Dear Ones,

We have another month’s “mailbag” filled with the well-deserved praises of our God!  Before going much further in sharing this month’s Family News, I want to share a note that the pilot group received from John and then I need to clarify a couple of subtle but necessary changes in how I prepare our mail for publication.

A note from John:

Dear ones…what we see developing in the Follow Me Family that none of us could have imagined or planned to create and develop…is a great example of God’s sovereign, incomprehensible Wisdom and Creativity.

 Before any of us ever knew each other or were put together by the Holy Spirit…God had designed and created us for what He had in mind to do with all of us, once we came together. He saw to our growth and development as individuals. He saw to all the ingredients He wanted to be put into our unique, individual preparation for what He had in mind in our futures. And He saw to our ongoing protection over the years.

 Then…He began to join us to each other. He joined other people that were in His plans to me, and He joined me to other people…and that’s how we all became a part of Christ-Life and FMM and Adat and where each of us is today. God began to put us together…some from here, some from Africa, some from Europe, some from the Middle East, etc. etc.

 And once we all began to receive input from the ingredients that make up the FMM Family, Father began to mix together all of the ‘ingredients’ that our years of preparation had put into us…into one new ‘blend’, the Follow Me Ministry. Only He knew what the sum total of all those ingredients was to be, and what results He was going to produce. Only He knew the proper sequences of which ingredients were to be mixed, and how, and when. Only He knew the proper amounts and the necessary means by which all of those ingredients were to be properly developed, aged, mixed and blended.

 And once the ingredients began to be mixed together, they began to interact and affect each other in a totally supernatural ‘chemical chain reaction’ of cause and effect, cause and effect, cause and effect. And now, finally we are becoming aware of all that God has been doing over the years. We can see something awesome developing in our midst and all around us. And it is moving faster and faster and getting bigger and bigger.

 The awesome part of it is…none of us had a clue as to what our lives were leading up to. None of us has a clue as to what to call this or how to define it or what we can expect to see happening in the days to come.

 That’s because we’re not doing it. This is not our product. It was not in our plans. So it is not up to us to try to direct, control or manage it. It is a sovereign work of God and only He knows what it is and what He wants to do with it. Only He should receive the credit because only He has made it happen. Only He knows what He wants to do with it to prepare His people for the Last Days.

 But one thing we can and should do is this: Let’s begin to intercede for all of us, in all seriousness. Please pray continually for this awesome ever-growing Family. Pray that FMM is able to finish the course that God has set before it. Pray that it can fulfill its God-given purpose to the fullest extent…to Perfection…so that Father’s heart may be totally pleased and blessed, and so that God may have the fullest possible reward for all the suffering He had to undergo to save, redeem and restore His Creation. Intercede and praise, glorify, worship and thank Him. For He and He alone is worthy of our entire service and devotion and only He deserves the entire focus of our attention.)

 Shalom Forever!


And a Family News clarification from Nancy:

You will recall when we first launched the Family News section, I had committed that after I removed all identifiers for your safety’s sake, I would not edit content, but instead I would share your stories in your own words.  I wasn’t going to ‘cut and paste’ or make grammatical or spelling corrections because we wanted to honor our FMM family members whether you were fluent in English or not.  And I have to tell you, I hold you each in the highest regard when it comes to your use of our native language here in the USA.  I could not begin to try to communicate in a second language so please know that you have my utmost respect.  And you still have my commitment not to interfere in anything you share any more than I have to.  Which leads me to the “have to” part…

In the few short years that Father has been building Covenant level relationship in our midst and knitting our FMM family together heart to heart, the substance of many of our emails has become more intimate and detail filled.  And where I used to be able to include an entire message, removing only a few words, I now find myself withholding complete phrases and/or sentences because they reveal too much information that could be used against you by the enemies of our God and His life changing Gospel.  You still have my solemn promise to do whatever I can to preserve your messages exactly as you send them, and you have my solemn promise to do whatever is in my power in protecting you, your reputations, your livelihoods, and your very lives.

One other thought regarding any Hebrew content within the Family News… Because Adat and FMM writings and teachings refer to and often include Hebrew words, concepts or understandings, we are beginning to see some Hebrew come back in our family mail.  For example, some have sent greetings to John as “Achi” (brother) or “Av” (father) or closed their emails with the traditional “Shalom!” (peace).  For the sake of continuity and not giving the serpent any opportunity to sow seeds of doubt about perceived favoritism or national preferences among us, we will treat these the same way we do any other languages – they’ll either be translated into English or left out if the wording exceeds my limited Hebraic vocabulary.

I would also like to invite you to consider an option when you write in.  I want you to feel free to add a quick note to the bottom of any email that you would prefer we not include in the Family News.  We had one this month that I was asked not to publish.  But it contained one sentence that was a great exhortation and encouragement and so I emailed back to request permission to share just that part and I was graciously given that permission.

So that takes care of the ‘housekeeping’ details.  Now on to the incredible stories of Father’s everlasting love and faithfulness being outpoured in our midst.  May you enjoy, and be encouraged and strengthened for whatever lies ahead because we know, whether it’s easy or hard, we’re in it together, and He has it covered Perfectly!  What a mighty God we serve!

In His mighty and matchless Name,

Your sister Nancy


FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad,  I with my congregation we were so thankful to receive $_____. Again, we heard from _____ that $_____ USD are also waiting us. Yes, we will also receive it tomorrow. We will let you know. Thanks and blessings!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, We are glad to hear of your love and support $_____ towards the tragedy where our brother _____ lost some people from his congregation.  We were with _____ this afternoon and distributed over ___ copies.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, The bodies of my brothers from FMM _____ who lost their lives at Mall tragedy are on being buried today. You will receive their names after this funeral. We shall never forgot to thank you for everything you have done to make this funeral services very successful… Thanks!

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello John Marquez, I have been follower as I read some of your books about God deals with the reality of sin and consequences, Only after death can resurrection appear and God`s point of entry.. This message changed my minds and declared my position in Jesus Christ. I am no longer a slave again. We are about_____ here who started a new faith in God. Thank you brother. Know that our hearts are open to receive from you. Looking forward to hear from you. Brothers and sisters,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Greetings! My Church and family are doing fine in the Lord. Hope Mum is also recovering. God loves her. Please thank you for your financial support for the gun shoot that fired our brothers and sisters from Follow me ministries at _____ last week. I am told that your support was great to the families that lost their people. Thank you for our Follow me ministries website. It is really excellent work!! Say hey to Nancy! In Christ,

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John, My brother, how are you today? I printed ___ copies of your first file about your personal testimony. This booklets will be distributed tomorrow hand to hand through friends in my town. I need your prayers and some advice. I need also _____ from _____ to advice me daily. Thanks a lot! In Jesus name

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John, There are no words to express how my church and family have been empowered and revived by your teachings. May God bless you! Keep up the good work.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad John, Brother _____ told the mourners and the families left that he received a support from you which is $_____. Everyone was so excited and thankful too. _____ shared everything to all families of our sisters and brothers who died. We are more than happy that God leaded you to support and this has been great. On behalf of the people of ______ who hears about you, God bless! Shalom

 FROM AFRICA:  Dad, Praise God! You are indeed a friend!!! What you supported in _____ regarding mall terrorists it has been heard by many countries in Africa for _____ ordered _____ to read it out loud. This thing has remained a challenge to many people from different faiths. Due to this I witnessed here in _____ people who wants to be leaded of how one is born again and be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and H. Spirit. Satan’s kingdom must be shaken. Hallelujah! Thanks a lot!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, First, thinking of Mum every time. thank you for helping _____ and his congregation. I appreciate you all very much. God is good who chose you to be a blessing to Nations in this last days. As FMM and Adat Hatikvat Tzion are working together to spread the Good news of Y’shua, _____ did well to print a pocket booklet which has in the first page Rav Nate’s personal testimony with his picture and then the second page with Adat news. So every copy distributed out has got this small pocket booklet included. Kindly, more, more needs for your teachings raises up. Your daughter,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…What a fantastic achievement! I am more than happy that what was birth in you about two years ago looks so great. It has been my prayers to have somebody from the States like _____ who has read the teachings and been moved to print and distribute FMM teachings beginning at the state of _____, USA. Glory be to God! Please forward him my contacts. I would love to communicate with him. For the last __ days, I was been thinking about Mum after recent surgery. Hope she is improving greatly! Amen! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my brother John, I apologize that I have not written recently to you. There is a continued amazing work on your website. However, FM Ministries booklets are found at least every village in our country. There are some people here who are asking if they can be connected to your Churches as members in case you have one in _____. Praise the Lord for bringing Follow me ministries in _____. We love you and never ceased to pray for you. Jesus Name,

 FROM AFRICA:  Thanks brother! You are working hard really! Anyway, we received another new teachings yesterday with a subject Take my yoke upon you. The work will be ready on this weekend for distribution. Your co-worker,

FROM AFRICA:  Brother John, This is among the few _____ leader who has accepted true salvation in Jesus through the leading of some of your books like, What are you really believing, Do you have oil in your lamp and lastly Naked before God. My names are _____ _____ from _____, a _____ in the country. I cannot tell you now how I received your books, but please know that I am challenged by them. My people are telling me that something like evil spirit has possessed me but for me I know He is God’s light that is shining through me and my life. I am longer the same, together with my family. If you know any spiritual Pastor or leader in my country, ask him to take me into his ministry and care me spiritually. Try your best brother to help me go to heaven through Jesus! Thanks. Brother,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Brother John, Good Shabbat! How is your family? Today I wanted to thank you and recommend your website work. None will stop the resurrection! Thank you for us all over the world!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear man of God John Marquez, This is my first time to write to your website. I’m from the _____ country and now working in _____. I came to realize that my life is nothing if I will not believe God of the Holy bible. I learnt this from your Articles and teachings (The Big Surprise ) coming to the world. John, you can help _____ countries if there will be a way for your teachings to reach. Pray and think about this millions of lives staying at this far with (no) hope.

 FROM AFRICA:  Thank you. We are all happy for what God is only doing. Please there are _____ who have arrived in _____. Hope they will meet _____ and supply them materials. Two are scheduled for _____ tomorrow evening. Wish you blessings.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear servant of God John, I was in _____ last week and was lucky to meet brother _____ at _____ for my first time where my _____ is working. He is so humble with a face of welcoming people into the kingdom of God. Please include me in distribution list from _____. And know that you have what the man of the soil needs in order to be saved. In Him,

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello brother, How is sister Mary? Our God is so faithful, so loving, so concern and moving to fulfill His healing word to my sister. Brother, there is no teaching materials left in my _____ and more, more requests increasing from our friends who are helping for Gospel spreading. We have not heard from _____ since _____. We thank God for the resurrection of this FMM and Adat news that is reaching unreached places and people all over the world. Your sister,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, Thanks! you are awesome man of God. God is showing His purpose through your ministry. As we agreed with _____, we act as the _____ of FMM teachings here in _____. So every teaching materials are distributed out through our _____. You and _____ only works for _____ then its our work for distribution. Kindly once again, send us your new teachings.. No. 37, 38, 39 as soon as possible.

 FROM EUROPE:  Dear Dad John, God is our helper in difficult situation like this. Let the will of our Father be done. It is our prayer that Mum Mary be healed. In my case, I am nowadays felling better. Thank you for sending your teachings. Somebody here do helps me to send it to churches and ministries in our country. We always pray for you, your group and brother _____. Keep on and blessings! Brother,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Regarding the _____ who have contacted you, I know that _____ is NOT the true religion in this World. The _____ developed a false religion, and has deceived many with its teachings. The reason people turn away from _____, is that they seek true forgiveness for their sins, which can only be found through faith in Yeshua the Messiah. They recognize that _____ is a religion of rules that largely govern appearance and outward behavior, but cannot bring true peace or salvation. Therefore, they leave ______ because their hearts are touched by the message in your teachings and hunger for a personal relationship with the great God of the universe, and realize that _____ does not bring them to that point. Yeshua said in the Holy Bible, “For I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). As a _____, one can live faithfully in strict adherence to the rules put forth in _____, and still not achieve salvation. Only through forsaking false religions and false piety, and submitting oneself through faith to our Lord and Savior, Yeshua the Messiah, can anyone have eternal life. We pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes, and allow them to see the true path to salvation, peace, and happiness. Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Brother _____ was in ______ yesterday. About__ Months ago, he held a meeting with his friends in _____ where the _____ procedure was agreed. By your support the booklets will be distributed. Know that we are praying for you, FMM and your family.

 FROM EUROPE:  Hi John, Just awesome the supreme foundational commandments book!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, God bless you brother. It is very true that what you offer to the world comes direct from God due to your humble spirit. Yes, the days are evil and we need to hold each in prayers. John, we are thankful for what you and your pilot group are committed doing. This is encouraging…This is another wonderful teaching about the supreme foundational commandment. We received more, more a lot of different copies from brother _____ yesterday. I distributed some copies to brother ______ who is responsive for distribution for FMM and Adat Hatikvat news in ______ while I and ______, are for ______. Therefore ______ and others receives the teachings materials from us. We decided to do this with ______ so to balance the distribution to be done into all countries of the world.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Kindly, i wanted to apologize you for my delay in updating about the funeral program. It has been our prayers to thank you and all people who have committed praying and supported financially this tragedy. Thank you for your love and compassion that turned our tears to joy and hope. We call your help – Heavenly blessings! We appreciate totally your support. We were successful to ship few bodies from mortuary into their original home. However, thank you once again for the later support. This will also help to pay for the bills and ship other few bodies but still we are in need praying for more financial help for __ bodies in paying the bills and ship them one to _____, _____ and _____. This are the long journeys! Dad, know that every dollar sent to help the victims is clearly recorded down by the committee of __ people appointed by _____ and the full list must be send to you after being signed by brother _____. Extend our kind appreciation, prayers and love to everyone there! Blessings

FROM SOUTH AMERICA:  Dear John, I enjoyed reading the message in the supreme foundational commandment booklet. I was filled by the Holy spirit and felt to serve Him strongly. Thanks brother.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I become to realize that your work through Follow me ministries has strengthened families that had no hope in Yeshua. This work has enriched their faith and opened a new pathway for many that you may never know their name, or see their face. You have turned a light to someone life who didn’t know about where the light switch was. Thanks for being so willing to bring your lovely spirit within the lost world. Thank you, for the Awesome inspiring teachings. Much Light and Love

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Here, it is _____ and we continue praying for Mum as you visit with her today at the specialist doctor. Regarding the situation of _____ and his congregation in _____, first, I can not forget to thank you for opening your heart and arms to pray and support them especially during the mall terrorists attacks that took our __ FMM Members and left other __ wounded. Your support to the FMM congregation in _____, it is well appreciated by everyone in the city and _____ people. This deed, it will be still remembered in the days to come. Even though your financial support has helped this congregation, they have not yet transported about __ bodies to their final resting places which is so expensive as it covers some miles from _____. I thought it wise to chose a funeral committee (Board) of __ people including me. This temporary committee must send you every report of every dollar how was used. I will keep this copy in FMM Africa File. Dad, If again, the Lord will open away for you to help… We will be thankful indeed. Love Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Greetings again! Praise God that brother _____ he recently finished translating the teaching No.16 Israel the thorn in the flesh of the world into one of their official language _____. He was so excited doing that. He gave out the reason that the big number speaks _____ and believes that this teaching will revive their lives very much. Praise, honor and glory be to God! Son

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Shalom John…This is the best teachings that a guy needs to hear (Israel the thorn in the flesh of the world.) I received this small book from a friend. Please can see that you are from Omaha? We have a friend in OMAHA and his name is Rav Nate of Adat news. Know that we are connected by God and need you seriously. We like your websites and praying for you dear. There are many _____ who have heard you through your teachings massage! My family invites you to visit us in the near future. It is our desire to meet you. Welcome _____.

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear servant of God brother John, I don’t know the American language to help me express my kind words to you. I was met by one of your friend from _____ who also inspired me. Name is _____. Do you believe that I will join supporting this work of God you are doing! Pray so!

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear sweet brother, I wanted just to leave a note of what I have finished learning from your Follow me website and your link…Adat Hatikvat congregation. May the Father lead many souls into this website so to be helped and uplifted up on the presence of God. Well done my brethren…

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother Pastor John, I have been receiving and then reading over and over your books including a small booklet from Adat Hatikvat Tzion congregation with a full testimonies from Rav Nate and my heart is on fire to learn more about the whole truth about God. You have touched my life as I have never been touched. I am looking with my family to fellowship in your church. Where are you located here in _____? Hope to hear from you soon. Brother in Christ,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you for the information about _____ who wrote to you. He is a well respected person here in _____ and _____ at large. His business is at _____ and all over the country. I thank God for him and kindly connect me with him. I know him and where is located. If possible, let me visit him this evening. Thanks!

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Brother John, How are you? I am thankful for this work and all your efforts in translating the Follow me ministries teachings in our Language. We do receive your teachings weekly. It is very blessing… Let God work for you two to come and visit our _____ congregations. We will love to hear from you more…

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad and mentor, On behalf of FMM Congregation and the victims families, We wanted to thank you once again for this is another awesome donation sent on _____, of $_____ from you that we received today through _____. Moreover, the support you sent on _____ which is $_____ will be picked tomorrow as he was told. I will update you more next. Extend our greetings…Thanks Dad.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18. Thinking of Mum strongly in our hearts! How is she doing today? Despite…, Our Father wants us to continue sharing his life, Love and find our true home not just with him but in Him. He wants us to abide in him and welcome his abiding in us and to make us a fit dwelling place of God. We really bless you! Y’shua name,

FROM AFRICA: Dear brother John, This is only to focus today of the mall tragedy happened last Month . It was the worst. Your continued prayers and support can forever be remembered..!! God bless you richly!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dad, I picked the funds today and sent them to _____. He appreciated so much through the phone call conversation. The bodies will be transported and the burial day will be tomorrow. Hope you will receive the full information after. Thanks!  Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my brother John…Thank you for showing me the importance of having Abba’s heart for others and not being stiff hearted. I was moved by the Holy spirit to start translating Follow me ministries and Adat Hatikvat Tzion teachings into _____ and _____. I am so thankful for my brother _____ who advised and encouraged me too. Please pray for me and my people.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Thank you very much. Yes, we received again today the funds you sent on _____ which was $_____. We appreciate everything you have done to help us both spiritually and physically as well as lifting up the glory of God. I will let you know everything here. Love,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, It actually took me __ Months studying what you are sharing out to the world before i started writing to you. You are what you have become because God was pleased by your obedience. Your patience means eternal life to those in the world. Brother, we shall be supporting you as the Lord continues to give us life.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Hope all is well with you there! I have been so busy and I thank God who because of you. The funerals were well done. Remember that every dollar you supported was read out to the multitudes who attended the funeral services. Surely, we appreciate you and all who volunteered to help us during this difficult time. I am waiting _____ to come and sign the expenses document before sending It to you. Finally, I wanted to inform you that our FMM Congregation here in _____, Last Saturday we received __ new members. This is the testimonies that they learnt from the love that was shown to the victims families… God bless you all for great efforts in promoting the work of God in Africa. We love you dearly! Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother JM, May God bless your life and your family. I will plan one day to visit you at Omaha. May be next year 2014 when I will go to see _____. Receive greetings from our Follow me ministries and Adat Hatikvat Tzion volunteered friends in Africa. We are missing today the printed materials. Thanks a lot… Have a nice day brother,

FROM ASIA:  Hello John…  I have been following you on your website, God is speaking to my heart to join you in spreading this wonderful message that He has given a revelation to your life. Without forgetting, thank you for this nice book the supreme foundational commandment. It has a solid foundation of faith really..!!! God bless!

FROM AFRICA:  The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalms 126:3.This makes me burn with excitement about the gospel of God in Yeshua. Dad…Thank you so much. You always have a great ideas and a pure heart for reaching this hurt world to know the Father through your teachings. Please, let Mum know that she is strongly in our prayers and hearts. Say hey to her. Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved brother John, Thank you brother. We are more than happy that Follow me ministries is a ministries for the people. There are some people who have written to us from our neighboring countries here Africa who are interested to give us a work to do. In other words, people have started to know us through the FMM work. We wanted to inform you that thousands copies of your teachings up to 54 different lessons are waiting _____ there. Best wishes,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi Dad, Christian warm greetings from _____. I wanted to write and appreciate you for your continued sacrifice for printing the booklets and distributions. Yes! 99% are people in Africa that are without no access to the internet browsing. You are reaching millions around Africa through the distribution of booklets. Lives of people are touched and transformed. Thank you in Jesus name!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, How are you with Mum? I am fine also with my family. I and my _____, we continue praying for you and Mum’s health. Anyway know that some friends of mine from _____ are so much requesting to receive for just a copy of your teachings, where are they? Hope _____ is coming to meet _____ who are helping him to carry the materials tomorrow? _____ and _____ do miss him and the booklets too.

FROM ASIA:  Dear president John and Mary, It has been so long but always being in our minds! How is your dear wife Mary doing today? This is amazing website and always makes a difference to people’s lives. I write to appreciate everything you are out doing. Kindly visit us in _____. We will also be blessed with your presence more and more.

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad…When anyone from Africa takes a look at your booklets, the great excitement stirs them. Most of them have heard about you and are enthusiastic to read of what you have written. They delight in your humor character, transparent purity and ability to illustrate the gospel’s saving power from your teachings. The Lord, willing, I am traveling to _____ too night. Pray for me and kindly help me to pay for the _____ cost. I love you! Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Thank you my loving Dad. I and FMM African family appreciates you and your always financial support for the teachings and distributions. My trip to _____ was successful today and in return everyone send greetings to you. However, how is Mum? Extend our greetings! God bless, Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello brother, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Praise the name of our living Father! We are so great excited for all you are doing for God. Your all services is really required every where. People were running today to receive your teachings booklets. I am thankful that brother _____ translated FMM teachings into _____ for his first time which is one of the languages spoken in Africa. Keep the race…Heaven is happy! Sister in Christ,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Thanks! It is nice to hear that Mum she is doing well. May the Lord give her strength for completely healing. Do you know that the Follow me ministries teachings it has been translated from English to _____ which is the most used languages of Africa? Yes, a friend of mine working in _____ helped me to translate it. We began with your personal testimony. This good news of Yeshua must be spread throughout the nations of the world before the end comes. Thanks for making a difference in the world. Blessings,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother John, How are you? I`m so excited this day in the Lord for preparing people who are volunteering both in USA and Africa working for God. Once again, thank you for being obedience always to His word. Brother _____ is a man about __ years old but his heart depends on the kingdom business. With the help of your _____ he travels all over _____ to sale freely Y`shua to people. We are praying to bless Follow me ministries with Adat Hatikvat Tzion of Africa with _____ in the near future to carry teachings books and articles. Also for seminars, Camps conferences and others. He challenged me when payed the cost of $_____ in my first _____ translation. This is when you sent him the recent $_____ USD. Whereby paid the cost of $_____ at _____ and used $_____ for expenses to_____. We do receive the FMM and Adat Articles from _____ per week. Therefore we received the last materials on _____. since then, we are missing…Love and pray for you,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I know to speak and write __ languages.. Yes! God had a plan for connecting our lives. I didn’t knew this when I was studying _____ and _____ in school before I joined my chosen career. I was motivated by my teachers there to learn this languages as my vision was very clear to them. This _____ teacher wanted me to go and work at their country after completing. He later died. I rejoice for the far God has brought me and my family and I thank Him always for leading me to be a part of Follow me ministries vision. Surely Dad, You never know how excited and blessed I am for being under your leadership. I went today our morning to the _____ with No.41 Honoring the name of God. This teaching lesson it is also inspired. This packing will be ready by tomorrow. I will take some materials to _____ that have requested in the same day means. I have no doubts working as a full time servant of God. I consider being His servant and for this reason, I do not want any soul to go to hell or the blood of sinners to asked me by God on that day coming soon! Have a blessed life with your family! With deep love from heart,


Dear Ones, I included one of John’s exhortations at the beginning and I want to close this month’s mail with another one.  He so clearly unpacks the magnitude of what God has invited us all to be a part of, and I want our world wide family to catch that incomprehensible vision as well.  As our brother Paul said, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him, but God has revealed it to us by His Spirit” (1 Corinthians 2:9-10)  With love, Nancy

A note from John:

Dear ones…it continues to boggle my mind, to see the marvelous ways in which Father continues to weave all of us together…into one beautiful human ‘tapestry’. In our lifetimes, He began to weave each one of us into the tapestry that He began to create when He first sent His Word to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and summoned them and their households to, ‘follow Him’.

 Then, at various stages of our lives, He began to weave us together with each other, to add to what went before, and to lay more of the groundwork that must be put in place for the completion of the purposes He still has in mind for the future. And that will lead us, and those that may come after us, up to, and successfully across…the ‘Finish Line’ that will introduce us all into His Eternal Kingdom…as ‘One New Man in Messiah’.

 And as this tapestry develops into its ‘Last Days’ stages, it utterly stuns me to see how He is so deftly and rapidly weaving our lives that are already woven together with each other…and weaving us into the lives of other people on the other side of the world that none of us has ever seen or met in the flesh!

 We may or may not have the opportunity to lay eyes on each other and embrace one another physically…but nevertheless, this awesome tapestry is, at this point, revealing to us how God is able to weave portions into His tapestry, whose various sections can also be included with ‘links’ that are purely spiritual in nature. Those portions of the tapestry transcend anything that is physical. So we can see that the Kingdom of Heaven is being already being introduced and established…in this physical, temporal, time and space dimension that our mortal bodies must currently occupy. Heaven is invading Earth; Eternity is invading Time; Light is invading Darkness. Righteousness is invading Sin and its corruption. And God’s children are already being united in the pure Righteousness and Holiness of His Living Word and Holy Spirit:

 “And His voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, ‘Yet once more I will shake not only the earth, but also the heaven.’ This expression, ‘Yet once more,’ denotes the removing of those things which can be shaken, as of created things, so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we receive a Kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming Fire!” (Hebrews 12:26-29)

Truly, Father has given us much over which to be truly, eternally grateful. And now that He has woven us all together in his household, Father is continuing to weave us, in this non-physical way, to more and more distant saints that we will probably never see in the flesh, or be able to meet or embrace in this world.

 Nevertheless, we have already been made into one…in our beloved Lord. And we can praise and thank God for all of eternity. But we can begin to thank Him even now, for enabling us to be part of the fulfillment of what Paul was seeing when He was inspired to pen these words:

 “Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died; and your life is hidden with Christ, in God. When Christ, who is our Life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in Glory!” (Colossians 3:1-4)

 I thank each one of you for being such great Covenant friends…my personal, beloved, eternal Covenant friends!

 In Him,