here too in order to get the word out sooner that we have a treasured FMM family who is hurting and in need of prayer and financial assistance.  A brother and his two children are grieving the loss of their wife and mother.  This woman was an integral part of our FMM family and she will be sorely missed, not just for what she did to advance our Father’s Kingdom on earth, but more importantly, she’ll be missed for the beautiful way in which she reflected the beauty of our Lord and shared His Love and Truth.  If you are able to help with the burial and household expenses for this family, please send your gifts where you usually do and we will ensure they get to these precious hurting ones in our midst.  Important – be sure to mark your gift for its intended purpose, for example, “For the immediate need in Africa” or something like that.  We want to be good stewards of any monies entrusted to our care and so please be sure we know where you want your funds used.  Designated funds always go where you want them to; undesignated funds go to the overall FMM general fund.  Thank you!


And I have one final note of clarification before we move on to this month’s mail.  We had previously said we would not include identifiers in these Newsletters for the safety of our family and I want to confirm that I am still unswervingly committed to do that.  However, I have noticed that as more of our worldwide family members are embracing messianic principles, I am seeing more Hebrew words in our mail from many different countries.  I had been removing them due to our promise and the natural assumption that some may make, thinking that any email using Hebrew must be from an Israeli or Jew.  But now I see that it’s part of the natural progression of growth within our worldwide family.

In other words, just because you may see the word “Achi” or “Avi” (my brother or my father) please know that it does not automatically signify that a particular email came from an Israeli or a Jew.  The same would be true if you see “Shalom” (peace or completeness) or “Shabbat” (Sabbath) or other Hebrew words.  For example, in this month’s mail you will see a number of references to the annual celebration of Passover and the Seder meal it includes. It appears that the increase in Hebrew usage, at least in our FMM family, is a natural fruit or reflection of the continual and natural growth of messianic understanding and vocabulary.  It’s healthy and it’s increasing in our midst.  So I believe our Father said to leave that alone in my ‘safety factor’ editing.

So here’s another month of praise filled mail from our extended FMM family… who but our Mighty God could do such a marvelous thing in our midst?  How can we help but praise Him?  So, fasten your seatbelts, get your cup of coffee, and join us in rejoicing in this month’s testimonies to our Mighty God!


FROM AFRICA:  Dad….You’re a great help to this poor orphans. _____ forwarded me your email with funds to the orphans under me, and _____. I cannot know words how to thank you and bless you. I pray God to richly bless you and everyone in the Lord. I am taking care of the orphans at the orphanage while _____ is working in _____ at _____. Once again, Your support came in at the exact time we had no way to go. Love your heart dear Dad! Say hey to Mum! And friends in FMM Pilot group. In love,

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Hi John, Your booklet has blessed us in _____. Thank you for the good work. I will write you tomorrow to tell you how the Lord has helped us through this little booklet.

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John, I’m blessed to know you. Your teachings books has left me on fire for the gospel of Messiah. When are you having the teaching conference at _____?

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  You touch my life every day. I am thanking God for you John and Mary and your obedience to the Lord for your work in teaching the Gospel of Yeshua. I wake up each morning to your studies on the booklets and your words of encouragement and Love from our Lord Yeshua. May the Lord’s grace shine upon you and your family.

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Achi, Please thank you. I really enjoy your teachings; I have learned a lot from your books, and still continue. Your teachings about the Bible and God’s prophecy to Israel have helped me to look more for God. Thank you once again, John. In Yeshua,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I was been thinking of Mum… How is she doing today? I was been at _____ for the teaching materials and ready for the trip to _____. God bless you for your efforts in printing cost. We are excited for all you are doing. Kindly, receive many regards from different people on the world. Hope everyone was able to be provided by the teachings today. Thank you and remember to say hey to Mom. Your daughter,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… How are you and Mum doing today? How is your Dad, Frank and Katie? First, a hearty congratulations to you on your 75th anniversary of your birthday! It has been exciting to observe the long-term results of 3 years invested in teaching the word of God around the world so that they may choose to love and accept God. God has certainly blessed the vision He instilled in you. We are thrilled to collaborate with you in offering your services at FMM and anticipate our continued teamwork in sharing the love of Yeshua.”I am so excited to tell you that I have enjoyed teaching the Follow- me- ministries teachings around Africa and It has been a true blessings to me and my life in Messiah. Thank you for allowing yourself to be a vessel of Messiah. Continue to preach the good news. You always touch many lives every week and you continue to touch… Thank you again for the great work and ministry that God has joined us together for fulfilling the call! I love you and Mum too!  Son,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, How are things there? The printed materials were shared to the _____ for distribution today. I write to thank you very much for the printing. There are some ministries out here and beyond who want to know how they can do also their work and be successful as you. God knows you and _____. None can understand how we came in one by one to join you. Have a nice day!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Precious servant of God, Holy greetings to you in the mighty Name of Jesus. I am writing from _____ and it was by the grace of God that I visited the Internet and was privileged to find your contact. After prayerfully reading and studying your Web Pages, I was spiritually changed, moved and thrilled. My spiritual electricity went stronger to find that you have what we need for spiritual growth. Right now I don’t feel like my feet are touching the ground because of the desire that has been ignited in me by reading your webpage.

 I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit visit your hearts and humbly spend time with us as our spiritual mentors. We hunger and thirst for your fellowship and teachings. If God provides the opportunity, we beseech that brothers make a trip here and help us. Also we are caring ___ orphans also pray for them. A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings GLORY to Christ. Please bless us with a reply. God bless you In whom we serve,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…How are you doing today? Since _____, I’m away from _____, teaching in remote areas of _____. No Internet here. _____ will be moving soon to a new building which will be BIG in size for studies, library, materials store etc. Currently, let Sister _____ use this physical address: _____Dad can I have a phone number for my sister _____? Sometimes I like to send a text.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad and Rav Nate. Follow me ministries and Hope of Zion (AHTZ) families in Africa wishes you happy Passover blessings! We are grateful that it is used of the Almighty to do more than I ever thought it would. I am excited that God is using your humble efforts to plant eternal seeds in the hearts of lives in the world. We continue praying at _____ to be genuinely warm, friendly and caring service as we are sharing Messiah love and His purpose in the lives of people. We invite everyone to come and be moved as we distribute out teaching materials, train and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with Messianic Music, Davidic Dance, anointed teachings, and life changing healing. We lead people of how to reach out to God right away by saying this prayer:

“God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob:

I know that I have sinned. I recognize that I have done wrong in Your sight, and today, right now, I want to get right with You. I ask You to forgive my sins, I repent, and I commit my life into Your hands. I accept Your Son, Messiah Yeshua, into my heart and life. I believe He rose from the dead as my permanent atonement for sin. Help make me into the kind of person that You want me to be. Strengthen me, guide me, and help me with Your righteous right hand to live for You day by day. Thank you, God, for this wonderful gift of salvation that You promised and that I have now received in Yeshua. Amen!”

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad and Rav Nate, Passover greetings! We started the preparation for the passover on _____. I am teaching the people about the meaning of passover and its fulfillment in Yeshua. I started with the topic of Redemption and will go through Deliverance. Really, this is a different week in bible history. We are planning to have seder meals after the Sabbath service. Therefore, we ask you if possible to help us celebrate seder passover at _____, _____ congregation and FMM congregation. Extend Passover greetings to your families and all Saints! Blessings

FROM AFRICA:  Brother John, I`m _____ from _____.  I belong to _____ family and I was raised as _____ and taught very well how to hate the _____. This is the great news that we have received from reading your book Israel on the thorn flesh. It has turned our life back to our creator and His purpose from the beginning. I have a lot to share with you in the near future. My life is changed to be a bible believer. Thank you for reaching us here at _____. Remember me and my country in your daily prayers. We need your spiritual help! Your brother in _____,

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello Rav Nate, How are you today? _____ is going to held public seder passover for their first time. There are so many people who have been invited to attend. God willing, you can support us with wine and unleavened bread.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, How is mum on this season? I was been praying for you for the last two days. There are lives helped spiritually through your work and I need them start bearing fruits. Some of them have already joined a Church and others are thinking to join like my _____ who is pursuing a degree in _____. Pray with me that _____ be saved. _____ is supplying a great number of your booklets in _____ but not saved. None of us is promised tomorrow!! Today is the day of salvation. Thank you. Your son,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John Marquez, On behalf of the _____ in _____ for your teaching materials, I would like to wishing you and everyone in Follow me ministries family the best blessings on the Passover week. In HaShem’s love,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, We printed out other FMM work on last _____, after _____ payed went with the materials to _____ on _____ morning. We still remember our promise of putting more extra copies in order to cover. In Him,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dad, I wanted to wish you and Mum God’s rich blessings on this passover season. I was given ____ Pamphlets yesterday and distributed them at _____. The need for your teachings is great and this are the countries where you and all your services are needed. I will ask _____, _____ and _____ to send more copies of your teachings into this regions in _____. I believe the teachings materials has much that can collect lives of people who are dieing without knowing Yeshua as their savior. Your daughter and husband

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John and Nate, The passover is a Jewish festival celebrated in commemoration of the release of the Hebrews from the brutal slavery of the ancient Egyptians. There are a total of about ___ Jews by birth who are full members in _____, _____ congregation and _____ congregation here at _____. I understand that this Passover festival holds great significance for the entire Jewish community residing across the world. Passover, which is also known as Pesach, falls on the 15th day of the Nisan month in the Hebrew calendar and lasts till the 21st or 22nd day. This date corresponds in the month of March or April as per the Gregorian calendar. Observed with much pomp and show, Passover celebrations revolve around holidaying, feasting and merry-making. People meet one another and exchange greetings. The more personal touch you give to a greeting, the more special it would be. Please help to bless our Passover meetings in Africa!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John, I just woke this morning with you strongly in my heart. I was encouraged by the work you are doing. My Church is praying to join you soon. Please keep us in your contact. Amen! In Christ (Messiah)

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John, Hope you and Mary are doing good today. I am still pushing life in prison but hope to end in the coming Month. I and my friends here wanted to wish you a spring fresh with new promises and a Passover blossoming with joy. We love you all! Blessed Passover/2014,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Shalom to you John! Wishing all the joys of the Passover holiday to you and those you hold dear! May you be blessed with happiness, prosperity and peace and good health on Passover and always. Happy Passover!

 FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Good morning John, We have so many things to be thankful for. Praise God that our sister there Mary is doing better every day since surgery. We are always on your website learning new things daily. God bless you and continue to keep you running on the race of His good news. See you one day!

 FROM AFRICA:  Brother, The _____ has received the $____ you sent through _____. Shalom to you. You will receive the pictures. HaShem bless!

 FROM EUROPE:  Dear Dad… Thank you also for your faithfulness and efforts in the ministry of Discipleship in training and printing… Again I and my congregation wish you Passover blessings!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Please thank you and thank you for willing to continue to be obedient to the high calling of God. I am blessed to be a part of your work in the world. The Passover and Easter report and pictures will be sent to you soon as possible. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I am alone in my room at _____ today praying and studying the no. 50 lesson and will start translating it into _____, _____ and other ___ languages before next week. I will send all translations to be printed next week on _____. Amen!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear customers Bro. John and _____, on this Easter holiday. We have printed for free ______ copies of your booklets starting Gen to Exodus. This is our way of appreciating your work and relationship with us. Thanks a lot. Yours,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, Be encouraged my dear spiritual friends for all Mum is going through. I believe that Father is the control of our lives. He is our creator and refuge. He is the way, life and truth. There is nothing impossible to Him. Look, how we met (a miracle). Things have happened since that our tongue cannot be able to explain all. I thank Father that He has prepared our life together until we are ready to serve Him to death. The way people of Africa are responding to FMM teachings, motivates me very much that the work of our Messiah the Lord must continue… Hallelujah! We are praying for you Dad! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Our prayers always are with you! The FMM and Adat families in Africa have never ceased to pray for your family especially the illness for Mom. We received a text message today from _____ in _____ that heard from you that she was not feeling well on this passover season. We are sorry for that. May His precious blood cover her life and bring complete heal! Let her know that she is not alone! We will continue to keep her in prayers. We have a lot of love to you all and we pray you to be filled with strength of a youth one so you may continue to help many lives to come unto repentance in Yeshua Messiah. We love you dear with our lives! Shalom passover, Daughter

FROM AFRICA:  Pastor, We are the small ministry here in _____.We would like to partnering with you. We are inviting you and your Ministry here in _____. Waiting to hearing from you,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Jon, Thanks a lot for your reply to me. What I mean to partnering is to have been connected with you that we can be friends in the ministry of our Jesus. Two, I know about you and I need your materials to be also send to me for reading. Do not worry that you are the small ministry. Lets be connected. You never (know) what God is planning for you.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother _____, Thank you for being interested to Follow me ministeries teachings. On behalf of the founder Dad John Marquez (USA) and FMM families – Africa, I would like to welcome you to FMM teaching network. You are free to use our materials from the website. Blessings

FROM AFRICA:  Hello brother _____, Again, thank you! The teaching materials you wanted to be send to you through the mail address you gave in _____, everything you need, its available on website. Please go there and be very free to print for you and your people. I wanted you to know that there are other brothers from _____ who contacted FMM earlier in ____. They are already using the materials to teach their congregation. Please contact the coordinator for _____, brother _____ at email: ______. He will give you more assistance locally that you may need there. Have a great day,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear _____, This is a very good news to me That now I am in the Family of FMM. Thanks for your warmly welcome. I am ready for this work of God to spread here in _____. I therefore happy to be using the resources here at home. If all will be well with you there hope it will be good to recieve the teachings through our Mailling address here in _____. My Mailling Address is _____.Hope this will be in our mother language translated here at home for easily understood with people here. All this will happen (in) time to come as we go. I am very greatfull for this.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear John, It is with great humble to see your reply, _____ wrote to me and I replied and send a copy of that e-mail to you too. Thanks for welcoming me in this Family of FMM. It is my desire and my ambition to see people reached with your Teachings through your materials. Love and Prayers,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved spiritual Dad John, Almost two years ago, I was been writing to you being at _____. But now , I`m back at _____. This is my original country. I thank God who brought me on your way. I am blessed through your teachings. God bless! Since then, I am always together with _____. He appointed me to receive FMM materials direct from _____ and distribute through our country . I am been doing this by other brothers and sisters whom God leaded them also to contact you in the year _____. These are: _____, _____, _____. Thank you for the powerful word of God coming out of you that is transforming different people around the world. We are doing great in spreading the living message printed in your booklets. Your sons and daughters in _____,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Thank you very much. I am sending you the formation of these African regional _____ and local _____ tomorrow before going to my Shabbat service. Greet Mum for us in Africa. Love you! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dearest Dad, It has been a while, but God has been faithful to each other until now! How are you and the family doing today? The Lord Yeshua Messiah has you in our prayers! We believe God who is doing great works in lives of people through Follow me ministries. Please know that you will continue reaching _____ through the strong and united FMM team. The harvest is great! Pray with us! Pray for Follow me ministries team in _____. In Messiah,

FROM ASIA:  Dear servant of God Marquez John, Good Shabbat!! We received your materials __ days ago through the _____ by the name _____ and send some of your books today to our churches in _____, _____, _____ and _____ in _____. _____ in Europe, _____ and _____ and will send books to other places who need them badly. Thanking you brother to be humble enough! In His service,


And there you have it – God’s simple and yet profound method of making disciples – people who will simply respond when He leads, do what He says, and trust Him for any and all provision they need.  Yeshua said it best when He said, “Truly I tell you ,anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” (Mark 10:15, Luke 18:17 NIV).  You can so clearly see childlike faith in our mails, can’t you?  Each month’s mail continues to bless and encourage my heart as it reveals that more and more people have been filled with love and praises to our God.  And it’s so beautiful to see how their lives reflect His beauty, faithfulness and holiness.  May each of us follow His commands as we continue to join in the work of the Holy Spirit as He woos people out of the darkness and into His marvelous Light.

So let’s join our brother Paul’s example and “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain. But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you. So you too should be glad and rejoice with me.” (Philippians 2:14-18, NIV)

Your sister,