Family News – May, 2014

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

You will see in this month’s mail an amazing testimony of our God’s work in us and through us!  As we all sadly recall, one of our dear sisters lost her physical life this month through a tragic and unexpected accident.  But, of course, her spiritual life has never been fuller as she is now rejoicing with her Lord and Savior at His glorious throne, sitting at His beautiful, pierced feet and gazing upon the beauty of His holiness!

While I was compiling the mail, it became so clear to me that our Heavenly Father has truly knit us together in His eternal Blood Covenant in such a way that the Holy Spirit has been able to connect us in the same manner that He connected the disciples centuries ago.  We’re actually seeing the same kind of love and commitment that the book of Acts describes among the disciples of that day.  And it puts me in awe once again that this great and mighty God has invited us to be an integral part of His working on the earth in these last days.

In a worldly sense, it truly defies explanation that a group of people from countless countries and peoples and nations and languages can have such a deep love for one another whether we know each another or not.  It’s clearly not the way of the world… but it certainly is the way of the Kingdom of our Beloved Yeshua being revealed in us and among us.  So may you be blessed and encouraged as you read the testimonies, and may He continue to build His Kingdom one blood bought disciple at a time!

For His glory,

Your sister, Nancy

FROM AFRICA:  Dear mentor, You are a blessing to me and our ministry here in _____. Thank you for your committed service. Love you! Here is a picture from my _____ and _____ with my _____. God bless

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I wanted to inform you that I moved with my family to _____. Henceforth, you will be receiving my emails from here. Thank you.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello brother John, This is _____ and his _____ together with the _____ picture. We are standing with you in distributing teaching materials, prayer and love. Enjoy please to see us all! In Him,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear mentor John, It is good to hear from you! Your message to me is very wonderful. I will continue to pray for you and the work of teaching. You are doing more than….. Really this is the work of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless! Amen!

 FROM AFRICA:  Praise the Lord man of God! This _____ you can see here on the picture loves you so much. Every _____ we do share your lessons. Our last teaching was The polarity of God’s perfect blessings. This coming _____, we are going to start with the booklet The serpents lie and the fall of man Be blessed. Have a good day! Keep my _____ in prayers as we are working together in speeding the word of God in _____. Yours in Christ,

 FROM AFRICA:  “As part of God’s New Covenant Royal Priesthood, we must be rigorously trained to know our true identity and purpose in this fallen world. We must learn to maintain our focus and fulfill our purpose at all times, under any circumstances. We are here to serve as the faith-filled points of entry for God’s Word and Spirit to enter the time and space Wilderness dimension. And the Word and the Spirit are here to reveal God’s Glory and dispense His Grace and pronounce His Blessings upon His mortally Sin-wounded, corrupted Creation, through our focused, steady, Spirit-empowered New Covenant faith! God is here, working in us and through us…to save, redeem and restore everything!”

 Dear Dad, I have gone very quickly on the teaching No.51 that you sent out today and wanted to thank you that it’s an awesome lesson! This message above was written to me to do His will, O God…. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, we always enjoy your Follow me ministries materials. Your materials are providing uplifting and life-changing inspirational booklets to be used throughout every facet of everyone’s life. Your booklets may be small in size, but their words speak volume!!! This round, _____ requested thousands copies of the following booklets, The ever present danger of Idolatry, The pool of Siloam, My Christ life testimony, broken people in broken world, The beautiful oasis, Moses goes to boot (camp), The head-less world system, portal in the wilderness, Exodus 50. The tenth commandment pt. 2 of 2, The living word appears again, The war between light and darkness and other 54 different teachings in print. This order already is out and with _____. Blessings,

 FROM AFRICA:  How are you Dad? The message in your books continues to inspire many lives. God is in control. This week we distributed up to _____. _____, _____ and _____ were among the translations. Daughter

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Receive Shabbat shalom from _____. I started Shabbat service for the first time in _____ today and I was excited. I will send you an email regarding tomorrow’s _____ leaders meeting. God has spread both FMM and AHTZ like fire…

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad…Thank you servant of God. Since Father put us together, I have learnt that any ministries or congregation succeeds not because it’s long established or big, but because there are men and women in it, who live it, sleep it, dream it and build great future plans for it. So we have to prepare ourselves to allow God to take us into brand new territory. Old habits and patterns and comfort zones will have to be forsaken, crucified, buried and left behind. His true followers must prepare for that change which is very essential and never-ending need in any congregation. Then, if we think the ministry of proclamation is about pulpits, preaching styles, worship services, we fail to understand the redemptive mission of God. It is far more loving and sacrificial than that.

 A congregation that cannot change, even in deep ways, has put their personal comfort ahead of the needs of lost people outside the congregation. We should strike out on the new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. It is our time to do what we believe in and follow where there is no path. However, the future of FMM depends on what we do at present. Once again, thank you for making a positive difference into lives of the broken hearted among the nations of the world. In the love of Yeshua, Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…. I am more excited for your beautiful words! Kindly, help me to know all elders of AHTZ Congregation on the Face book? I am praying for my trip to _____ to be _____ or early _____! Say hey to Mum, your Dad, my sister Katie and brother Frank. Do not forget also our dear pilot group. Thanks a lot…. Son

 FROM EUROPE:  My name is _____ in _____. I use Pastor John Marquez books very much. I use my Christ life personal testimony, The ever present danger of Idolatry, Exodus 50 the tenth commandment pt2 of 2, Our fathers rescue mission and ___ Bags full of other books… The books were printed on our _____ language. I will share the books with my friends in _____, _____ and _____, I pray I could absorb all that, live it and teach it. God bless John, God bless Follow me ministries.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… This is a great question. I am so happy for that! He is _____ from the _____. _____ said that he believes Yeshua and he attends the _____. He was connected to us through our booklets and he is a close friend to _____. Therefore, he does translation while we print and transport from _____. I have asked him to write to you. Hallelujah! The Good news of Yeshua must be spread up to the 4 corners of the world, then, the end comes! In the beauty of His Holiness, Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi, Hope mom is doing better! _____ every time he trains people he wants them understand the value of Follow me ministries and its teachings. Keep up the good and lovely work of God. God is good brother John! I enjoy our relationship daily as I read your booklets and share its teaching with others. Hope to meet you sometimes on this life.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear our founder/ Dad John, Everything is going on well with _____ here in _____. There is still more people coming for our services every day. _____ went off for one week to meet his family. Daughter

FROM EUROPE:  May the Lord be praised my brother John! I am _____, married to _____ and blessed by children and grandchildren. I am working for a _____ in _____. I am more than happy to know you through your books. I was in _____ recently and blessed to meet with sir _____ who in return welcomed me into _____ where I found good things there! After that, I asked them to allow me to interpret FMM teachings from _____ to _____.

 Thus, we should be appreciative of the great spiritual Website and source of inspiration that has come to us through the FMM teachings, yet readers the world over have recognized for the 3 years that the message has come to us for our salvation. The news to you is that God loves you and my believe is that He will take this fire and truth throughout the country of _____ and beyond before He returns. I have more to write to u next and we thank God who has connected us. Glory to God!

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John, How are you doing today? First of all, I wanted to thank you and Nancy for the May, Timothy post. It is really awesome discipleship teachings. I recommend every leader and every believer to read and read until you become a true discipleship of Messiah. Thank you Timothy. Thank you John and Nancy. You have amazing website that meets each one’s spiritual needs. I am thinking if it can be possible to email me new teachings for printing. God bless.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear John, _____ roots… This is good! Brother _____ was also introduced to me by a friend. He attends _____ at _____ not here. Later he came to know brother _____ at _____. The man was touched very much with FMM AND AHTZ teachings and was moved to translate it for his people at _____. So as _____ receives a new teaching from you he sends him to translate. He is a _____ and loves to spread the Gospel of Yeshua Messiah. Thanking you brother!

 FROM EUROPE:  Very good John. That is good to know. I was pleased to hear from you and to know that you are related to the _____. You are really my brother ….and I received the most welcome when I visited your office at _____. Your _____ there  told me about you and Nate. I was moved very much for what both you are doing in ______. I wanted my people in _____ to read what you are teaching. This is how I started translating your teachings. Its printed in _____ and transported direct to us through _____. I am very much willing to work with you both. I am again honored If I will be allowed to translate Adat HaTikvat website!

 I am the _____ of a _____ with branches all over the world. I am always very, very busy. But I will tell you when I have time to do It. You can tell me what Nate wants to be translated on his website. Moreover, I will write to him if i get time. God bless you.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…Hope all is well with you there! I am with _____ at home since the week started and we had been with good time together with the children. I cannot forgot to thank you for your open heart, great love and always advice to us and to the people of _____. I am writing once again fascinated by the fact that there is always something positive and wonderful to thank and bless you. Yes, you are growing in wisdom, spiritual stature and in favour with God and man. Thank God for the gift of a Dad we can bless, a Dad who is one of God’s magnificent trees of righteousness, a Dad who has a clear vision of where he is going and a strong commitment to his Biblical values. We praise God that your life is being lived in Biblical values.

 We are also excited that you have a hunger for God to save the perishing world. Paul expressed some of our prayers for you when he said, “I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can see something of the future he has called you to share. I want you to realize that God has been made rich because we who are Messiah have been given to him! (Ephesians 1:18) Praise God! Your Daughter

 FROM AFRICA:  Shabbat Shalom to you beloved Dad…Let me begin by saying my deepest thanks to you for your words of encouragement that never fail to inspire and push me further to continue to be a blessing to more people. Truly, there is no greatness without a passion to be great (a small group of thoughtful people could change the world). Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dad, Greet for us here your family, Follow me ministries and Adat HaTikvat Tzion and finally FMM Pilot group. Shabbath shalom. Your loving son,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved friends Rav Nate and Dad….We are working to grow Adat HaTikvat Tzion and Follow- me- ministries families in _____. We are using the new ways of evangelizing. At _____,

1. We try our best to establish genuine relationship with people. – Learn each name, share with them a cup of coffee and finally say it is good to see you.

2. We provide every visitor a new packet which contains full information of your ministry beliefs, vision/goal, contacts etc.

3. We invite each visitor to attend our Shabbat service.

4. Your pictures are on our Bulletin board that whoever visits or passes will see you easily as the founders.

5. Follow up the names.

6. We offer a Bible training where people come to learn and connect each other.

Reaching the unchurched is the real challenge, but will reap the most rewards! One of the main problems is that people spend too much time “preaching to the choir” instead of actually reaching out beyond their walls and comfort zone. In today’s world, yes people need Messiah, but very few are really reaching out to the lost. Unchurched people do not care about heaven or hell. They do care about their bad marriage, past due bills, losing a job, the economy, a child on drugs, a mother that is dying, etc. The solution to growing any congregation is found in understanding what ideally each individual member wants and needs answers too. In the splendor of His holiness, Son

FROM EUROPE:  Pastor John, I received one of your book “Gods foundational pattern” We have much love to Israel. However, we have found your website with full messege of what we believe. Please you have what we are missing. Can you allow us to use your site on training and teaching? We will be happy If we will hear from you!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Once again, May I wish you the best blessings to you and Mary your dear wife!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John. Thank you for obeying the call for Follow me ministries that is committed to the Presence of God Himself and the revelation of the finished work of the Cross. Thank you and God bless!

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hello, this is another Month my brother that we have seen again the hand of God taking care with us in the life of the prison. I am counting my days and soon I will be out of prison and free to only serve God. It is good that we received other literature Pamphlets, tracts and books among John Marquez writings on last Friday. Let me repeat again that you have been blessing me and not only me, but others in the jail. Thanks for praying us to continue holding faith in Christ. It is very good and good to know you. Thank you for your loving heart. Amen!

FROM THE CARIBBEAN:  Dear Rev John, I have been ill and I thank God for His grace and mercy for healing me. I wanted to tell you that the conference that came at our area on February __ went well. Your Apostle _____ shared to us the message direct from your books. John, I have a question for you, how do you get the message that you write beginning from the book of Genesis? A theologian guy cannot have such message in his/her mind? I am curious to know! Your message burns ones heart!!! Father, thank you for bringing your servant John into my life. Lord have mercy on me! Thank you John. Your humble servant,

FROM ASIA:  Again, God has directed your books to come into my state. Yesterday, I met with _____ distributing freely and I was lucky to receive __ books in use at street evangelism. My people speak _____ and English. Great teachings that brings in an automatic recovery for those who are tired, worn out and burned out by religion. Thank you John.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother and servant of God JM, God is doing His marvelous miracles. We thank God who leaded your materials to be printed by us. God bless! We printed out your booklets and It was transported to _____ yesterday by _____. Anyway, I just wanted to say hey to you and Mary!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, It has been a little while. How is sister Mary? My husband is not doing well. He got back from the hospital where he has been about 3 weeks now. I thank Adat and Follow me ministries families in Africa for their support of prayers. As you know I wanted to travel up to USA this Month but It seems that things may change because of the fresh wound on his body. _____ received FMM materials last Sunday evening and hope _____, _____ and _____ have distributed as It is needed. Hug for me sisters, Nancy, Brenda, Doris, Sandra, Patrick and many others not mentioned here. My husband sends greetings to you. He needs your prayers! Your sister,

FROM EUROPE:  Hello, I really liked the message you brought through your books such as the war between light and darkness, the human races and restoring our hearts and it was very awakening. When I opened your site, I was also burned by the message of Timothy in his letter. Good work!! God bless!

FROM EUROPE:  Dear Pastor John, I can’t think of any other time in my life where a book had such an immediate impact like this book. “The grand invasion begins”. It changed my perspective on not only how I live my life, but how I treat others, and plan for my own success. One of the overarching questions in the book is: What is the purpose of life? Yours sister,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  My Achi John, May I thank YAHWEH who gave you wisdom and understanding of His word. Again, he brought to your teachings _____ and our brother _____ and others for distribution networking. The cities of _____ are almost covered by your printed teachings. I am blessed to know you and to be a part of what YAHWEH is doing through Follow me ministries in the world. Shalom to you!

FROM CENTRAL AMERICA:  Dear Rev John, Greetings from your brothers in _____. I still have you and your ministries in prayers. We received some booklets and this is why I have written to you. They are freely given out. God bless u mightily.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, Our Follow me ministries and Adat HaTikvat Tzion families together with _____ in _____ Africa are deeply saddened to inform you that our volunteer got an accident this morning on her way to _____ and passed away. She comes from _____ and stays in _____ with the husband and children. She joined _____ on _____. Currently, she was keeping records, files, teaching distribution and other general work in the office. We are sorry!

FROM AFRICA:  Dad…This is to say that I am deeply sorry for the loss of our dear sister and friend by name _____ who met an accident in our morning time when she was on her way to work. I was scheduled today to speak at _____ in _____ when I received this report. She was so lovely and with a good smile to whoever who visits. Dad, I was with her yesterday until when she left for her home. None expected all this to happen…. I will write more about her testimony since she joined Adat HaTikvant Tzion and Follow me ministries families in Africa in the next email. Son,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  We do receive your books after two weeks being brought by _____ of the _____. We thank God who always keeps our relationship. Amen!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear brother, Thank you for your message. I have been wondering about my name if it will be published. This will put once life in danger especially from the regions we are coming from. Most of people out here believes _____ and _____. They love evil deeds. Brother, we need you to continue helping us. About __ days, I visited your site, It is full of God’s help. I cannot forget to thank you for the letter from Timothy. Very challenging please! Keep up ! Pray for me and my family and also the nation of ____. God richly bless. In his name,

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad. _____ reported the work, late on _____. And he with _____ and _____ distributed your teaching materials. I was happy to see an _____ known as _____, who is on the flight to _____. And others went to Four different directions of the world. Thank God that there is somebody who cares for your transportation. His name is Messiah. Your daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Dad and Rav Nate… I will take care of everything that belongs to Follow me ministries and Adat HaTikvat Tzion families in _____ of Africa. Our rooms are small but still continues to serve people. We have much good in the future. We started a Sabbath service here where _____ is a teacher. He has been attending at the congregation of _____. But now, His congregation is called _____ where both Jews and Gentiles are attending. He recently told us that he is planning a trip to visit you at Omaha and after he has come there, Rav Nate with his team and others from FMM are going to visit Africa from USA. People still needs a library very much and I thank Nancy who has shipped some things to our library. However, I am the person that people meets daily at _____. Therefore, If there is something you want to know or give advice and sometimes you cannot reach _____ or _____ quickly…Please I can help! I does the distribution of your printed teaching materials out every week and keep everything in files. Finally remember my husband in prayers for he gives me freedom of doing all such things. I know our rewards awaits us in heaven! Once again, God bless you all! Thanks! Shalom, Sister and daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brothers Nate and John,I cannot get this sweet sister out of my mind. _____’s death breaks down tears!!!

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… _____ was well committed! We loved her very much but God loved her more! May the Lord protect his family. With love

FROM AFRICA:  It is 11:13 PM as I am writing. Thank you and thank you for your love! I wanted again to appreciate for your special donation of $_____ you sent that _____ will give me tomorrow. Know that I have much to thank you. I and my children will remain faithful in Follow me ministries and Adat HaTikvat Tzion congregation. Please keep praying for us as we plan to take her body back in _____ my original home. Dear our brother John, Thank you for writing to me especially times like this. I cannot know how to say. But through the words she wrote to you above, I am totally encouraged that Father is with us. For now thank you all.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you very much for your prompt help. I will forward $____ to _____ and his children tomorrow morning. I will tell about the rest funds also tomorrow after we have meet with others in leadership. _____ and her husband came to _____ seeking a living (job). Now imagine, she was happy serving God from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Daily without pay! Her body must be transported back to _____ for burial. I will just inform you at every step we move forward. Thanks! Blessings, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dad… You are so dear to the people of Africa. Not all who have a heart ready to help like yours. You have been a good example to us! It is a loss but _____ will remain encouraged in the Lord. Thanks for the great support. In his love,

FROM CENTRAL AMERICA:  I am sorry to hear about the death of a sister in the Lord in Africa. That the lady was serving in your office. I call It a terrible loss! I will pray for you and your family in Africa. I will write to you again soon. Sister in the Lord,

FROM EUROPE:  Please let FMM and Adat HaTikvat Tzion in Africa accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of a co-worker in the headquarter at _____. I heard that she was loved by everyone who knew her and will be deeply missed. Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  I am sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter who is also our sister. I will never forget the wonderful times I shared with _____ at _____. Her memory will live on in my heart forever.

FROM AFRICA:  I thank you brother John for the $____ you donated to me and my children. Truly, It meant a great deal to us. _____ used to talk about you and how close FMM & Adat HaTikvat Tzion congregation were. Anyway, I know she loved you all dearly!! Please pray that things may go well until her body will be shipped up to _____. I am still waiting the report from _____. Thank you again for your support and prayers during this difficult time.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi John, My names are _____ from _____. I am a brother to _____. We were born two only by our late parents and I am the elder son in our family. I am __years old and _____ is __ old. His wife _____ was __ old and also an orphan born alone in a family. Her parents died earlier being with __ years old. They moved to _____ because _____ was a _____ and wanted a good pay. They have been in _____ about One year and two Months. All of us comes from a poor family without any resources to help times like this. I thank you friends for a great love you have shown to us and to the people of _____ and Africa at large! _____ and _____ were not registered by the embassy of _____. That means no support will come from any Government to ship the body home. We are thankful for the support of $____ received from you today. I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of _____. It is hard to lose a loved one especially a wife in the house. She loved her family and the Lord very much. As believers we have the Hope and Faith that we will meet again. My brother, We still need you! Thank you. Yours faithfully,

 FROM AFRICA:  On behalf of the company, I send our condolences to the family of _____. I knew _____ in my first time I visited _____ when opened their offices at _____. She was a kind woman to her family and to everyone in the office. I am so sorry that FMM and Adat has missed a good minister. We will send to a donation of $____ today. Daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brothers Nate and John, We are still working with the preparation for postmortem surgery on Monday before her body proceeds to _____ where she will be buried next week. We are going to transport the body by ground travel to _____ which is about ____ miles away. The $____ you sent to _____, $____ were taken to pay the printing cost for the new order that will be transported from _____ to _____ for the people who are waiting for the materials. And the remaining $____ must be used on the preparation of _____. We decided to pay for the printing because there were many people on the line who waits. Another point, up to now we have managed to collect from friends and others $____. We pray to receive more so that we will be able to pay postmortem fee, hospital mortuary fee, shipping the body to _____ and burial services then back to _____. 

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I spent the whole day today in the office. There were many people who came in to know how It happened. I will write down this report to you. Seems that everyone from near and far have all heard about the death of _____. Today we received $____ from _____, _____ and other mourners around. We expect to get more as we are supposed to pay all expenses. I payed $____ for cost printing and the balance will be used on going preparation. Our God is Big! If all goes well, postmortem will be done on Monday, then we start our journey to _____ whereby we will arrive there on Tuesday. The burial place will be at _____ on Wednesday. Hope we will know exactly what is there in the next days. Your son,

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom brothers Nate and John and other friends, I am doing nothing here but grieving for my dear wife _____!! I wanted to write one email to you all thanking you for your generously help. I was been paid very little which was not even enough for paying the house rent, our foods and school fees for the children. During the death of my wife; I had been spent everything. Therefore, I pray for my brothers and sisters here and in USA to continue help me transport the body of my dear wife _____ on Monday to bury her at _____. Please brother John and Rabbi Nate, Nancy, Doris, Brenda, Denny and many, many others that I do not know there. I will not forgot to thank you in my life.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  John, I`m from _____. Your website its wonderfully inspired by the Holy spirit. You have high remarks. It is a joy to start working with you.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  I’ve read a booklet on the story of your personal testimony and touched me deeply. I felt the need to contact you and thank you for sharing your testimony. It has helped me in ways I cannot describe. It’s easy to see the passion you have for the word of God in the way you speak. May God continue to bless you and your family. I wish I will do something for you.

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi J. Marquez, I would just like to mention that yesterday I found your book in a bookstore called the two human races and Exodus 51 after betrothal reality. I cannot put down the books; it’s wonderful. I love the honesty and situations that have been collected in the book. It inspires me to just get closer to God to move. I want to know Him intimately. Thanks John. Can you visit us at _____? Your brother,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How is mom today? I am writing from _____. We are morning for FMM/ADAT Volunteer sister _____. She was a good friend and committed lady in serving God at _____. It is a total loss! I and my congregation donated something $____ for _____ and his children.

FROM AFRICA:  My friend John, I and my wife, we are sorry for the sadden death of _____. When we repeated your office on April, _____ became a great friend of us. Also sorry for the FMM and Adat family to miss a good sister in work. $____ sent to his family (____ and children)

FROM AFRICA:  Hello brother, It is sorrow and loss to for us all! But the work of God must continue. This is to inform you that the wife of _____ paid the company $____ today and transported the Follow me ministries teaching booklets to _____. _____ talked with me few seconds ago that he received the booklets and already he has distributed out. It was a translation of 18 different languages spoken in the world. God bless you!

FROM AFRICA:  Praise God! We arrived safely at _____. Everything It is going on well. The burial day is tomorrow. We are a team from _____. God bless you. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…I understand the hard times Mum is passing through but thanks to God who gives us strength to endure challenges and the opportunity to grow in spiritual maturity. We ask God to help us learn to trust Him when we go through difficult times. God is very close to you! Say hi for us! Amen! I wanted to thank you for your great support for the funeral and burial of _____. She was a good woman full of God’s faith. We returned yesterday night and today I`m resting at home. You will receive more photos from us as soon as possible in order to show our family there. I`m writing a report to send of how things started up, to its end. Once again, thanks for a new lesson… The love of God,

FROM AFRICA:  Hello my brother John, I do not know how to start thanking you? But let me pour my heart to you and Its deep love for what you did that has brought much of God’s glory and honor and praise to my community. All your support and what you did to transport the body of _____ from _____ was read out loud by _____ and _____. It really went up to the climax where everyone started declaring to join Follow Me ministries. They have left us with a strong passion…. I will remain in _____ and continue serving the congregation the Lord has birth. Hope _____ will write more. God bless u! Shalom,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I and my family here in _____ was reminded by the Holy spirit today to pray for Mum. May the Lord Messiah bless her with a new strength from above. Once again, we rebuke the diabetic to leave her in Yeshua mighty name! We are back from _____. BUT, we do not know how thank you enough for your special support that if without you, _____ our sister will be still be unburied. Amazing love!! Hope _____ will send a report regarding our trip to _____ and then back to _____. _____ will send the pictures. Much regards,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How are you today? Good morning to you all!! We have already done with our Shabbat service today. Started translating the 51. After the Betrothal…Reality! first into _____ language then up to 6 other languages. This lesson will be send for printing by tomorrow Sunday. And the booklets will be ready by Monday. The translating is done by 7 people… I will send the report after because of being busy now. Thanks! Son

One final thought to leave you with – another testimony that our God’s ways are clearly not our ways… You’ve no doubt noticed several notes from North America this month.  These people became aware of FMM because John sent teachings to Africa where they were printed and distributed, then some of them found their way back here to the USA.  I love the way He works out His purposes, don’t you?  What a great and mighty God we serve!