Dear Ones,

[Yikes!! I just published the July Family News yesterday and noticed that I had neglected getting the June Family News published last month.  I am so sorry for the delay… here’s more mail that will add to our praises – more testimonies of our Father’s great faithfulness, so enjoy…  Love, Nancy]

Let’s begin this month’s mail with an exhortation from John:  “Please intercede on behalf of these dear people. May the Holy Spirit guide their every step to Yeshua’s feet and may He be able to place them in Father’s arms.”

This note was shared with the Pilot Group related to a request sent by one of our beloved FMM family members who is in a place where there is great persecution against believers in Yeshua.  Obviously, He has captured the hearts of those represented in this group, once again affirming that there is indeed nothing impossible to our God, just as He promised:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. (Matthew 5:6 NIV)

Of course, it also remains true that we must be faithful to pray for one another, so please join us honoring our Lord through consistent intercession for this part of our extended FMM family (and for all others in similar situations).

There’s also another email contained in this month’s family mail that fills my heart with a spirit of gratitude once again.  One of our own did a beautiful job of articulating what is difficult to put into words… the marvelous and miraculous way in which our God orchestrates the spread of His Kingdom

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. (I Corinthians 1:27 NIV)

Each one of us who is a part of this amazing and ever growing family of disciples is just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, doing ordinary things that our God turns into an extraordinary work to exalt His Son and expand His Kingdom further and further into the kingdoms of darkness here in time and space.  And that’s why none of us can boast or claim any credit – it’s all His doing so all glory will always be His.

So read and rejoice with me, my beloved family, and lift your hearts in praise to the One to whom all praise is due!


FROM ASIA:  Hi man of God John, We at _____ started receiving and reading your articles, testimonies and booklets in 2012. We have a heart to know the truth way of life. We are continually blessed to hear how this website literally goes into all the world and touches lives of people from every continent. We recently received some of your messages such like Restoring Our Hearts, and, After the Betrothal Reality! And Rebuilding our Relationship booklets from our old friend _____ that has changed our beliefs completely. Please be very close to us as we are making a decision of moving from our traditional old religion….!!!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Rav Nate and Dad…. We are blessed to have a kind, wise and unconditionally loving and true servants of God that we can share both the joy and pain of life with, and who supports us in so many ways and who continues to stretch the boundaries of our hearts and the work He has united our lives. He is so good who put us together to build a dynamic body of Yeshua Messiah in accordance with His Word. I am blessed in serving together our redeemer for healing and repairing lives and equipping every believer with the power of Yeshua to live a true Messianic life. Finally, receive warmly greetings and prayers from the children under my care. Extend greetings to your families and all Saints in AHT Congregation. May the Lord bless you abundantly! Shalom, Shalom!

 FROM ASIA:  Dear John, We were been discussing today of the recent printed booklet called After the Betrothal reality by Author JM, Please it is a prophetic saying book. We must share this message out to the dieing world. Especial to our people in _____. Most of us do worship other things. We are ready to work with you brother JM If there will be away in future. Pray for our lives to know who loved and died for our sins. We shall be following your website for spiritual help!!. Thank you loving brother JM for your commitment in the kingdom. Yours brother,

FROM EUROPE:  Dear beloved Dad, Thank you so much. We are doing fine in _____ and we are glad to hear that Mom is doing better every day. However, we are thankful for a good work you are doing of taking care of her. The process of not remembering things and sometimes blindness of the eyes not to work properly, Its normal for people with diabetics. But this problems ends. We have not forgotten you and Mom in prayers. The love of God and the blood of Messiah protect you and your family forever.

 FROM ASIA:  Great testimonies on your website and awesome teachings through your printed booklets! Thank you!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, You are very well known by the people of Africa mostly_____. Why? Your true teachings!! Have a good day! Peace and blessings

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello Dad, Hope you are all doing well there! First, receive much love and greetings from my friends and people of the countries I have traveled around the world. Dad, you never know how much you are a blessing to Nations of the Earth. Thanks. Daughter

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad… It is 11:45 PM as I`m writing. I`m back in my house from where we went to open a new congregation and prayed a new elder at _____. Before going to bed, I wanted to thank you for your kind words in your email…Yeshua words: Behold, I am making all things new! It is true! Kindly, let me continue from here tomorrow. I have pictures including the _____ trip report to send. Also a new Volunteer who is preparing to take the position of _____ soon. Finally, how is Mum doing today? Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  May you and your family be blessed. I am _____ from _____. Let me say that you touch my life every morning through your site. I am thanking God for you John and also the inspired writings from Nancy and your obedience to the Lord for your work in teaching the Good news. I wake up each morning to your website and your words of encouragement. May you and your family be blessed.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  How are you man of God? I wanted just to say hey to you. Please you continue to be a blessing to me personally and all who are using your website bible study in _____. Thank u and God bless! Have a great blessed day with your family!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Brother John, I`m very much inspired to bless you with the following Scripture verse: ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’   Isaiah 41:10. Amen!

 FROM EUROPE:  Yes! you are my mentor! I have learnt many helpful things from you since. Peace and blessings.

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear brother Marquez John, Hope all is well with you there! The few people who knows you here in _____ sends greetings, prayers and love to you and your family in Omaha. Truly, your words are like a burning fire!!! We cannot see you on this earthly life because of the distance that separates us, but the seed of your words are strong in our lives and will impact lives in our country. We love you dear servant of God.

FROM AFRICA:  Hello Dad, I just want you to know that we are always thinking of you and your devotion to the work of God. I appreciate all that you do for His kingdom. You are very special and I know God is with you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and keep you safe!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Words can not describe the love, support and prayers you just poured to your family in Africa during the time of loss of one member by the name _____ who was serving in _____. Without your kindness and generosity, we would not be able to transport the body back to _____. The people of _____ especially from the village where _____ belongs, were so much thankful and in return sent their respect and love to you. The burial service was conducted by us where _____, _____, _____, _____ and others from _____ spoke a word of encouragement. We prayed over people who were saved and a congregation was started there in the following Shabbat. Please accept our gratitude for your help. _____ took the pictures on behalf of us and said to send them to you. I will ask him today. Finally, how is mum feeling today? Your loving son,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, I and the children, we are doing fine in _____. I just let you know how proud we are of you all and the work you are doing for the Lord. _____’s death founded a congregation that met yesterday Shabbat for the first time. __ people gathered together to worship the name of Jesus (Yeshua) here at my community. We need your continued prayers. Your son in faith,

FROM EUROPE:  Dear Dad, Hope everyone in your family is doing well! I was reading No 51 lesson and read somewhere in the middle about resting in His Perfect, Finished Work. Actually, my spiritual eyes were opened and I hear right now God talking some new things unto my life. Already, we have printed out this lesson and hope It will continue to be helpful to many souls. Thank you!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  GREAT SITE! John, your site is so great! Thanks for making an impact in my life. God bless you richly as you continue to promote the biblical truth.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello Dad, Greetings! You are a man of God with a vision. Many people think that you are living in Africa because of your teaching materials that are scattered everywhere in _____ and other countries. I praise God who gave you wisdom to start _____ in Africa that currently its training many. This is one place in _____ where people do receive encouragements from the word of God. I am thankful for the good service of brother _____. He is so busy in the office since the death of our beloved _____. God is great who has caused this work growing. Hallelujah!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad, What a wonderful time to be alive and to be able to serve Him! We are excited about the possibilities and what God is doing in you and through Follow me ministries. Father has uniquely positioned us to make a difference as we participate in a transformation in the lives of those around the world. We do not know the future but we know we serve a God who has a vision and the strength to accomplish it. Let us prayerful continue seeking His heart!!! Son

 FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Dear brother, Kindly thank you for this precious letter. It is important to me until i printed out some copies for my friends in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Brother Marquez, can you allow us to print some teachings on your website and use it in our Churches in _____ for training? Please know that we will be thankful.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi John, You are a man on a mission with clear grasp of the word of God and prepared by the Holy spirit to being an instrument of Jesus (Yeshua Messiah) Thank u and God bless!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  My dear brother John, I am so excited for how the Lord gave birth to Follow me ministries. This is amazing testimony! I will join you in prayers. May God bless you! Love u!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Greetings to you John and all people you are working with, from _____! I appreciate all you are doing in the Lord. Looking forward to support your ministry.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear founders in the Lord, This is _____, I am from _____, married and blessed with children..  I have been unseen support for Adat HaTikvat and Follow me ministries and a close friend to the late _____. We are saved and Jesus (Yeshua) is our Lord of our life. God spoke to me through a vision in my sleep one day after _____ died and asked me to take the left position at _____. I`m taking my vows and going to become a woman of the Lord. I need your special prayers. I will send you our pictures. Thanks! Your daughter in faith,

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thank you brother Marquez. God has commanded and made your teachings a light for both Jews and the Gentiles that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth. In faith,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dad…it has been a while since i wrote. We are doing well and enjoying all the blessings from FMM website. Anyway, how is mom today? Pass greetings to FMM friends there. My family and the church here sends greetings! Bye!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear dad in the Lord, I have not forgotten your sacrifice and I will not in my life! It was a true relationship that lead to the birth of a congregation in _____. This congregation is on fire. We are very thankful. And we need your prayers! Please receive our love from _____. yours,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad and Rav.. I`m very much excited to be a part Of His great plan through Follow me ministries and Adat HaTikvat Tzion. What wonder! What a privilege! to satisfy His yearning to share all He is Divine, unsearchable riches! With much love from Africa,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hello bro John, This is _____ writing again from _____. A friend of mine here who is working with our office received booklets. He has forwarded to me the effects of Israel’s betrothal to God’s living word. It has the message which is needed in this last corrupted days. Thank you and God bless!

 FROM EUROPE:  Dear Dad, Praise God for the life He has given us today! First, say hey to mum. May the Glory of the Father rest upon your life. Amen!! Your Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear John, our spiritual Dad, I apologize for the delay of pictures but you must receive them all. I pray for you and mom every day! I praise Him for His divine connection. I joined _____ on Monday in order to continue the work left by the late _____. Everything is going on well here. The need from _____ for your booklets for distribution a rises today. Hope my _____ will work with that. Please I will need always your prayers and advice. By God’s love,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, We have not left to follow the new faith found in Christ Jesus through the leading of your books. _____ are still meeting in my house for reading the Holy bible. We write to thank you for the recent visit of _____ who provided us your teaching materials for using in our fellowship. Please thank you and know that you are appreciated very much. Brothers and sisters,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, How is your wife doing? Greet her for me and to the people of _____ who are in fellowship with me. Yes! we received FMM teachings. God bless! In Jesus name,

 FROM ASIA:  I have been hearing about you John and your wonderful teachings from my Pastor. I praise God today that you have blessed my heart through this small booklet rebuilding our relationship that was handed to me by a son-in-law. Thank you for your total dedication to being a true instrument of God.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello the founder John, Greetings from _____. Thanks for your obedience in preaching the word of God through the printed message!

 FROM ASIA:  Dear my brother Marquez John, Your books have been such a blessings to me. Especially, my spirit was overjoyed when I read your book called ‘the effects of Israel’s betrothal to God’s living word.’ Blessings,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear my mentor John, Thanks for your good teachings! I believe you not only stir the believer, but that the unbeliever is coming to faith due to your Follow me ministries teachings. Please we require your services in _____. Brother,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor, I can not wait to tell you that you are amazing! You are a great teacher of the word. Your printed materials are very helpful to us in _____.

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear John Marquez, I received this email address in your small booklet a month ago and was ministered by the Holy spirit. I have never been saved since my birth until I read this book that changed my life forever. Thank you John for your help, God willing, we shall meet face to face on this life if not in the precious next life. Yours,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, Greetings! We received a new order today from _____ with $____ for the printing cost. The booklets will be ready for collection on Wednesday. Thank you. May God bless!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I have been so busy in the last one and half months. Today I arrived from _____. I am in _____ right now heading to _____. I wanted to say hey to you and know how mum is doing. I have brought to you much love and greetings from people who have heard about you. Your daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear our dad… May the Lord increase you and prosper you! Your booklets are doing great in _____. God bless u!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Pastor John, I received your book called More exodus revelation of God’s living word today and It has a lot of hope to me. Thanks.

 FROM EUROPE:  Hello, I greet you servant of God John in the precious name of Messiah (Christ). I wish you were close to embrace you as a sign of appreciation for the good work you are doing through writing books. I write today to inform you that somebody from _____ will be forwarding your printed materials this week to our country. He is very much related. Thanks indeed. I will greet my people in our mid-week meeting held today. Praise the Lord! In his vineyard,

 FROM AFRICA:  Shalom, Shalom to you my Achi John… Hope sister Mary is doing better today! This is to inform you that we received a very good number of Follow me ministries printed materials through _____ today and everything is distributed out to overseers world. Pray that the seed may fall in a good soil. Brother, I do respect your hard working as you continue touching lives around the globe! Peace and blessings.

 FROM AFRICA:  My dear Rav Nate and Dad John in Messiah, I love to tell you that I am learning slowly how to work at _____. This place is so busy and needs me all the time. I enjoy working for the Lord knowing that He is soon coming! Thank you all for your prayers and concern for our growth. Amen! My husband and those working with me sends greetings to you! Have a great day, Shalom

 FROM EUROPE:  The Lord is good always! You are strongly in my thoughts! Do you think I can be any help to Follow me ministries?

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear my beloved mentors Rav Nate and Dad, With our hearts full of love, We once thank you for your continuing support at _____ Africa, where the Love of the Father is expressed in full measure to His creation through His Son Yeshua Messiah. We welcome here everyone, as it is our goal to introduce all mankind to an abundant and everlasting entrance into the Kingdom of God. The place where the Apostle Paul spoke of when He said there would be Peace, Joy and Righteousness in a Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). We know this kingdom does not exist as buildings or mansions, which our natural eyes behold, but it certainly exists. (St. Luke 17:20 & 21) Jesus told the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God is within you and I. Praise God that He continues giving us time to share together a peace that surpasses man’s understanding, a joy that is unspeakable and full of Glory and Righteousness created by God and God alone. You are strongly in my thoughts, prayer and heart! Shalom! Your obedient son,

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hello Pastor Marquez, We recommend the work you are doing and I was leaded recently by the Holy spirit to promote your work in distributing your teaching materials. Keep on bro. In amazing grace,

 FROM AFRICA:  _____ and the children sends greetings to you and mom. More than ____ booklets were again left at my business today. Glory be to God who directed them into our country. We pray for the work that God may cause it to reach the unreached parts of the world.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  I think this might be your booklet (the effects of Israel’s betrothal to God’s living word). Now I can be able to see you on the photo cover. Thank you John and many blessings to you and yours!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Pastor John, Words cannot express the gratitude that our church felt when (we) received your booklets to read two days ago.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Receive our deep love from _____. We value the amazing work that you and FMM are doing in Africa. We bless you and Mum who is always close.  In his grace,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Dad… We had a two days revival meeting together with _____ that ended today. Praise God for you and mom. In Christ,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, God leaded me to start a women group prayer that is praying for you (FMM) and (Adat HaTikvat Tzion congregation) USA and your families! It is true that God does not do anything spiritual in this world without the prayers of His saints. I learn through the history of the church that whenever there was a praying generation, work of God was found to be progressing. Whenever prayer was lacking, work of God suffered in equal proportion. There is no exception to this rule. Behind every major revival in the church, there was a praying church. Even today a mighty revival sweeping through the nations of the world, it can be brought about by a praying church. Yes! We have a God who answers prayers! Need your prayers and love you with my heart dear Dad. Nevertheless, we are more happy working under your leadership. With love from Africa, Daughter

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear Apostle John, over ____ copies of “More Exodus revelation of God’s living word” book has been received here in _____. We have already given out ____copies in _____ and another ____ copies in _____. We are wondering if you have CD’s so that we can also duplicate them and pass out. We so appreciate the prayers of God’s people, that these soul winning tools will bring many souls to our Lord and Savior. Sisters

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John, I read about two pages of the portal in the wilderness this morning, It left me crying! Be blessed man of God!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Many times changes come. But, this will be the time the Lord defines and adjusts us to move forward. In all, we have to be in prayer as the transition takes place. We live in the last days when there is full of lies and deception in the world where arrogance and evil ambitions is the main motivation for many and the darkness of the night is the only safe heaven for the crushed souls. It is our hope that the man of the soil will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God through the same Gospel of Yeshua Messiah that true men and women of God are committed preaching! Press on my Dad!!! Have a great day! Son

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Pastor John, I really can’t thank you enough for helping me through reading your books out of leading a ruined life. I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Follow me ministries. Thanks again.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother, How is your family doing in the Lord today? Has my sister recovered? Your teachings is helping millions of lives here in Africa. I have some friends from few parts of Africa who testifies about this. People need this books in this region . They are hungry for the word and need Jesus (Yeshua). I checked this morning at _____ and found no copies left there! We are working here in preparation to see that _____ has been given a visa to travel and visit you. We are very sure that he is coming! Shalom, Shalom!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear John, I am interested with all you teach either through your website or the printed work. I was been receiving your teaching books from friends in _____ but recently I discovered that anything on the paper it is on the Follow me ministries website. Therefore, I am blessed and enjoying more the blessings from the site. I will continue printing through the help of a business lady in my church. Amen!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Follow me ministries Prophet John, We have and are still using some of your booklets here at our ministry in _____. We founded the teachings to be so helpful to both our youths and adults. Blessings to you and your wife. In Christ’s love,

 FROM AFRICA:  I am glad to greet you and _____ in the name of Jesus Christ (Messiah)! My family is doing fine in the Lord as well as the believers. I am writing to inquire If there is FMM printed materials left in the office to be mailed to me for the high demand from my people who most of them have no access to the internet. The booklets that _____ left with me here has been shared all. Please do for me a favor. Thanks! Your brother in Christ,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother, We thank you for your kind request. We are sorry that at this time we cannot help you to meet your need there! All the booklets were distributed out at this time and more than ____ people are online asking for our FMM materials. I will forward your request to other leaders in Follow Me ministries for prayer. Greet your children and the congregation there under your leadership. In His service,

FROM ASIA:  Thank you. I inquired to know the cost of printing a copy and found to be so expensive! I will only read myself.

 FROM EUROPE:  John, “Fantastic!! I am really fascinated by what we’ve learn t from your Pamphlets like “More Exodus revelation of God’s living word, and, Training disciples for show time and, the Removal of sin-residue. 

FROM AFRICA:  Dear friend my Dad in the gospel of Messiah…. Hug for me Mum please! We are a small Follow me ministries family-minded ministry but Glory be to God that we are reaching out to draw all men (whosoever will) to Him, because the time of His return is soon and the signs of His return are being seen daily through the weather, the earth, the wickedness in control and the falling away of the Saints from God’s ways to the world’s manipulations. So It’s our time to rest in the Lord, and seek His face now like never before. Shalom! Blessings!Son

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John, The testimony you have given here about how FMM began, it is beyond human understanding unless you are a rich person able to pay all this people involved to the work of distribution. How did you become connected with _____? Why I say this, I learn from your website that you have NO Staff… And I know some rich ministries with the world’s richness but they have not yet reached the world. Your style of work team is quite different and you and Follow me ministries. I would like to recommend everyone to learn from you for what God is mightily doing through you. I pray for you.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…To God be the glory! I was telling God how much I love Him today and Am grateful for you! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom to you John! Thank you brother. We are here doing everything we can to promote the work of distribution networking. Know that the need for your printed books arises up every day. Last time, we distributed out ____ more FMM copies than any time. We pray for the Lord of harvest to bring in more people for the work of printing costs. Hallelujah in His name!

 FROM AFRICA:  Brother John, We value your work very much. We trust our self for doing an excellent work and care for everyone!!! We are always the same. This is to inform you that your order is already packed waiting for your people for picking…Thanks!

 FROM AFRICA:  Good Teachings! Hello, “As long as it is day, we must do the works of Him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” John 9:4

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hello brother Marquez, It is good news to hear that you do care about us. Thank you! I was been looking to read a July letter from Timothy, but not seen it. Why? Finally, we received some hundreds of your booklets through ____. Your sister, ____

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi John, I was reading your book Rebuilding our relationship separation or unity the other night and couldn’t put it down. I almost finished it in one night! I’m really excited now to God leading me to Follow me ministries.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Shalom! I wanted to email you last night but I spent the night and still today with a friend from my area who was converted to a believer in Yeshua and speaks _____ language. He is helping in translating FMM materials to the language…


In closing, I’d like to share another note from John…

This is what has been developing during the last 3 years: The list of congregations and groups that ask to be included on our FMM distribution list keeps on growing. We have more distributors and more helping hands. And we have more people that want the booklets. But the number of our regular financial supporters remains pretty much the same. So now we’ve reached a point where the funds I have to send for helping out with the printing and travel and other ministry expenses is not enough to keep up with the demand and need for our booklets.

So would you please join me in prayer? Let’s ask Father to increase our support base even as He increases the demand for what He keeps giving us to share with other people!

“Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them in pairs ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come. And He was saying to them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Go; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.’” (Luke 10:1-3)

Closing now, one lamb to the others.  May our Heavenly Father richly bless and keep you… may His Face shine upon you, and may you always find rest in His everlasting arms,

Your sister, Nancy