Dear Ones,

We have here another month filled with testimonies of the abundant faithfulness of our God – reminders that no matter what the headlines say, no matter what our circumstances are – we have One who not only holds us in the palm of His hand, but has our names written there (see Isaiah 49).

I’m sorry this month’s mail has been so delayed – the raw material in my own boot camp has been more challenging and abundant lately.  I’ve had opportunity to trust our God in more situations of great grief, heartache and pain than ever before.  To use a juggling metaphor, the previous norm for me was to maybe be juggling up to three balls at a time.  Lately, however, the numbers of people I’m in relationship with who are hurting, and world events, and issues within the Body of Christ, and constant media input of hatred and horrific atrocities, etc. etc., have increased the juggling load more and more.  But because of His faithful, never failing Presence within, I was finding my blessed Yeshua to be more than enough as I would cast my cares upon Him and choose to entrust all of this to His loving Presence and Provision over and over and over.  Yet at the same time, it was also physically wearying and times for me to be able to just be still and spend uninterrupted time with Him was really getting squeezed.

Remembering that more than one thing can be true at the same time, and that we often find the issues of life held in tension with the Truths of God’s infallible Word, has enabled me to stay the course and to stand up each time I’ve been knocked down in these recent weeks.  As a result, I can testify unequivocally that His Word is TRUE – unshakeable, unbreakable, NO MATTER WHAT!  We can trust Him in anything and in everything.  This is going to be such a life and death reality for us in future days.  All of us disciples are going to have to KNOW this in the very depths of our being because as we all know, times here on earth are getting darker and more dangerous for those of us who are ‘swimming upstream’ in the rampant godlessness of the world.

So my exhortation to us all is to do everything possible to sow massive amounts of God filled, God breathed, God validated TRUTH into our hearts and souls and minds.  We will need to know and trust Him at the same level Job did when he said “…though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him.”  We need to trust Him at the same level our brother Abraham did when he demonstrated his faith that the Resurrection and Faithfulness of God was greater than death at Mount Moriah.  We need to trust Him at the same level our brothers did as they faced the fiery furnace in Daniel 3.  Only that level of unwavering faith will carry us through to the place that allows us to cast many crowns at His beautiful, pierced feet on the day we stand before Him.

My precious and beloved family, please choose always to keep your eyes fixed on the One in whom we trust.  He will carry us and He never fails.  What a blessed Redeemer!  What an awesome God!  To Him be all the glory, now and ever more!

I bless each of you and your families and loved ones in His Matchless Name,

Your sister, Nancy


FROM AFRICA:  Hello Reverend, Praise God! I am Indeed blessed by your website teachings. I would like to work under your cover. We are a fellowship from _____. I am also dedicated to caring for the orphans. Kindly reply! In Him,

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  God Bless You My Beloved in Christ! Hope all is well with you. amen! I am woman of God, from _____. We Want that You Will Preach in My Church Through Skype by Video Call. it will be 1 Hour Meeting . 5Mints for Your Introduction, 15 Mints for Worship Session and Remaining 40Mints for your preaching God’s Word. It’s a church where ___ to ___ people can sit. I want that you will select the topic or study regarding the faithfulness toward God. By His Grace, Amen!!! I want to talk with you about preaching in my church by video call on Skype For More Talk On Skype. So send me Your Skype ID Thanks. God Bless You! Blessings always upon you and your family. Yours Sister In Christ!

[NOTE FROM NANCY – John’s comprehensive reply is posted in the Vine and Branch Life article under Letters From Home/Questions and Answers; it addresses this request and others like it.]

FROM AFRICA:  Something new happened to my life. It was last Saturday but forever inspired. We had Touching message, warm welcome, testimonies from people who have been helped by your teachings and delicious foods. John, your reward is waiting you over there! May your family, and all with you, be blessed.

 FROM EUROPE:  May God bless you both physically and financially. Your ministry is great!

 FROM AFRICA:  Thanks brother. Brother _____ will collect some materials that went to be printed may be today and all will be send to you this week. More pictures will also be send. What Does It Mean to Take God’s Name in Vain? This is one of the booklets that touched the multitude that were present during the anniversary. As you are aware, people came from different places. Right now, there are ___ who requested our teaching materials and are scheduled to travel today. The booklets are already printed but waiting the cost to be paid. We recently used everything and appreciate you very much. Kindly help us to get the booklets to _____ today. Blessings

FROM ASIA:  Hi John, I am a businessman from _____ living in _____. Recently I attended your third Follow me ministries conference held here at _____. There are many things that I learnt from your materials that were distributed to each one. Surely, you have the best weapon for defeating the work of darkness. Kindly, I need some booklets to go home with for my people there? Brother.

 FROM AFRICA:  Brother John, How is your family? The weather here is some of cold. Thank you great for your help. We prayed today to receive money for the printing cost, as there are _____ who are requesting here to be supplied (with) our materials for distribution. I am happy that we are going to pay for electric bill and the printing cost. We all appreciate you.

 FROM AFRICA:  Dearest Pastor John, Greetings from _____ in the name of Jesus Christ. I wanted to write today and thank you for your good teaching ministry. I received an invitation from _____ that wanted me to attend their follow me ministries third conference since its birth in Africa. I tell you, it was ever beautiful, well planned and full of God’s blessings. Always, I will remember you, our director and ask God to richly continue bless you. Our love,

FROM AFRICA:  Your teachings is of a Great help to our souls. Burning in our hearts!! The recent Follow me ministries anniversary was great too. Thanks!

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Dear John, Mighty Man of God, You have helped so many in the Kingdom down the road to their destiny through Follow Me Ministries. Now the Father is delivering you a greater increase. You are a very special Dad and yes you are filled with overflowing with an unending fuel supply. .His anointing that will take you far past human expectations would ever allow! You are a very deserving and blessed man of God! Shalom

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, Just wanted to let you know that the orphans received your support of $___ through _____. You are really doing good to us. I appreciate your dedication and service. I can’t imagine working without you. Blessings,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  I`m daily following your site. I and my people here do appreciate what you are doing. I wanted to thank Nancy Lorimer for the post of Timothy letter. John, this letters are very encouraging especially the letter for September, message which is life is full of surprise. We encourage you all to continue. Jesus is soon coming! Kind appreciation,

[NOTE FROM NANCY: A quick clarification – a cherished FMM brother writes the Timothy letters; my role is to get them published so the thanks for obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit go to him.]

 FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Thanks brother John for your good reply. We pray that you make a trip to visit us at our region. We have not meet but your messages remain to touch and change completely our lives. However the Church where I belong here received about ____ more copies of your booklets. Thank you for taking your time and shipping expenses until it reached us at this far. Your family and ministry is in our prayers. Brother

FROM AFRICA:  Beloved founder John, It is an honor and privilege to serve God here with the Follow me ministries Church. We are ___ members in our churches and since last month, about ___ members under my leadership have died and buried due to Ebola disease. More worse, I witnessed today the death of my fellow pastor occurred at his home. People are dieing like hens. If you can be of any assistance in any way, do not hesitate to help. Yours,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear my Dad… In the next week, I received Follow me ministries money $____ through _____ for the orphans under my care. I want to thank you once more for your love and great concern. I am but one woman with no enough food for this poor children, but I have great faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. God has done some amazing things through our relationship with Him, and with each other. Thanks! Your daughter in love,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, God loves New Things! New Seasons, New Beginnings, New Hunger, New Dreams… We are experiencing a fresh move of God’s Spirit in the Follow me ministries since the recent anniversary. .People from various churches and ministries are coming at _____ for spiritual hunger and It is apparent that HUNGER pulls on the power of God. With prayers, Son

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad.. We are sorry to read all about this. It is true that _____ is the worst Ebola crisis hit country. Yes, I know brother _____. They joined our ministry in ____. He has been very kind and faithful too. He has severally invited me to visit his country there before. Now as I continued to share his email here, we have received about $____ from our FMM / ADAT families Africa and already sent to brother _____ today to help care for Ebola patients and burial materials and others. Dad, kindly help them as the Lord will lead you! Thanks! With prayer, Son

FROM AFRICA:  Thank you Dad for your kind words. I have been very busy in visiting my people and I tell you that the situation here is very terrible!!! Dad, we are still in need of help. We will be thankful for any support to us. We appreciate you so much. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Love,

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi Dad, I received today from you $____ through _____. This money will help to care families affected … I will send the update soon. Everybody is excited and thankful for this help. Thanking you greatly.

 FROM AFRICA:  John, how are you? Your recent support to help save lives against Ebola in _____ has been appreciated by their local Government and some countries of Africa especially those where there are Adat or FMM churches based. Thank you for your heart. Pass our greetings to everyone over there. In Jesus precious name,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… I send much greetings to you in Yeshua Name. I have NO words to explain how much you mean to the people of Africa. The $___ was sent to pay for printing and to help the people of _____. And $___ was given to the orphanage under my care. We all have nothing to give you in return but we speak the word of blessings to you and your family and those hands who are helping you to spread the living Word of God. Loving daughter,

FROM AFRICA:  Hi dad, Information: I thank God for connecting our lives and now we are in one family of Jesus Christ. We are proud and thankful to be under Follow me ministries. I received $___ from you that you sent again today through ____. There is much work here that this money can help. Many thanks. Yours in the precious kingdom of God,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad, I am more than happy when you said that mum is getting more strong and can start driving. I will email her soon! I sent today $___ to _____ that I received from FMM/ADAT families – Africa to help their people in villages left there to die from Ebola, the burial service of __ more and others. Your support and prayers are still welcomed. Thanks! Son

 FROM EUROPE:  Happy birthday to mum! The work for printing and distributing your teachings is growing in _____. I thank God for the recent anniversary celebration in Africa. God is NOT like man. His word is strong and sharp… Glory be to God! Blessings Dad,

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi Dad, Once again, your support was very much appreciated. Many people have become more Interested to know you and our fellowship and what we are teaching. Your booklets are very helpful that it has all information that can lead one to reach you. Thanking you on behalf of our church board. God bless u man of God!!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear my mentors Rav Nate and Elder John, On this beautiful September day, I send greetings to you all from Africa! As I show from Africa from _____, my heart is heavy and full of tears when I saw sick and death bodies… May I thank you all for opening your hands to send support. This people received what you sent BUT still, they need you please! Thank you again Rav Nate to make sure that the word has been known by people through Adat news! Thank you brother John for your often commitment. Nate, there is a great request for Adat teachings, MP3 and G-D’s plan course-12 week going on daily. We thought that the copies we made were to be enough while not… Brother,

FROM AFRICA:  Dear beloved Dad…Thank you so much for loving us with your heart. You are a special friend and servant of God to us. Follow me ministries in _____ is reaching many people through our teachings and worship. I, my wife and the church sends our love and greetings to you!!! What we can give you is our heartfelt, fervent prayers! Let me bless you by the following verse today:

 Surely you shall call a nation you do not know, And nations who do not know you shall run to you, Because of the Lord your God. Isaiah 55:5. Your son,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Shalom to you Rabbi John, First, God bless you for the September Timothy letter (Life is full of surprises). Let this man of God be blessed! Your teachings are awesome! And are used to help our congregation. See you one day, brother!

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother and servant of God John, We have done printing to about __ different languages translations of number 59 – My presence shall go with you and other more lessons ready to be collected from our store. We respect and trust you,

 FROM AFRICA:  Beloved Dad…How are you? Receive greetings from my family and FMM/ADAT families in Africa. I thank God that His blessings Is on His people, seeing that his divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and virtue. Please extend our love to Mum and beloved brothers and sisters in USA! Love,

FROM EUROPE: May I thank you very much for this site. It has brought me back to the essentials of Bible study reading. It helps me and our congregation to realize the truth in the bible and find out the wrong teachings of this generation. Thank you John for what you are doing. God richly bless!

 FROM AFRICA:  Hello and shalom to you brother John, hope this email finds you doing good with your family! Once again, thank you for your commitment in serving the kingdom. We are glad to be a part of what you through Follow me ministries is doing. Praise God that the distribution network is growing in Africa and every time we do receive new _____. May the Lord open doors for printing more materials.

 FROM AFRICA:  Hi dad, Shalom! We are so excited for what God is doing through your booklets. There is a large need for them. _____ are prepared and expecting to receive your materials today and transport them to the different continents of the world. Hope the materials are read packed there but the printing cost has not been paid. Praying..! Have a great day!

 FROM AFRICA:  Our Dad, May be, we will never meet on this life.. But know that your spirit is always with us here in _____, Africa. Your teachings are helping and leading us deeper into the truth of God. My children and the church are all fine in the Lord. Thanks for your often prayer. In Jesus name,

 FROM AFRICA:  God bless you brother! We were filled with the word of God that brother _____ shared with us at a two days seminar invited by our ministry. He prayed with us before he headed to _____ today. Thank you for your greetings that we received on behave of you. Brother

 FROM AFRICA:  I just wanted to say hey to you and your family. Glory be to God! In faith,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad.. How are you? I can say like David “What shall I render to the LORD For all His benefits toward us in Africa””? Our love and prayers are for you and your family! Keep me and your family here in prayers! With respect and love,

FROM THE MIDDLE EAST:  Achi Marquez John, OK! About ____ copies of God deals with the reality of sin and its consequences, How sin must be mastered, why God sets disciples apart, Restoring our hearts – introduction. we are not of this world, This is a special gift to us! G-d directed you to share with us this message. Shalom!!

FROM AFRICA:  Brother, Hope this email finds you doing well with your family! We have never ceased to pray for you and Follow me ministries family in the world. Right now, we are praying for Follow me ministries and Adat HTZ materials for distribution. Please pray with us for this large need! Thank you! Sister

FROM AFRICA:  Shalom Dad! When I was first saved, God began a new work in me; but I was certainly not a finished product for I needed a lot of growing. He immediately leaded me unto your life. God started something in both of us, and He is the one that will complete it. However, He wants to build character into our life according to Romans 5:3-5- Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

 God wants to bring out the wine of joy and the oil of gladness in our life, but the only way He will get it out of us is to press it out. Men throw broken things away, but God never uses anything until He first breaks it. Therefore, the bad things happening to us right now and any feeling of pressure cannot be considered as an obstacle; but rather see it is an opportunity. They are things God has engineered to build character into our life. Blessings, Son

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Dear brother John, Am still meditating the words of your last email to me. They are very inspiring. Share our greetings with the brethren there!

 FROM AFRICA:  Thank you beloved mentor… I have been captivated by the wealth of materials that you make freely available for the believers. What wisdom flows through your teachings! I love the way you explain the Word, clearly, simply, logically and plainly. You expose the biblical truths so well. I praise the Lord for your ministry, and pray His rich blessings on yourself, your wife and children. Faithfully,

FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Thanks a lot brother John for awesome teachings and booklets. This has made an impact in my life and I am going to SPREAD this WORD as I continue meditating on It.

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Hi John, It is with a great joy and honor to recommend your teachings to my family and Churches. You are a faithful servant.

 FROM NORTH AMERICA:  Apostle John, I have read many of your posted teachings over the last Months as I have struggled for answers to life’s difficult issues. I agree with your teachings. I do believe that your heart always seems to be in the right place and your answers are always Bible based.

 FROM ASIA:  Receive our regards from believers in _____. I saw somebody today at a funeral meeting happened here using your book called Moses at boot camp. I was encouraged and appreciate you. Yours,

FROM AFRICA:  Dad…The recent 3rd Follow me anniversary celebration continues to challenge many from the nations of Africa to join us in God’s work here. Joyce and others are dedicated praying for FMM and Adat HTZ Vision allowing It to grow and serve those whom others have forgotten to reach them with the Good news of God’s kingdom in the African societies. We cannot forget to thank you for your faithfulness!

 We will love to be visited by friends from Omaha. Let us know when your friend over there will be able to make a trip to _____. Cantor Nichols Roger and Rav Patrick are good men of God. Their teachings are inspiring strongly! Son

FROM AFRICA:  Praise God! Follow me ministries printed materials arrived at our office store this morning. We are at the process of distribution. Thanking you Dad. In faith,

 FROM AFRICA:  Dear Dad… Yes! I received the funds for the printing cost and I wanted to thank you for your total commitment. May the Lord bless you so much. Son

FROM AFRICA:  Dear brother Pastor John, We received $___ from brother _____ today for the printing cost and went with the materials. Thank you so much. God bless!


I’m closing this month’s mail with a word of exhortation from John Marquez (also fondly known as Dad):

Dear friends…here is more of the kind of news that people in the world never get to see or hear if all they do is depend on the secular news media for their information. The Kingdom of Heaven is alive, thriving and spreading much, much faster than ebola does. And the Lordship and Government of God’s Word is sinking roots into the minds, hearts and lives of people around the world that exert more depth and and transmit much more power than groups like Al Quaeda or Hamas or the Taliban or ISIS could never aspire to, much less imagine!

The more dire and dismal the headlines of the world’s news sources become, the more welcome and more eagerly received does the Good News that connects our awesome Messiah to frightened, hurting, depressed people, become. This is an awesome time for sowing the Seed of the Knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven! The ‘ground’ is being thoroughly plowed up and softened and meticulously prepared by the plowing of the Holy Spirit.

The world is incredibly receptive at this time. People are being drawn and attracted to any potential source of glad tidings and reassurance like flies to honey! We don’t have to ask them if they want to be loved, comforted, provided for and protected…they come to us looking for those things…from every direction!

I’m sure that if each of us looks around more closely at the people all around us…we will all begin to ‘spot the signs’ and ‘hear the hints’ that the hurting, disillusioned people are giving out, with ever greater desperation and frequency. The world is starving for ‘Good News’…for Hope and Reassurance and for something Real to believe in and rely upon.

And so the doors are opening up for us and red carpets are being rolled out to receive the awesome Messiah we have the privilege of proclaiming and introducing. It reminds me of something the Holy Spirit prophesied concerning the coming Messiah…in Isaiah 52:6-8:

Therefore My people shall know My Name; therefore in that day I am the one who is speaking, ‘Here I AM!’” How lovely on the mountains Are the feet of Him who brings Good News, Who announces Peace And brings Good News of Happiness, Who announces Salvation, And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” “Listen! Your watchmen lift up their voices, They shout joyfully together; For they will see with their own eyes When the Lord restores Zion.”

Sow the Seed beloved…while we still have some daylight left in which to fulfill our task!

In Him, John